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NOTABLE! My 600lb Life: Addiction, Enabling, More (RANT)

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MJ DeMarco, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. Mr.Brandtastic

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    Sep 27, 2017
    Parents' House
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    The sad part about this show is how bad the family members enabled them, you're absolutely right about that. Really the show that needs to be made is my 300 pound life, or my 250 pound life, or even my 200 pound life. Unfortunately with current obesity rates, they could do 20 shows a day and never come close to grasping the scope of the problem.

    The problem is the misunderstanding of the problem, the scope of the problem, and when to intervene. You need to teach people at an early age to take personal responsibility and healthy eating habits, the sooner the better. Often times the parents are fat and teach their kids unhealthy eating. Then they're shocked when their kid grows up very fat and unhealthy when they have nothing healthy to eat in the house and never exercise.

    I guarantee with almost all these 600 pound life people there were rarely if ever fruits, vegetables, and healthy alternatives growing up. But sure enough I bet there were cupboards full of chips, sugary cereals, fruit roll-ups, oreos, and all other assorted crap. They started their weight gain early. But at some point, you MUST take personal responsibility for yourself. Which of course, is never taught to them. They're taught it's always someone else's fault from sidewalking parents, such a tragedy.

    But also the intervention should be much earlier like I stated above, waiting until someone is 600 pounds to intervene is seriously like waiting until someone's cancer metastasizes in order to start treatment. It's lunacy. It's sad the state of irresponsibility and playing the victim that goes on here. Grow up. This show should really be renamed, "What happens when a culture loses all self-respect, disregards personal responsibility, blames everyone else, and people don't care about their self-image." I guess that wouldn't be as catchy though.

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