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Oct 20, 2012
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Confession: I am an addict! I have been a money chasing addict for the last 4 years! Aug 3, 2014

    1. Anisha Malik
      Anisha Malik
      Hello. Do you have any more bing coupons available?
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      2. 100k
        Sorry sir, no longer selling them! :(
        Apr 6, 2015
    2. 100k
      Confession: I am an addict! I have been a money chasing addict for the last 4 years!
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      2. 100k
        I've become better at FB ads and generating leads i.e CPA.

        Created a few courses that I've created. First one... did okay. About to release the 2nd in the next week or so.
        Jun 2, 2016
      3. 100k
        Alright.... still not seen any success. LOL.

        This feeling kinda burned out. Living in an apartment where I have to deal with major headwinds from the nosy neighbours that spy on me pretty much 24/7.

        Launched a membership site earlier this year - manged to get a few paying members... but only 1 stayed subscribed LOL. Dunno even know why.... I think she must have forgotten to unsubscribe LOL.
        May 19, 2017 at 4:51 AM
      4. 100k
        Otherwise .... been studying funnels.... and I've built a offer around building funnels for businesses... I'm going to see if there is a demand for that produce and either scale it up or kill the idea within the next couple of months.

        Will update again in the future. Stay tuned people.
        May 19, 2017 at 4:53 AM
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