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Skill that can make $2000 a month?


Jul 12, 2019
I would recommend (basic) web design. I generally make anywhere between €2000 to €9000 per month doing this and have literally done so while traveling the world and living in different countries including the states, south africa, the philipines and spain.
Congratulations on your success. The biggest problem for me is selling the websites. Would you be kind enough to share some techniques that you use to make sales, please?


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Aug 24, 2007
Pretty much any skill can earn you $12/hour (which is full-time per month), if you're really great at that skill and can market yourself...

So, the question is, what skills are you really great at and that you can market yourself at?


Jun 3, 2018
Congratulations on your success. The biggest problem for me is selling the websites. Would you be kind enough to share some techniques that you use to make sales, please?
I would not consider it a success but that is a matter of definition.

There are no techniques - do great work, build up a portfolio, share your knowledge and do cold acquisition if you have to. Life gives no shortcuts.


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Dec 2, 2019
Why not throw a simple WordPress site up and write ten detailed articles about topics you're interested in, learn about SEO and do basic optimization on the pages. This would impress a lot of people that are hiring for more entry level remote jobs and also help build your profile for freelancing!

Check out this guide and the other articles on his blog

@TommyG Holy crap! This has to be some of the best practical/actionable advice I've seen in the (okay to be honest.. very short) time I've been on this forum! Thank you so much Tommy. This is something I'm definitely going to do.


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Dec 8, 2019
Just thought I'd share my ten penneth as I was in the exact situation as you and pulled it off.

I was floundering from action fake to action fake through most of 2018 - building half-assed sites, reading success books, trying (and failing) to learn to code.

I was also half-heartedly looking for remote jobs, while living in Asia and teaching English part-time. Unfortunately I didn't really have many digital skills except for being a decent writer and having a passing familiarity with SEO and basic marketing.

I was reading Unscripted, and one piece of MJ's advice really struck me: sometimes the best thing you can do is get a damn job, to learn valuable skills and get to know an industry. After that I really put more effort in.

Soon after I landed an (unpaid) 3 month part-time digital apprenticeship with a fully remote SAAS tech startup. After a month they asked me to come on full time as a writer for $2000 per month. A year later I'm leading marketing for the company - in charge of the blog, podcast, newsletters, SEO, social media, content marketing and paid advertising. It's been one of the most challenging but rewarding years of my life actually, and I feel a lot of things really starting to click now. It's great that I can take this work anywhere around the world, the team and boss are awesome, and I'm also starting to see business opportunities all the time!

So I would say becoming a good writer is one of the lowest barrier skills that is in tremendous demand. Lots of companies pay good writers several hundred dollars for a decent article, and as long as you can speak well and think logically you can be a good writer. It is also one of the foundational skills for being good at a lot of other aspects of marketing IMO!

Thanks MJ, you prompted me to start a whole new career.
How did you find that job?


Jun 3, 2018
Hi! In an earlier thread You need a lot more ca$h than you might think, you seemed to have other thoughs on the subject. What changed your mind? What was your personal process? How long has the journey been, to where you are now? Thanks (Don't want to put you on the spot!! Just curious :)).
Good question.

I still stick to my point I made there: $100k/€100k in the states/western europe is just F*cking nothing, period. The cost of living has increased so dramatically that you will never be able to buy your way out so to say. However, if you love what you do, it will change things.

The question posted here was related to skills that 1) you can do remote and 2) will allow you to be paid $2000+/month. With basic web development/digital marketing services you can easily do that if you have a basic clientele and portfolio.

As for me, I'm looking to upgrade my skills and really go big. I'm tired of doing custom web dev. work for ungrateful clients all the F*cking time. I want a product to sell.

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