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Lex DeVille
Jan 14, 2013
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Lex DeVille

Sweeping Shadows from Dreams, Male, from Oklahoma

    1. Viaguld
      Amazing Work very meaning full for me. You are inspiring on so many levels.
    2. abidrozdar
      Amazing Upwork Post!! Thank you!
    3. Enock Nalumoso
      Enock Nalumoso
      Otherwise how would advise me on making some cash with copy writing
      1. Lex DeVille
        Lex DeVille
        Read my free threads on the Fastlane Forum.
        Apr 9, 2019
    4. Enock Nalumoso
      Enock Nalumoso
      Hey lex are you still mentoring and hiring
      1. Lex DeVille
        Lex DeVille
        I'm not doing either of those things at the moment unless you count responding to questions on TFF, YouTube, or in my private groups and private email list. I'm not currently taking 1:1 coaching students. Trying to decide if that's something I want to do again in the future. Not sure for now.
        Apr 9, 2019
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    5. AceResponder
      Hey Lex!

      I am working on a news website. I have a source to get latest and genuine news. However, I do not have any experience in this niche. I am stuck at writing an "About Us" page. I tried to get an idea from other news websites, but they all talk about their experience and their channel.
      Can you please guide me on how I should start? What are the key points that I should include?

      Thank You!
    6. Wim
      Hi Lex

      Just read your remarks on the most recent copywriting thread as to why Udemy writes as it does etc.

      Just wanted to thank you for the insight and your YT videos.
    7. 100k
      How does one contact you Lex Luther?

      Its regarding hiring you to help me build a funnel, I wanted to know what sort of price you charge for a webinar funnel.

      Cheers bud
    8. Fid
      Hi Lex,

      thanks for your Udemy courses on freelancing!
      You use a lot of text formatting here and also on your UpWork bio. Sadly, UpWork allows little formatting. You might be not aware of one thing, though...

      The 0160 alt-code.

      The hard/non-breaking space. You can use it for indents, lists, centering text.
      Just copy this > < or use alt+0160.

      If you don't use it on purpose, then nvm ;-)

      1. Colin MacLeod likes this.
    9. Argue
      Lex, I feel like an idiot for asking this.

      Do you know a site that has the Gary Halbert newsletters in chronological order?

      The original site has the articles unordered.
      1. Lex DeVille
        Lex DeVille
        No idea. I've never read the Gary Halbert letters
        Mar 12, 2018
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      2. d7laungani
        Jun 27, 2018
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    10. kotakon
      Hey man, there is NO contact form on your site >< Any way to contact you?
    11. ZF Lee
      ZF Lee
      Thank you for the generous rep send the other day!
    12. Coalission
      Thanks man, I appreciate it!
    13. CareCPA
      I assume this is some kind of experiment (since you appear to enjoy studying human behavior and its influences), but that won't stop me from saying "thanks."
    14. B_Mac
      Thank you!
    15. MTF
      Thank you for rep transfer. For some reason I can't send you a PM.
    16. Xeon
      Did you send me $500 by mistake Lex? Or were you drunk lol
    17. Magneto C
      Magneto C
      Thanks mate. That's a lot of rep you've just given me!
    18. Raoul Duke
    19. JonesjS
      hi, lex! I know you are a busy person so I don't want to bother you :)

      In my country get an income of 1k per month will be enough to start a relatively small business.
      All I can offer is write and maybe web development.

      I will not able to get people on calls and I notice that you are doing it all the time, so do you think I will be getting enough value to get that amount of money (with little clients)?
      1. Scott P likes this.
    20. CopyDane
      Hey there! I stumbled upon a post by you from december 2016 in golden thread about blogging, in which you state that "It began after I started working with a client who asked me to help her deal with a specific problem (copywriting related)."

      Can you tell me more about that specific problem? I'm from Denmark, so I won't be a competitor to you.

      I hope it's not too much to ask for - thanks in advance!
    21. Argue
      Hey lex, stupid question but how long have you been writing copy? You're really great at your craft.
      1. anurag likes this.
      2. Lex DeVille
        Lex DeVille
        A little over 2 years I think.
        Mar 23, 2017
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    22. FreedomforEarl
      Because of Fastlane I contacted the person I use to Buy Stingray Skins from in Chennai , now I am about to get another product from him, but will need to get a Permit to ship here, I just wanted to say thanks for the Motivation . I also uploaded OfferUp and placed some items on there. I am trying to get out of my comfort Zone. I have been selling on ebay for 18 years and I want to step my game up.
    23. Shamrox
      Bro, just to thank you for your post about ODESK. I read the entire thread today and watched as my world melted away, only to reveal a much brighter and better world behind it.

      I can already see the changes it has made in my life, because in my mind's eye, those changes have already happened.
    24. UnrealCreative
      Hey, Wanted to ask about your iNLP certification.

      Was it worth taking for the certificate itself?
      I've already taken AndrewNC's practitioner training and have some NLP under my belt,
      but am considering the certification.

      Based on your experience, what is your client's reaction to the certification? Is it...

      "Wow, you have a certificate in NLP. Cool"
      "WTF is this" and gloss over it?

    25. Azure
      Sup bro teach me teh © skillz l337 style
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    Lex DeVille is a Freelance Marketing Strategist and Copywriter as well as a Freelance Writing Instructor. He writes for millionaires, creative brands, and even startups on Shark Tank. He's been featured in places like iNLP, MilitarySpouse, NextGenMilSpouse, UFG's, the Joplin Globe, and more. He's written articles that pulled a quarter of a million views, YouTube headlines that went viral overnight, and trained 1,000's of people to start freelancing and create part-time, full-time, and even six-figure incomes from anywhere with internet.

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