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Hi , I'm Matt. I have been struggling but I'm still convinced I can make it


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Nov 12, 2015
Near London, UK
Hey all,

I'm Matt from the UK, I work as a consultant for a software company and by slowlane standards I'm doing ok ... (Comfort = Danger !!!) I don't job hop much but the last couple of companies I've worked for have had troubles and 'discussions' about redundancy, I always survived but the whole vibe of distrust is real for me as an employee.

I have been interested in entrepreneurship pretty much forever but never really managed to achieve any real success ... I've been involved in all sorts of things over the years, here's a braindump from what I can recall offhand.

Selling websites on Ebay / Selling Ebooks on Ebay, Running an IT support business / Selling DVDs
on Ebay / bought into a failed property investment/ management scheme (Ponzi) / Selling Ebooks on Ebay / Ebay - Amazon arbitrage / I once sold 1 packet of cigarettes from a website pretty much as soon as it became illegal so I refunded the guy / lost £500 trading a few years ago (My fault didn't stick closely to the program I was taught) / Flipped a few domains for some good money but the last one I sold for £700 / I had for like 15 years !!! but I did sell one for €1500 once / had a half hearted go at flipping websites / had an affiliate dating website (Made £15 in like 5 years).

There's more but you get the idea. I really used to suffer from shiny object syndrome but managed to stop a while back and then I started a land sourcing agency in 2015.

The back story here is that I discovered this business model back in 1998 and was excited but not really able to act on it at that time (Too busy attending rave parties in my late teens and loved it !!!). However the property networking industry started to evolve in the 2010's and around the same time I was making a bit of progress with my attitude and focus so I decided not to look for something new but act on the land sourcing model that had originally impressed me.

This basically involves finding places to build houses in the UK for a comission fee (Houses in my area are expensive and building land in the UK is scarce). I commited to this and have been mailing landowners for the last few years ... Unfortunately I haven't made a penny doing this, there's a number of reasons for that and ... yes I'm still commited to this because I knw the model is sound. I just need to re-work my approach ... That's another story.

Anyways, I recently started getting frustrated due to the lack of progress with that and the distractions started getting my attention again ... easy when I'm seeing no results and need cashflow. So I allowed a couple of other projects onto my plate.

- An internet MMO marketing program with a mentor (oooh make money online by showing people how to make money online !!!) Yes yes, This area is a bit of a cess pool but I saw a program from a guy who sold me some ebooks 20 years ago and figured 'He's managed to make it work all this time, at least he's real'. It's also an area I failed at in the past ... I have habit of wanting to tie up loose ends with this stuff !

- Crypto - Nothing too exotic, I bought BTC first in 2014 and sold before orbit and felt like I'd missed the boat. After a year I revisited and have been building a small portfoliio for the past couple of months.

- My friend offers a niche service iin the UK and has been screwed by some SEO agencies in the past, I said I'd build a lead gen site and he'd pay comissions on the leads. Progress has been slow but I'm really enjoying this project.

- Finally I have a couple of ideas for Saas platforms that overlap with some of the areas above where I have gained some industry insight. I have spent my entire professional career working for software companies and my instinct tells me this is where my long term focus should be.

Aside from the entrepreneurial stuff, there is the 'life' stuff which is really the main event as far as I'm concerned because it is all connected and overlaps.

I have 2 sons, the youngest is 7 months and the eldest 4 years. I really underestimated the energy drain going from 1 to 2 ... It feels like a miracle that I can do anything except eat sleep, work and look after the house and family. In one sense I know I shouldn't really worry about much else, the boys are both so beautiful and so is my wonderful wife, I am very lucky and happy in this area.

It's my 40th birthday next weekend and that has really got me thinking that I need to get my arse in gear and replace my job with my own business, I don't even need the millions at this stage. Finally (Sorry for being depressing), my dad has terminal cancer and about 2 months left on the clock. I'll spare you the details but I need to start allocating a portion of my (Very limited) spare time to helping mum care for him and after he's gone she will need to be supported financially.

As I said at the start, my career is going well but that's chewing up my time and energy and you know the rest if you've read MJ's books.

I think that's enough for now, I have been lurking for ages but decided to get real today, I'm hoping to share a lot more with you all in the future and am happy to help any of you in any way that I can.

Peace Matt.F
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Niptuck MD

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Aug 31, 2016
(Sorry for being depressing)

Rule # 1; dont apologize. we have all gone through shit and then some at some point. I do not believe anyone on this forum is of royalty for that matter. Sorry to hear about your pops. I lost mine when i was really young to leukemia as well he was only 46 (typical old school mentality not able to transition to this new school means of living these days;)

I can also relate to the mum portion becuase I take care of mine (proudly) and to that nothing but respect because we only have 1 mum and she is the bearer of life for us.

Do one thing at a time. Take it slow. Follow MJ's 67 steps to fastlane. Along the way you will adapt and grow and get better. Its never too late.

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