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  1. Hassassin

    Influencer marketing for an ecom brand (on a shoestring budget)

    HOW DO WE TAKE OVER THE FrACKING WORLD? Ahem. I mean: What catapults a brand to the front of the pack and distinguishes it from competitors? That question has been sending me down a loong rabbit hole as I put together our flagship ecommerce product. And it’s a tough one to answer. Partial...
  2. M

    Creative leads for my Recruitment Agency

    Greetings Forum, I have had a recruitment agency for a few years now, like the business model, everything is working nicely and there aren't any problems connecting qualified personnel with good jobs. I work in Hospitality so it's low-mid level educated personnel. But I have one big problem...
  3. Amjad-20

    A marketing partner in return for a percentage of the profits.. has anyone done it before?

    Hey ... I have a decent small business I do the delivery to the clients I struggle to take care of marketing all by myself , and i don't have the money to hire people Is a marketing partner ( no company equity - just a percentage of the profits ) can be done? ANY THOUGHTS?
  4. Evelio

    Is Your Marketing Smarter Than a 5th Grader? It Shouldn't Be!

    The Readability Loophole: Is Your Marketing Smarter Than a 5th Grader? It Shouldn't Be! What do Hemingway, Harry Potter, and successful marketers have in common? No, it's not a trick question. And no, they're not all secretly wizards (though that would be cool). One of the biggest secrets...
  5. B

    I studied Business Growth Strategies – here is the summary

    Everyone who followed this forum for a time will probably know a lot about what I am going to summarize here. Success is no accident. It is the result of logic and persistence. It follows specific rules and these rules can be learned. Many years ago, when I started my first full-time business...
  6. Yanezez

    My List of Failures: Looking Back (Part I)

    What's this About and Why I want to write about all the attempts of making a business or sometimes just a few extra bucks I have undertaken. I want to write what I tried to do, if it worked, why it worked, and most importantly, why I think they failed. Spoiler alert, none have been successful...
  7. Evelio

    The Hook and Hold Marketing Loophole - The Psychology Trick That Keeps Prospects CRAVING More...

    The Hook and Hold Marketing Loophole - The Psychology Trick That Keeps Prospects CRAVING More... In 1927, a psychiatrist named Bluma Zeiganik discovered something about the human mind that has created literal billionaires. I call it the Hook-and-Hold Marketing Loophole (or Zeigarnik...
  8. Diego Gouveia

    I'm the first one on my family that is able to break the scripted cycle

    Hi everybody, it's really great to be here and to share this knowledge with all of you. I'm Diego Gouveia, born in São Paulo/Brazil. My parents came to São Paulo city from the country north of Brazil in order to seek for a better way of leaving, the country north is a really poor location of...
  9. N

    What do you think of my new website idea? One Ad at a Time with User Rewards!

    Hey fellow FastLaners! I've been working on a new website concept and wanted to get your thoughts on it. The idea is simple yet intriguing—I'm thinking of creating a platform where only one advertisement is displayed at a time. Advertisers can then book specific time slots for their ads to be...
  10. ali.lari2x

    Should I focus on my Gym SMMA?

    Hi everyone, Backstory This is my first post on the Forum. I read TMF in early 2022 when I was 19 years old (I’m now 21) in university hopping from business idea to business idea. Ever since I was 12 or 13, I’ve had this vision or goal in mind of building a business that gives me location...
  11. IceCreamKid

    Positioning: The difference between a $20 and $2000 product.

    I just got the commit for a deal that will yield me $140k/mo profit. I don't even have a company name or logo because this biz idea came to me 2 weeks ago. I made a bare-bones version of the product with Chat-GPT and pitched a demo to them a few days later. It still has bugs that need to be...
  12. G

    Embarking on a Marketing Adventure - Need wisdom regarding new clients

    Hey everyone, I'm starting my marketing company! I've got a bunch of experience from working at a tourism company, running my projects, and growing my TikTok account. So, I'm thinking of offering my marketing skills to small businesses and I've got two ideas on how to start: Offer a...
  13. M

    My name is Mark Larm & here's my 2 cents

    Let me start with a "Thank's MJ." I just finished "The Millionaire Fastlane" and found it profound. I knew at 56 I couldn't win this race with what was being preached. I followed in my father's footsteps, not one of those good stories. By the 5th grade, I was doing drugs and running the streets...
  14. Darwin Diaz

    How do I provide value to a Facebook Group I'm creating?

    I have this validated idea for a Shopify app. I've created a Facebook Group to catch my target audience. I'm scared to death. Too many I's, I know. I have never created content before and am getting sick trying to think about how I'll: 1 - Grow the group. 2 - Create content that provides...
  15. buscus.stan

    Learning Cold Outreach

    Cold outreach is a marketing strategy where brands contact potential customers who have not previously interacted with the brand's products/services and have not given prior consent to be contacted. The primary goal is to introduce your business, product, or service to potential clients. Does...
  16. GymBro

    Ad creative in fitness: Are you sold?

    What do you think of this ad?
  17. ulyssezn

    Need a little bit of guidance

    Good morning Fastlane Forum, Before I begin I will just quickly introduce myself and my situation. I am 17 years old, I work at a clothing store and go to college. The only reason I go to college is because I don't have proof to tell my parents that I can leave college. However college is very...
  18. circleme

    Getting really good at fixing peoples problems with SaaS solutions, but...

    Hi guys, I've been training my problem-solving muscle a lot lately and I'm getting really good at it. I see problems everywhere and try to solve them with software - if possible. The result: many satisfied users. The problem: They are users, not customers. It's mostly MVPs that I launch into...
  19. N

    Is Cold Email in DACH Region Legal?

    Hello all! I am keen on understanding the current legal landscape surrounding cold emailing in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). As the region has distinct regulations concerning email outreach, it's crucial to stay updated to ensure compliance and effectiveness in our...
  20. M.Shahrukh

    ChatGPT integrations for online businesses

    Hi everyone! TLDR: I am providing ChatGPT integrations to businesses, as a service. I need help on how I can find clients for my services. The details of my services can be found here - Scribble With AI This is my first post here, so let me quickly introduce myself. I am Shahrukh, a Software...