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Oct 20, 2012
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Confession: I am an addict! I have been a money chasing addict for the last 4 years! Aug 3, 2014

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      Confession: I am an addict! I have been a money chasing addict for the last 4 years!
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        The app kinda ran out of steam. It was buggy and I ran out of capital (my coders wanted more $$$ - even though he was originally given equity). What ever. Moved on to other stuff.

        Did a little bit of lead generation (it generated $4k+ month for a while). Stopped promoting that 3 months ago, now I'm promoting affiliate products (just 1 atm) and managed to clear nearly $50k in 3 months. #DebtFREE #ThankYouLord
        Sep 10, 2018
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        The affiliate stuff is still going strong, I decided to incorporate and scale things up. Hopefully I'll be scaling up by Nov/Dec.
        Oct 13, 2018
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        Affiliate marketing stuff is still going well, it pays the bills - and about 3 weeks ago I hired an agency to help me scale up. So far its going okay (they took control just before x-mas so the CPA was high due to high competition on FB's ads platform). But I'm quietly confident they'll improve and deliver what they've promised me in about 1 month's time (5x ROI) :) Will update in a few months.
        Jan 11, 2019 at 11:17 AM
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