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Mar 26, 2020

First, I want to say thank you for this forum, and thank you for reading this. This place is a goldmine of people and experience, and I hope I will be able to add some of mine.

I'm writing after reading Fastlane, so here's a little about where I come from and what I do now.

My family consists of people who haven't gone very far in life. One is a drug and alcohol addict, another plays video games all day, and one can't hold a job. Unfortunately, at first I did the same. I glided through middle and high school, mostly playing video games for hours on end and masturbating.

I ended up not getting the higher education choice I wanted, and got into a subpar CS university. So I decided that I would change my life around this time, and work hard for a year. I did so, and ended up near top of my uni. Funnily enough, the people around me didn't treat me any differently, and would put me down just as much. My friends beat me down for being a little thin, awkward and antisocial.

So, during the summer, my mother confronted me and told me that I'm very good at the computer things, but I have no work experience and am pretty useless. She told me that she could find an internship during the summer for me doing IT work, but that otherwise I would go to work at McDonalds. That was probably the most embarrassing moment of my life. Both the fault of my environment, but first and foremost my fault: I thought that if I did good in school and got top grades, then I didn't need to push too hard, take it easy and go back to my old habits.

So I decided never to experience something like that again. I took the IT work internship and busted my a$$. I cut off my old friends who were doing the same things as my family. I cut down my family to minimal interaction, went back after summer to my second year of CS at Uni, and ended up top of my class this time. I went to the gym and lifted heavy things, that I thought I couldn't lift with my frail body. I made a cool-looking blog with my CS skills and wrote technical articles on it. And I took myself to start a business from scratch, so that I could aim for somewhere I genuinely wanted to be.

Something else changed, too: I started to help people whenever I could at school. While I was studying to become top of the class, I would help people one-on-one whenever I could. I found that by helping people, you "attract" good things given back to you in return. With a body that looked good for the first time in my life, and knowing I could rely on other people that I'd help at the drop of a hat, I found myself genuinely secure for the first time.

That's as far as my monologue goes. Today, I resell video game consoles on eBay, that I buy from leboncoin and fb marketplace. I make a small profit doing it: about 500-600€ a month, with 20 to 25 hours of work, while the rest were spent studying and working out. But the main problem with it is that it doens't scale very well, and with COVID I ended up with a lot of newfound time. By chance I found out about TMF, read it within a day, then ended up here.

I don't hope much for the future. But I will take action and a step each day.

If you've read all this way, thank you for your time. I hope I'll be here for a while.

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Jon L

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Aug 22, 2015
Bellevue, WA
welcome! You're exactly the kind of person we want around here - you saw an opportunity to do something, you did it, you saw the reward, and you're moving forward. That's inspiring.

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