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  1. B

    Marketing vs. Sales

    Hey guys, I'm curious as to the difference of when someone would want to prioritize marketing vs. sales in their business. My impression is that marketing is a more scalable option, so why waste time attempting to convert clients via cold calling, or in-person? I'm assuming that given how...
  2. MaxT

    Titles that attract like magnets!

    Hello everyone, I am looking to improve my knowledge in marketing in order to better promote my various projects. I try to be more impactful in my future publications on the networks: YouTube, Facebook etc. I recently learned something cool that worked for me is slipping in words like: How? 'Or'...
  3. how2rich

    How's my sales approach / strategy?

    Hey there fellow entrepreneurs! I've started designing & selling websites 1 year ago without a lot of success to say the least :happy: Anyways, I've figured my problem was my sales approach and strategy- I've tried selling websites on IG and tried promoting it there, it did not work very well...
  4. Royce2

    OFF-TOPIC Q. How to better market your music?

    Has anyone been involved with promoting and/or creating music and then getting on platforms like Spotify? I am friends with a seriously talented singer and we need all the suggestions we can get. Our goal: To market this music to the masses and make money without giving away equity or signing...
  5. dilooska

    Where are my sales? Help me find out

    Hello community, I started my entrepreneurship journey 2 years ago with selling products on Amazon FBA. After realizing that wasn't my passion, I decided to create a product for female entrepreneurs (which is my passion). I am now selling Canva templates on my website (on Shopify) and just...
  6. JtBreeze

    How to promote an online business?

    Hi, I'm interested in starting an online store probably through shopify. I know what type of products that I'd like to sell and which manufacturer that I'd contact. But before I pull the trigger and start spending money I'd like to ask if anyone has ideas on the best ways to promote and market...
  7. Kung Fu Steve

    Who do you follow for marketing advice?

    Who do you follow for marketing advice these days?
  8. H

    INTRO Just Started my first US based Business.

    Hey guys! I just started my first business in the US. Basically its to help US clients find good remote workers. Now, this is not my first company I only made this business after making my first one successful enough to not rely on my each and every dictation but since this is my first time...
  9. C

    Opening a service based business

    Hi guys My girlfriend has been an eyelash technician (beautician) for 4 years and has been self employed working from a space at home for just over a year now We’ve managed to grow her client base massively through word of mouth, Facebook ads and overall providing a really good service. She’s...
  10. elezhan.zhakiya

    Budget Friendly Ideas For Marketing Your Business

    Budget Friendly Ideas For Marketing Your Business guest blogging This is a quicker alternative to starting your own blog which can take a while to take off. the reason why this works is because of the win-win scenario for you and the blog owner - if you’re starting this new product, chances...
  11. M

    Feedback on marketing high-tech agricultural product

    Hi guys, Looking for feedback on the marketing of my product, and to get viewpoints/opinions on what we're doing and ways to improve it. We have an atypical business that is based on University technology. I've been working on a microchip implant that accurately measures water status (thirst)...
  12. _Denis_S

    Sales = Magic Pill to Entrepreneurship?

    Hello Everyone I vividly remember the "wake-up-moment" I've had after my first time reading the Millionaire Fastlane while studying for my engineering degree. Being young, uneducated and maybe even really naive about my future, I thought that this paper called degree would be my ticket to a...
  13. techbiz

    GTM & Competition -- crowded mkt

    Dear Mktng Gurus We are startup with an innovative solution, have some intellectual property around it, but can be copied by big players easily. No one wants legal battles at startup stage :) We decided to go after some niche markets and then come back to main stream. My Qs: 1. While right...
  14. WhateverCheese

    Finding Customers while being Broke

    Helloooow I am a broke-a$$ student, just finished my engineering degree (I hated it) and instead of looking for an engineering job I want to create a business. The business is about producing and selling high quality dog treats. The production works but I am having trouble reaching interested...
  15. jb5150


    pls delete
  16. M

    The best business building tool and resources for your business...

    Inspired by the conversation / dialogue I instigated in the Unscripted Network (read my signature to join), please post your FAVORITE and MOST VALUABLE business tool that your business uses. Is there a business tool or a resource your business can't be without? Several? Please let us know...
  17. K

    INTRO Marketing Methods for new start ups

    Hi guys, I have read both unscripted and millionaire fastlane. Are there any recommended books for marketing online website/app start ups from scratch? We don't have venture capital either. I have hired someone via freelancer to create a website and we are almost ready to launch! Any...
  18. mdot

    Thoughts on "Phrase URLs" that are different than your brand name?

    I was wondering if anyone has any SEO/Marketing experience with using a domain name that isn't just ""? For instance, I was thinking of using a short four word url. Four words sounds long for a url (well, one word is just "at") but I think the phrase really captures the benefit...
  19. ElleMg

    EXECUTION DOING IT (Marketing marketing)

    I remember once reading the quote along the lines of 'the best way out of a difficulty is through it'. It definitely helped me a lot in the past. Sometimes fear stops you doing the most natural thing to do, which combines your purpose, what you're good at, and what there's a demand for. I...
  20. ValueSystems

    INTRO New here ! Creative 24yo with ADD

    Oy everyone, Lovely to meet you all. Been peeking on this forum for years, but I only decided just now to make an account. Mini bio : 24 years old creative ADD learning code to build systems. Struggles : Personally, I struggle with the shiny object syndrome the most. I'm very curious, I...
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