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  1. xmrrabbitx

    How do I assess market demand volume to start an API Web3 service for other businesses and startups?

    Recently, I decided to put my Web3 idea on the market, and I wanted to know the best way to assess market demand. Do I have to email these startups to know about their interests or anything else? What is the best and most efficient way to do this? I definitely want to find a statistical way...
  2. gersi.ndr

    You can become a Jedi Master of Persuasion. Here's how:

    The movie Return of The Jedi, the final episode of the Star Wars series, includes a scene in which Luke Skywalker turns to Darth Vadar and says,: "I know there's still good in you. There's good in you. I can sense it" This of course turned out to be pretty effective, considering that Darth...
  3. gersi.ndr

    How I used Parkinson's Law, and did more work in a week than others do in a month.

    I'll keep this as short as possible because you and I have hella work to do. Parkinson's Law basically states that deadlines can cause procrastination or even prompt people to fill their time with trivial matters. If you have a month, to complete a task, that's how long it will take you, even...
  4. Abhigyan

    Launching my first business at 15 - Chronicling the process

    So I basically want to help the students of my age by providing a particular type of digital product. The idea looks good to me (don't want to disclose at this moment). It will basically be a paid newsletter kinda thing, where I will send the product daily (the product is updated daily) upto...
  5. S

    Rate your business idea website?

    SAAS / APPS 
    Hey guys, I know this is really irrelevant for everyone but I remember a few months ago I saw a website linked here where it would rate your business idea with CENTS I believe, if anyone know what I'm talking about please let me know the site. Thanks
  6. RicardoGrande

    Surprisingly simple stupid businesses- that somehow work

    Like any good TFF member, I spend any possible downtime listening to talks with founders. I like hearing about people getting off the ground and getting started, and how quickly (or not) they were able to take off. A big, painful recurring theme is that there seem to be a lot of what I call...
  7. Grom

    What business to start at 16?

    Hi guys) I'm 16 and want to start a business, that will teach me valuable skills, and won't require a lot of time (because of school) 2 hours per day. It sounds foolish, but I saw it on YouTube and simply wasted my time. All I learned is that a good business model is a service-provided...

    In 4 months from Broke to 200k revenue with 30+% Profit - The legit Strategy for Bro's

    Hey Fastlaners, My story is a relentless roller coaster, filled with seemingly insurmountable challenges. But here I stand, eager to share a journey many might find hard to digest. The fulcrum of change in my life was MJ's books. Each sentence struck a chord, igniting a fervor to transcend...
  9. Production valueism?

    Please tell me exactly what you mean by the Unscripted Book (the principle of overtaking lane entrepreneurship: production valueism)crying Some people say that production valueism is the idea of creating value by solving problems or producing things that meet needs For some, production...
  10. ghostscout

    repost of an idea i want thoughts on if anyone has the time

    i had a business idea which is similar to this website Art of Play is a Modern Wonder Emporium, a Place to Discover Magic basically the website just sells stuff that people make like individual small time artists or youtubers or whatever else, it raises attention to those peoples stuff and if...
  11. T

    What is the best possible way to break into the internet services market.

    Hello fastlaners, this is my first post on here so I thought I would introduce myself. I am a 15 year old "hustler" from the beautiful country of Bulgaria. Despite my age I have made decent profits on side hustles like reselling and digital e-commerce. Also I am a freelancing web developer on...
  12. Pave1l

    Would be really grateful for

    Hi there, my name is Pavel I am 18 and considering what business is the best to start. (my goal is 10K$ per month at first) I have never had a job, but I have a lot of knowledge in spheres of self-development, marketing and fitness. My goal is earning some money ASAP because I want later to...
  13. J

    What are some valuable skills for fastlaners (or incoming ones) to learn right now?

    I know MJ mentions how important it is to keep learning continuously to acquire new skills. What are some of those skills that anybody here should have? I can think of programming, marketing, learning how to use AI, copywriting, etc... but I'm probably unaware of many others! Obviously, this...
  14. ghostscout

    possible business idea?

    i had a business idea which is similar to this website Art of Play is a Modern Wonder Emporium, a Place to Discover Magic basically the website just sells stuff that people make like individual small time artists or youtubers or whatever else, it raises attention to those peoples stuff and if...
  15. Mannimarcus

    What are the best Open Source softwares that you use in your business?

    Hi, for many start-ups, business owners and solopreneurs using the right software makes the difference between a failed business and successful one. Oftentimes, those businesses pay a pretty buck for these softwares to scale their businesses rapidly. What they don't see is that, open source is...
  16. Abi_raph

    Welcome to the Fastlane Forum - Let's Accelerate Your Business Journey!

    Dear Fastlane Forum Community, Greetings! I'm ecstatic to be a part of this dynamic group of people who have similar interests in entrepreneurship and business expansion. I'm happy to engage with other business owners, benefit from your experiences, and add to our success as a group as an...
  17. brosky

    In need of advice: I have money & time to invest, but no idea what to do.

    Hello friends, First of all I'm sorry if this isn't the best place to post a request for advice. I looked and didn't find an advice/questions section. Before asking my question, here's some quick context about myself. I've been a software developer for about 9 years now and I love tech and...
  18. m0ntilla21

    This idea took me from 5k to 25k/m instantly. What was yours biggest breakthrough?

    Hi guys, after years of running a mastermind… I have found that sharing your wins is one of the best ways to make the group grow. We use this question periodically to generate HUGE insights: What was your biggest learning / breakthrough in the last 60-180 days? I wanted to start this thread so...
  19. Elias

    Thoughts on building a SaaS business through whitelabelling?

    I've seen a lot of SaaS entrepreneurs on the forum and am curious to know what your thoughts are on white-labelled SAAS vs building your own product? Would love to hear about yoiur direct experience building a white-labelled SaaS business !
  20. S

    How to earn money as a teen in Europe

    Hello all, I'm a 16-year-old from Europe. I just finished high school and I now have until August 2024 to make €5.000 (nearly the same as $5.000) or I have to go to college say my parents - college is free though I have to point it out, still costs a lot of time (3 years). I'm wondering if you...

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