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Lex DeVille
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  • I am taking your thread

    How To Create A $2k+/Mo Passive Income Website In 30 Days (Or Less)​

    way too seriously and starting it as an entrepreneurial experiment with a little more than 'experimental capital' and I am wondering if I must start my own thread about it or start posting my updates in your accountability thread ...

    Warmest regards!
    Underground Lex,

    You are inspirational and your digital product strategy is amazing! I will make this quick. Do you have any students who you have mentored and who successfully implemented your method? Please introduce me. You may not have time to personally help me with questions so can I ask your mentored students? I am willing to do everything to make this work. I wish you all the best nevertheless!

    Hey Lex! I just want to say thank you so much for your work on upwork guidance. I followed everything you said and I got a client on the first day. I have now earned over $1,000 on upwork which is a whole whole whole lot for a 19 teen year old living in a third world country. You have no idea how you have changed the life of someone you never knew. I hope you accomplish all your hopes and dreams.
    Hi Lex,

    I just stumbled on your digital product topic, and it is AWESOME. Not sure what kind of digital products you are creating, and if you are willing to share some (not to steal them, but just to look what it is exactly it is you are selling). All things I could think of my hat are (creating a video, photography, pizza creating course).

    hi Lex! i just jumped into your profile to kindly ask if you may briefly look over my website and setup and tell me if i can do something better or if i can improve something? had the impulse to ask you because maybe you see things i dont even think about so id be glad to have a second pair of eyes there. im starting ads tomorrow for a few search terms and will see how it goes. regards, Lorenz
    Your sponsored marketplace promotion is now live on all pages and threads, including the home page. Since you are an INSIDERS, you might need to logout to view placement on thread pages. Thanks for supporting hte forum and good luck (feel free to delete this note upon reading).
    Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 10.10.00 AM.png
    Sir, can you check out my latest thread??
    I need your help.

    Here's the link:
    Hey lex are you still mentoring and hiring
    Lex DeVille
    Lex DeVille
    I'm not doing either of those things at the moment unless you count responding to questions on TFF, YouTube, or in my private groups and private email list. I'm not currently taking 1:1 coaching students. Trying to decide if that's something I want to do again in the future. Not sure for now.
    Hey Lex!

    I am working on a news website. I have a source to get latest and genuine news. However, I do not have any experience in this niche. I am stuck at writing an "About Us" page. I tried to get an idea from other news websites, but they all talk about their experience and their channel.
    Can you please guide me on how I should start? What are the key points that I should include?

    Thank You!
    Hi Lex

    Just read your remarks on the most recent copywriting thread as to why Udemy writes as it does etc.

    Just wanted to thank you for the insight and your YT videos.
    How does one contact you Lex Luther?

    Its regarding hiring you to help me build a funnel, I wanted to know what sort of price you charge for a webinar funnel.

    Cheers bud
    Hi Lex,

    thanks for your Udemy courses on freelancing!
    You use a lot of text formatting here and also on your UpWork bio. Sadly, UpWork allows little formatting. You might be not aware of one thing, though...

    The 0160 alt-code.

    The hard/non-breaking space. You can use it for indents, lists, centering text.
    Just copy this > < or use alt+0160.

    If you don't use it on purpose, then nvm ;-)

    I assume this is some kind of experiment (since you appear to enjoy studying human behavior and its influences), but that won't stop me from saying "thanks."
    Thank you for rep transfer. For some reason I can't send you a PM.
    Thanks mate. That's a lot of rep you've just given me!
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