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Solve your life's challenges through catharsis


Beauty is Truth
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Jan 1, 2015
### This is a consciousness-altering induction method without using outside substances/drugs etc. ###

Do you feel depressed? A lack of energy and motivation? Are you struggling with more clarity on your life's path?

I will lead you through an intense and high-impact alignment session, called Breath of Freedom so that you reach back to your highest self.
Breath of Freedom is a powerful breathing technique that will help you enter altered states of consciousness, release emotions stuck in your body and receive insights to your life’s challenges. Sometimes in a cathartic and life-changing way.

It’s a reset, a rebirth of yourself.

During a session, the deepest levels of consciousness and subconsciousness are affected. The process of deep connected breathing relieves you from many years of accumulated emotion, stress and trauma from the past, and recovery begins.

Breath of Freedom heals the soul as the outlook on your life, thoughts and goals change. This practice enhances the joy of life and your creativity. It makes you feel alive. It nourishes your body with life energy, as it flows freely through your energy channels again.

Each experience is personal and unique for everyone. Phenomena that can happen are:
  • expanded and altered states of consciousness
  • release of energetic and physical blocks resulting in increased awareness of your body and emotions
  • reception of messages, insights and clarity and access of your authentic self
  • emotional release in cathartic or blissful way
  • feelings of harmony, trust, peace, joy, aliveness, love and gratitude


My Story

When I first discovered Breath of Freedom, I did not know what was about to happen. All I knew was that we did a conscious ritual to be completely present in a conference room. Then I was told to breath a certain way.
People around me started shouting, screaming and crying. „I will not be able to show that vulnerability that the others do, not in front of all these people“, is what I first thought. But as I continued breathing, tears naturally began rolling down my cheeks, and I was able to experience the pain that I’ve been carrying around during the week. I cried my heart out.
By the end of the session, the facilitators started playing some shamanic healing music supported by the guitar and the facilitator’s singing.
I was then able to see deeply into my heart. It was a wide deep space.
We were told to hug ourselves. This was the first time I saw myself that clearly. I told myself ‚I love you‘. This was the first time I talked to myself like that, and the first time I felt it so intensely.

I didn’t even know this was possible before.

instagram__2__mp4 (1).png

It was a profoundly beautiful experience and it didn’t cross my mind again until my friend started visiting me in Vienna.
He invited me to do a longer breathing session. I didn’t think much about it. But this time I had a life-changing experience.
Long story short, my body would start to vibrate strongly and I saw a divine light casting upon me(I still wore an eye mask).
I started laughing uncontrollably because I knew it was divinity revealing itself to me. After the session I even had to google what the heck I was experiencing!
A few weeks later, again by accident, I discovered the facilitator started to offer training for this modality, I knew this was something I needed to learn and pass on to people.
In our first lecture she told me: „You are here for a reason. Nothing happens by accident“.
And it has been a gift ever since.

What breathees say about the experience

„And I was just taken by this wave of feelings....of feeling…surrender. To allow those dark parts of myself, very deep anger, grief and sadness too….and to also invite deeper levels of compassion to come. I feel like I have reached new levels of groundness.“ - Bernardino

„What changed was a sense of release, an uprooting & realization of something that has been stuck and present in my body for too long. Right after the session, I felt energized, so inspired, ready to work on a long overdue project that will help thousands maybe millions around the world. “ - Kat

„Earlier, I thought I lost the connection with the outside world and I can’t love. During the meditation, after going through all the trauma, finally a key word appeared - love. I have the strong will to give love. And I felt my life is vivid again. I feel alive now.“ - Li Chen


A single private session with me usually costs $120, and for the FLF I have a special introduction offer of just $80 for the first session. This intro offer will fade away as the demand for my services start to increase. It is recommended to do at least 6-8 sessions to get the full benefits of Breath of Freedom. For this I offer custom packages. The first session can still have an extremely high impact on you.

Not happy with the results? I offer no-questions asked money-back guarantee.

Come and go through this deep dive into your subconscious with me! DM me for a first discovery call.

With light,
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MJ DeMarco

I followed the science; all I found was money.
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Jul 23, 2007
Advertisement activated, good luck.


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Apr 28, 2017
‍☠️ Eastern Europe
This is interesting @Hai, can you share some of the changes this helped you make in your own life?
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Beauty is Truth
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Jan 1, 2015
This is interesting @Hai, can you share some of the changes this helped you make in your own life?
Thank you for the question!
I will gladly answer it.

I'll try and list collectively(as in a summary) of what happened before and after a session.

Before some sessions I would feel:
- a loss of motivation, and everything would feel difficult
- I felt confused and paralyzed
- A lot of pressure accumulating in my body
- Some other times I would feel passive, contemplative, a bit dull, apathetic or numb
By tuning into my body before the session, I would become more aware of these feelings, and by comparing it to my state afterward, there would always be a massive shift in my being.

What are some of the after changes in my life?
- First, in one session I asked for my purpose and identity, and a clear image appeared, that now acts as a foundation for all decisions I make in my life
- General trust in life
- Better relationships to my family, as I’m not more empathetic and aware of their feelings, I’m way more loving and appreciative of them than before
- Resolving feelings towards people who have hurt me, forgiveness and gratitude
- Important decisions have been made after a session due to clarity
- Gratitude for the existing relationships in my life
- Being unreactive to outside circumstances
- Overall being more calm, content, and loving
- Better awareness of energy flow in my own body
- My overall well-being is much better than before
- Learning to let go, letting go of expectations
- There is ease in going through life, no seriousness, and no need to force or pressure in anything or any situation, there is no need to take, and it's a natural flow.
- I'll let things happen the way they should be without rigidness or pre-defined plan(which creates pressure and expectations again).
- I'm more aware of why people act the way they do, actively feel more empathy for people.
- I see life as a dance, and pay attention to the different rythms of life.
- My body is softer and more flexible, like life flows through my body, and everything (in life) happens effortlessly

"When the wind blows, I will bend with the wind, instead of trying to tense up and force myself against the wind."

As to how these changes happen is subject to the process of clearing up your emotional and energetic body itself.

The experiences I had were so impactful and profound, each of the sessions like a uniquely packaged gift that I was supposed to open at the right time. It's hard to capture in words and needs to be experienced to be understood.

Practically, I see the world with different eyes. There is a deep trust in life.
A lot of confusion gets cleared up and decisions are made definitely.

As the tension in your body gets released, you become part of life. Everything is easier.

Most people try to control, which creates tension, which creates pain.
Once you surrender, tension and pain dissipates, and you accept and enjoy.

Like cleaning your room, this is like cleaning your emotional and energetic body, and it makes space for clarity.
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