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  1. wyattnorton

    Flips, Real Estate, & Landscaping... You gotta Johnny Hustle baby!!

    I am going to post a quick little update on what I've been hustling around doing. Real Estate: Bought 2 flip houses, both for a total of $30k. Been busting a$$ trying to get some people out there to start working on the place. Where these two houses are the people are either jacked busy for 2-3...
  2. Crazy GG

    What to do when you don't know what to do?

    Hi all. I am someone who has no problem taking action and working hard. However, my current efforts haven't produced great results so far and my biggest problem is knowing what to actually do. I think that stems from the fact that I don't know what exactly is my problem at succeeding. For...
  3. smn03

    When Your Family Destroys Your Dreams

    My position: (you can skip this if you want to) my dad owns a company, makes more than 200.000/year but in my opinion hasn't archived financial freedom. still gets up everyday do drive to work and work long hours in order to keep the business going. my mom isn't working at all. spending time...
  4. MaxT

    If you had to summarize what you learned and/or what struck you in MJ's books

    I thought this could make an interesting topic that would be useful for everyone, for people who are new to The milionaire fastlane or those who have already read everything. So my question is the same as in the title: If you had to summarize what you learned and/or what struck you in MJ's...
  5. MaxT

    Developer/author looking to scale

    Hi guys ! I'm a developer and author, I've already published more than 4 apps that have exceeded 100,000 downloads. Besides that I wrote a book, which sells 2 to 3 copies a day. Currently, everything runs automatically: the sales of applications and books. I would like to have a mentor...
  6. Alexdgreat

    Genuine paying Business Sites

    Hey Guys ! Do you know any "genuine Sites" { Business , Investment or Work From Home Jobs } that really pays ? If you do , please share . It would be of great help to everyone .
  7. gilbert.lee

    Please Help me

    Hi guys! I am Gilbert Lee, living in south korea. Before start, please forgive my poor english. I'm in high school 2nd grade and my life was changed when I read 'the millionaire fastlane'. I determined to be a entrepreneur like Mj Demarco. Then, I am agonizing keep study hard to go good college...
  8. mKLUNGU

    Is being an Entrepreneur a Torture, really?

    I awoke this morning bent on committing suicide, thinking of the strain, tension, and excruciating demands of my business, and - merely the idea of so much to do as regards my business legal troubles and unpaid dues - thinking of the pressure, stress, and also the painful expectations of my...
  9. A

    My Business Progress Report: Failures, Successes & Accountability

    I was ''lurking'' the forum once again and decided to start a progress report to provide insights into different failures and successes along the way. My ''business'' is a website or two actually, but I'm focusing on my second site as of now. I started my website journey on the 13th of January...
  10. mikecarlucci

    Getting My First Ever YES (Video Marketing Agency)

    2019 Sitting in my dark room with things all over the place, I scrolled through YouTube. Video after video, trying to figure out exactly how to make a my "own business" by constantly watching videos about how Warren Buffett made 100 gazillion dollars and I would walk around talking about how I...
  11. klasp100

    As a young guy, rent and invest in a business, or race-to-real-estate as fast as possible?

    I am 24. Where I live, real-estate prices are going off the charts. Should I try to get in the game as fast as possible on a "starter" home, possibly rent it out for 6 months and live in it for the other 6, for it to qualify as my permanent residence and save on taxes? Or should I just rent and...
  12. MaxT

    Boost your daily productivity

    Hello friends ! Today is a big day for me, I finalized my first version of my Google Chrome extension. This is an extension to improve concentration and boost productivity. If you want to take a look: focusLab And a more detailed presentation : A complete solution to maximize your productivity...
  13. Drwakiza

    Starting a Cleaning Company

    Hello guys, I am creating this thread for several reason, the main one is to keep myself accountable but also so that people can learn from my journey, mistakes and successes, and eventually getting advices from more advanced entrepreneurs. (I will try my best to have a correct english and...
  14. wyattnorton

    Business Brokering

    Hey all, I have created this opportunity for myself to join the #1 business brokerage in my state. That statement is intended to be ego-free. Has anyone had experience in the business brokerage space? Either as a broker, buying a business, or selling a business? How was your experience...
  15. M

    If you had an investor, and had knowledge in the retail area, which product would you seek to develop in a country like Brazil?

    Hi, my name is Matheus. Due to the relationship with one of the suppliers of my two former companies in the retail area (a Xiaomi device virtual store, another specialized technical assistance), I received a proposal from a supplier for him to contribute all the investment, and I would select...
  16. CarrieMatchmaker

    Any ideas what to do with the ideas?

    What to do if I have many business ideas? I understand that I am not able to fulfil all of the ideas and such a shame to just put them in a long drawer. I am working on one thing already and thinking to start working on a second one but after reading so many business books and watching business...
  17. L

    Business Idea, is it on the good track ?

    Hello everybody, I live in Switzerland and I'm a huge airsoft fan, and I noticed that there is a problem with the airsoft market, here in Switzerland. First of all, airsoft guns are considered real guns, therefore the legislation forbids to buy in foreign countries without making a long...
  18. Jobei

    16 Years old, and need business ideas.

    I'm 16 I know how to code (1 year), and do video editing(1 year). I've read all of MJ's books multiple times and I'm ready to start a business. Web design seems really intriguing to me but I want to know other possibilities. So please let me know if you can help. Thank you for anyone who...
  19. O

    Law Firm Fastlane?

    Hey everyone, Im Kairos. Im new to this thread and Ive started a degree in Laws; Ive also read Millionaire Fastlane. Ive got an idea to start a law firm, issue is, its a highly saturated market here in Australia, so I would have to differentiate myself very effectively. I dont believe that...
  20. J

    What would you do? - Jetwash cleaning biz

    Hey Everyone, On recommendation from @Fasted I decided I'd try my own execution thread. The Situation My partner and I are looking to buy our first home and because of this we have spent the last few months in paid employment in dead end jobs that neither of us really like but we're doing it...

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