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GOLD! Lex DeVille's: 15 Days to Freedom - Make Money Copywriting in 15 Days or Less


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Jun 11, 2019
Day 2 | Technique Lesson 1
Make Them STOP!

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Stop signs share an important message worth exploring. When we see a stop sign, we know what to do. We stop. But why? What specifically makes us stop?

Forget the fact that we've been trained for more than a century to stop at red, octagon-shaped signs. Instead, let's consider the deeper message. Let's think about what the word S.T.O.P. actually does.

The word STOP triggers something in our mind. That something is fear. On a deeper level, it's our survival instinct. STOP taps into our desire to live. If we blow through a STOP sign then we're at much greater risk of death by car accident, and that's something we want to avoid.

STOP also triggers very powerful emotions. When we see a stop sign, we instantly process the following:

If I don't stop it could get my whole family killed.

If I don't stop I could be responsible for the death of someone else.

If I don't stop I could wreck my car, and lose (insert any number of things here).

Now let's look at how this message applies to copywriting, and how we can use it. STOP is a short, 4 letter Headline in all CAPITAL LETTERS, almost always printed in bold. It taps into our basic desire to live, and the emotions surrounding the negative impact of our actions if we ignore it, and it almost always gets our attention.

STOP signs exist for 1 reason - to make us STOP!
When we stop we can think. When we think we can observe. When we observe, we take in more info that helps us decide if it's safe to proceed, and this is exactly what your headline must accomplish!

The first goal of your headline is to make them STOP!

If a prospect doesn't stop, they won't think, and they won't proceed through your text. That means they won't buy anything either. So the first technique of copy that sells is a headline that makes them STOP!

How do I make them stop?

This is where desire & emotion come into play. Now, some books will tell you that you have to tap into desire, and others say you only need emotion. Both can work alone, but they work way better together.

But before they can work at all, you have to tap into the right desire & emotion.
To do that you MUST change your perspective. You have to think in terms of them, not you. By shifting your perspective you can ask questions that gain clarity about what your prospects really want, instead of assuming you know what they want.

Let's look at how two popular books accomplish this.

"The Automatic Millionaire"
& "The Millionaire Fastlane"

Two very different books that are both top-sellers. One sells the idea of saving coffee change, while the other sells the idea of starting a business. So, why don't either of these books mention anything about saving money, or starting businesses in their headline?

Because the reader doesn't desire those things, and doesn't connect emotionally either!

Instead they had to get inside their reader's mind and ask the right questions.

Who am I? (Target Market)
Young, 18 to 30 year olds, primarily male.

What do I want? (Desire)
Fast money, fast cars, to not have to work for money or riches. Freedom from jobs.

Why do I want it? (Emotion)
Money, & super cars will make me powerful & seductive.

What if TMF used this headline instead:

Get Rich by Starting a Business and Failing a Lot.

Would you have stopped? Would you have opened the book? Would you have read the first line? Would you have still dedicated your entire life to making this shit work no matter what? Would you even be here right now?!

Probably not, because the headline doesn't speak to you personally. It doesn't tap into your desires or emotions. It doesn't give you a reason to care.

A lot of psychology goes into your headline, but you don't have to spend 10 years learning about it to be effective. All you have to do is ask questions from the prospect's perspective and figure out what they really want. Then find a way to write it in your headline.

Now that you know that your headline's ultimate goal is to make them STOP by tapping into desire & emotion, let's check out some ways you can enhance your headlines.

If it's 3 words or less, use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

2. If it's more than 3 words, Only Capitalize the First Letter of Each Word, Following Basic Grammar Rules.
----- "Big Johnson's Beer & Liquor if We Don't Have It, We'll Get It!"

3. If you can tap into desire / emotion & be creative, then your headline will have more power.
----- "Unleashing the SUPER Ideavirus - Ideas that Spread, Win"

4. Length is based on the headline's goal. If you need it processed fast, then use less words.
----- "How to Win Friends & Influence People"

5. Get rid of extra words. Every word must have a purpose.
----- "Here's How You Can Switch Gears, Downshift, & Drive Into the Millionaire Fastlane.
vs. "The Millionaire Fastlane" - Way less words. Way more impact.

If you can add subtle influence to your headline, such as a CTA, you'll add power.
----- "NOW! Get a FREE Animal Tail Butt Plug with Every Vibrating Prostate Massager!"

(Now, that's a deal you can't pass up!)

You don't have to be a copywriter to get good at writing headlines. All you need is practice. Take your time, and give every product, website, or cover letter serious thought. It may take you 2 hours to come up with something, but when you get it right it works pretty much every time.

Remember, Your #1 Goal is to MAKE THEM STOP!

Day 2 Challenge

1. Help someone. Do it without asking for anything in return. Just like yesterday.

2. Come up with 5 to 10 products / services / or something else you want to sell. Give serious consideration to the questions above. Figure out the customer's deepest desire. Figure out the emotions they want to experience. Then write 5 to 10 headlines utilizing what you've learned, that MAKE THEM STOP!

If you're feeling brave you can post your headlines in this thread for others to critique. But no pressure.


Now that you know the first & most
important element of all copy
you can move on to Day
3 -
Influence Lesson

Hello @Lex DeVille

Here's my attempt at answering the post above.

Come up with 5 to 10 products / services / or something else you want to sell.
  • Migration. Headline - Legit Relocation
  • Weight Loss. Headline - I Achieved The Weight Of My Dreams
  • Raising Kids. Headline - Despite The Daily Challenges, You Can.
  • Finding Purpose. Headline - Took So Long But I Found Me.
  • Digital Marketing. Headline - Step by Step To Being A Pro.
  • Forex Trading. Headline - Lose Money No More, This Strategy Works.

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Sep 26, 2017
Hey @Lex DeVille ,

Thanks for the thread! Great stuff. Here is my attempt at Day 2's Challenge (Harder than you first think!)

  1. Market place to sell illustrations -Beautiful Illustrations For Any Project, Without Hassle and High Prices.
  2. Real estate sign advertising space - Reach Renters and Homebuyers, Right Where They Are Looking.
  3. carpet cleaning online bookings- Your Carpets Like New, With The Click Of A Button.
  4. stain free suncream with mosquito repellent - Protection From Sun, Stings And Stains - IN A SINGLE BOTTLE!
  5. instagram content creation for food vendors/restaurants - Stunning Food Photography - Get the Social Feed You’ve Dreamed Of.
  6. Wonky vegetable website delivery - Wonky and Organic Vegetables delivered. Good for you, Good for the earth.
  7. Donuts on demand - Warm and Fresh Donuts Delivered, Whenever, Wherever.

Welcome the feedback from other members too :)

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