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Dec 13, 2016
South Africa

Upwork is one of the fastest ways to get your feet wet with online business. You probably won't get rich on Upwork (though it's not impossible), and that isn't the purpose of this guide. This multi-post guide is an Upwork Tutorial for those who:

  • Need to get moving on something...ANYTHING
  • Need a way to bootstrap cash...FOR FREE

It doesn't matter where you're from or what your situation is. If you have semi-stable internet and a computer to work from, then you can make money on Upwork at no cost to you but your time.

In the posts that follow I will share a series of Upwork Tutorials to get you started even if you don't know what the f*ck you're doing, and even if you don't have any skills or experience right now. This step-by-step guide will give you a clear path from $0 to your first $1,000 or more on Upwork.

If you follow my posts and do as I say, you will make money...

Possibly this week.

However, you should know that your success here requires a difficult mindset shift. You will have to change how you do things. Employees do NOT make good freelancers. So here are some things you should know right now:

  • You can take your 20 year work history and light it on fire
  • Tuck your college degrees away on some shelf
  • Tear that entitled victim attitude to shreds because...

Freelance clients don't give a shit about your education and experience unless it backs up your ability to get the job done. Also, nobody owes you anything. In the freelance world, you rise to your own level based on how much you help people, and on how clearly you demonstrate that you can help people.

Also... I'm developing a corresponding tutorial for my YouTube channel, and as such will be posting videos related to each post topic. You can watch them or not. You do not have to watch them to get the information because I will also post it in text here.

Consider this DAY ZERO.

Each day I will walk you through one piece of the Upwork puzzle. Step-by-step I will guide you to get approved on Upwork, get started, and make money. At the end of each post you will find a homework assignment.

Do the homework each day.

I would encourage you to share your progress and results either here, on my channel, or both since it will encourage engagement that will send traffic to the Fastlane Forum (each video links to the forum), and to my channel which is valuable for M.J. and for myself and also promotes future comprehensive tutorials such as this one, which is valuable for you.


There's only one way this thread won't become another action-faking, analysis paralysis knowledge feast for you. To make anything useful happen, you will have to take MASSIVE action and get started. You will have to stop telling yourself every silly excuse. Stop being afraid. Don't let phantoms of fantasy futures destroy your dreams.

Action is the only way.

So start today. Right now. Make a commitment. Commit to do this. Commit to act and to get started. You will start this today. You will take your first step now. And that first step is to determine WHY you are doing this. What do you want to come of this? To do that, your first homework is physically to answer all of the following questions:

  1. Why are you doing this?
  2. Describe your endgame in specific detail...
  3. How much money do you need to earn to make this worth it?
  4. Who are you failing if you give up or don't succeed?

It's important to know WHY you are doing this. You can't be vague about it. "I want to be a highly paid freelancer who creates value" is not a good response for your "why."

You are doing this because you need to pay bills or debt. Because you want to quit your shitty job. Because you need money for your ecommerce business. Because you want to travel and earn money from anywhere. Because you want to support your family. Because you want to earn full-time pay with part-time work from home.

You are trying to escape something (bad job, bad boss, debt, poverty, feeling like a loser). You desire some kind of change (travel, money, freedom, skills, to get started). You are selfish and you want things in life and THAT IS OKAY.

But you need to define those things. The things you want. The things you don't want. Because it is those things that will help remind you why you set off down this path in the first place, especially when there's nothing but miles and miles of bumpy road ahead.

That is your homework today.

Do the homework. Post your response. In the next post I will teach you how to give yourself the best possible chance to get approved on Upwork. As of 2019, getting approved on Upwork is probably the single biggest barrier to entry for new freelancers.

Lucky for you, you're not a freelancer. You're an entrepreneur, and you have me as your guide. So follow this Upwork Tutorial and commit to continue even when the long road makes you weary. If you do, you may discover the distance between sunrise and sunset isn't so far apart as it seems.

By the way...

This is the only mindset post.

Get your mind right now. In the days that follow, we've got work to do.
Thank you @Lex DeVille

I am completing Rob Percival's Complete Web development course.

Excited for the prospects applying the steps you describe on here - Learning a new skill set at 40 - YEAH!

Increasing my value

Hopefully Fastlane in next few years on top of this.

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New Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
May 13, 2019
Why are you doing this?
  • In May of 2020, I am quitting my current job. My effort since I discovered this forum has been directed towards building enough money to be able to support myself while I devote my energy full time to entrepreneurship. Whether it’s dropping my expensive girlfriend, not going out and blowing $60 bucks at bars on the weekends, and ensuring I have no freedom suckers (new car, newest phone, etc.).
  • I will need income to stretch my money further, so that I’m not right back where I started.
  • In order to stop thinking and start acting!
Describe your endgame in specific detail…
  • Get to a point where I earn enough money to supplement my current savings. Without any need to go do other work. I will more than likely quit doing freelancing when I have something worth devoting my whole attention to, i.e. my business is generating income.
How much money do you need to earn to make this worth it?
  • I need to earn enough money to cover rent in whatever city I land in ($750/month).
Who are you failing if you give up or don’t succeed?
  • I would be failing myself and the vision I have for myself. I am not going to spend the rest of my life making someone else rich.


Apr 21, 2018
Hello guys and gals, I've been trying to get on Upwork for a while now, and have been rejected five times.

The first two times, I did everything as outlined in the @Lex DeVille outline.

I was trying to get approved for "Facebook performance/direct response marketer" and "Conversion Copywriter for Digital Marketing Funnels."

I did the overview as close as I could to the template, filled out my job history, etc.

Then I found a few youtube videos where guys would get approved instantly by using mobile app developer and ios developer with nothing else but the title and two skills.

The trick didn't work for me though. :(

Then I found that Upwork releases their fastest-growing skills index here:

I figured that I should build my profile around #3 - Landing pages because I've built a few lead gen pages in the past on tools like Clickfunnles and Leadpages.

I researched the "niche" and found other marketers who are ranking for landing page design & funnels.

I tried to model the best performing freelancers (by billed hours and overall $ earned) and built my profile similarly to theirs, yet still got rejected.

I've already found a few jobs that could be a good fit for the skills I have:

*I've managed 18k euro monthly ad spend on Facebook (profitably), so I could apply for Facebook media buyer jobs and PPC jobs;

*I've written copy for Facebook ads, lead gen landing pages, phone call sales scripts, a few lead magnet PDFs, 5-day email sequences, and blog posts - so I'd like to apply for copywriting gigs (especially in the health market ((I have a B.A. in physical therapy);

*I've designed landing pages for 7 sales funnels on Clickfunnels and other landing page builders - so I could apply for landing page design jobs.

*I've also helped a few of my clients with market research and go-to-market strategy and funnel strategy - so I could apply for a marketing strategy VA jobs.

These are the 4 main categories of jobs I have experience in and would like to apply for. From my research, I've found that there are plenty of marketing jobs on the platform. The problem, though, is that first I need to get approved by Upwork.

So - could anyone more experienced with how Upwork works take a look at my profile and help me figure out how I could get approved?

Here's the link to my profile:

I researched that Upwork has "bring your own freelancer" program where clients can Invite freelancers who're not on their platform - these freelancers get approved instantly.

I'd even be willing to do a free project for the types of jobs listed above for someone to just invite me, so I could get approved.

I know why I'm doing this (I need to make at least $1000/monthly and I want to build up my skills before I launch a scalable business), and I'm confident that my skills are good enough to start.
Lex DeVille

Lex DeVille

Sweeping Shadows from Dreams
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
Jan 14, 2013
The Underground
A couple things that may affect your chances:

1. Title is too long and too broad.
2. Try targeting an industry in your title such as "Dental Landing Page Designer"
3. Adjust your rates to something lower in the $10 - $20 range.
4. Add description to your education to show what makes it relevant to your skill.
5. Get rid of all of those extra words like "Ubounce" and "Clickfunnels" in your title.

Those are the main things to play with. Beyond that I'd keep trying different skills. If you still don't get approved, then it may be time to check out People Per Hour or one of the other up and coming freelance platforms. I've listed more than 100 of them here.

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