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Lex DeVille

Sweeping Shadows From Dreams
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Speedway Pass
Jan 14, 2013
The Underground
Homework 14:

1 - No headline, no subtitle, Headline in the bottom, Headline written diagonally through the body copy, subtitle first, write the headline in the shape of a circle, write the first paragraph (or all of them) in the shape of a circle, square, or a triangle, left justify - centre - right justify the body copy, shift from one column to two or more in the middle of the letter

2 -

and Porn. Two
completely different
concepts that just flowed
into my brain. My job and life
purpose is to sit
value to you.
This Lex guy
just put together a 14
day course that I got more
out of than courses I’ve
paid 5-figures for and handwriting Gary Halbert letters. Old-Spice commercials were awesome.

Verbs are more powerful than adjectives.

5 - Just re-wrote someone's rental ad on Kijiji for them.

Now You Can Live Downtown

And Make Your Friends Jealous!

Do you live far away from Downtown?

Would you rather live closer?

Would you rather live within walking distance of Rogers Place?

If so, this could be the most important ad you read on here.

Picture this: It’s Friday night, 11:30PM. You just finished working another grueling shift at the Rogers Place popcorn stand. You just spent five hours putting up with customer after customer, whining and complaining about the overcooked burgers and the under-toasted nachos. Heck, one kid even complained his large pop didn’t have enough bubbles in it.

All you want to do now is come home and crash on your couch. To crack open a cold Budweiser, turn on the latest episode of Game of Thrones, and pass out while watching Jon Snow battle a White-Walker.

There’s a problem though:

You’re over an hour away from home. And, you don’t have a car (or even a license for that matter).

The buses have stopped running, and the trains don’t go past your home. Also, much to your chagrin, all the taxis and Ubers are taken.

What are you going to do?

If only you lived closer to Rogers Place.

Suddenly, someone taps you on your shoulder. It’s your coworker (and friend), the guy you just spent the last five hours with, deep in the trenches of that greasy Rogers Place popcorn stand.

He asks if you want to crash on his couch, crush a couple of beers, and watch Game of Thrones.

It’s as if he read your mind.

And the best part? His place is only five blocks away!

You crack your first smile of the night. You swear you can almost see clouds parting and hear angels singing.

You stroll along with him to his place, McKay Manor.

The first thing you notice is how bright and welcoming the entrance is, even at midnight. Brand-new stone lines the doorway, and fresh landscaping surrounds the building.

You walk in, greeted by a freshly-cut flowery aroma. Much better than the stale attic-air that lines the halls of your current place.

You get to your friend’s unit. The first thing you notice is the freshly painted walls and the brand-new flooring. You ask if he just renovated the place.

He responds, “Yeah, my landlord just renovated it for me.”

You walk in. The air is crisp and fragrant. You comment on how clean it smells, even inside the unit. Your friend says that because the unit is smoke-free and pet-free, he doesn’t have to worry about his pet allergies or breathing in toxins left over from others who used to live there.

Conveniently seated in the far corner of the living room is a large, welcoming fireplace, perfect for those -40 nights Edmonton tends to see in the winter months. There’s even a sizable mantle right on top of the fireplace, large enough to fit a curved, 75” plasma TV.

Impressive. Your 50” flat screen back home takes up almost half your living room.

He asks if you want a tour of the place. You say “sure.”

First, he takes you to his master bedroom. It’s so large that he’s able to comfortably fit his black king-sized bed frame and his two white-coloured Structube night stands. Back home, your kiddie-style twin-sized bed frame takes up almost your entire bedroom.

Next, he shows you his walk-through closet. He says it’s perfect for those days he accidently sleeps in and needs to run in and out of his closet so that he can get to work on time. It’s even saved him from missing his bus a couple of times.

Next, it’s on to the laundry room.

Laundry room?

Yes. His unit has its own laundry room, complete with a stacked front-opening washer and dryer.

Imagine doing your own laundry right in the comfort of your own unit.

Imagine not having to deal with those large, industrial coin-operated laundry machines found in the damp, dark basements of most apartment buildings.

Imagine not having to worry about whether or not a machine will be available for you when you want to run a wash.

Imagine not having to worry about having your clothes stolen.

Your friend doesn’t have to. Not only does he do his laundry right in the comfort of his own home, his laundry room is so large that he’s also storing stuff in there! That’s right, he’s storing two sets of winter tires and an old dresser right inside his laundry room.

Next, he shows you his balcony. It’s so large it can fit 10 people and a BBQ! You feel a slight tinge of jealousy. You can hardly fit a lawn chair on yours.

Lastly, on to the parkade.

After a brief elevator ride, you step into the brightly-lit parking area. The first thing you notice is how warm it feels. Imagine pulling into a cozy and warm parkade at the end of a long day, especially during those cold, chilly Edmonton winters.

Something suddenly catches the corner of your eye. You glance over to the far corner of the parkade and take a closer look. You see curtains and nozzles. You think, “Weird, what are those for?” Then, it hits you:

It’s A Carwash!

Yes, imagine being able to wash your car right in the comfort of your building’s parkade.

Your friend doesn't have to. He does it every day if he wants to.

Jealous yet?

Here’s the good news:

This place is available for rent, right now!

Here’s the catch though: You need to act as soon as possible.

[Just to let you know, as I’ve been typing this, I received several calls and emails asking about the availability of this unit. I’m only posting this ad here on Kijiji because I made a promise to a friend. I’m going to be taking it down here right away though, so if you’re interested, send me a message NOW.]

If you send me a message and say that you’re interested, not only will I give you access to two heated underground parking stalls, I’ll give you access to the carwash as well!

If you’re interested in living downtown, if you’re interested in having access to not one, but TWO heated underground parking stalls, if you’re interested in living 5 blocks away from Rogers Place, please send me a message, NOW.

Talk soon!


PS: If you message me by the end of the day today, I will pay your heating and water bill for you for the duration of your tenancy. Imagine taking an hour-long hot shower with no consequences!

lol! I was on mobile and read only the center part that formed a picture. Wanted to find out what it was. First you made me blush, then you cracked me up! Thanks, I needed that.

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New Contributor
Dec 29, 2016
Day 2 Challange

-Product: spoon (Weighs what’s in it)
- Target market: Health concious people, bodybuilders, athletes, people who count calories.
- What do they want?: Less time spent on food prep, easier food prep.
- Why do they want it?: Comfort and less time spent doing something potentially boring.

No Time for Food Prep? This HELPS!

Thoughts: I thought about writing ”Get This!” since it’s a CTA but ”This HELPS!” felt better.

- Product: Health supplement
- Target market: Tired people
- What do they want?: Energy
- Why do they want it?: They got things to do, it’s harder if your tired.

Tired? Revitalize Mind & Body with [supplement]

Thoughts: I exchanged ”Exhausted” with ”Tired” since it might affect a larger scope of people. Tired people are not necessarily exhausted but exhausted people are tired.

- Product: Cheap Water weights
- Target market: People who can’t afford gym costs.
- What do they want?: A way to train that isn’t expensive
- Why do they want it?: To save money

Get BIG Without the Costs!

- Product: Food price comparison app
- Target market: People who has got it tough financially
- What do they want?: Cheapest food they can find
- Why do they want it?: To save money

Affordable Food? We’ll Help You Find It!

- Product: Hair cutting product that gives the same result every time
- Target market: Males with short hair
- What do they want?: Shorter hair without the cost (I’m noticing a pattern here xD) and sometimes unpredictable result of a barber.
- Why do they want it?: To never again be unhappy with their haircut and to save money

Barbers are Expensive. Use This Instead!

- Product: Chopping board barrier
- Target market: People who cook
- What do they want?: For food to not fall on the floor
- Why do they want it?: Alleviate an annoyance

Vegetables Falling off the Chopping Board? Not With This It Won’t!

- Product: Vegetable washer
- Target market: Health concious people who eat vegetables
- What do they want?: Less pesticides
- Why do they want it?: Pesticides are unhealthy

PESKY PESTICIDES! Make Your Veggies Healthier NOW & Get a [bonus deal]
[timer countdown]

- Product: Meat drying machine thingy
- Target market: People who want a crust on their steak
- What do they want?: A crust
- Why do they want it?: It’s delicious

NOW! Make Every Steak a Crusty Steak 20% OFF

- Product: Automatic paper roll changer
- Target market: Everyone with a toilet
- What do they want?: Not to get angry at their kids for not changing the toilet paper and comfort
- Why do they want it?: Getting angry isn’t fun and comfort is comfortable

Kids Not Swapping the Toilet Paper? BUY TODAY and You’ll Never Swear at Them Again!

- Product: Cat house
- Target market: Cat owners
- What do they want?: To make their pets happy and entertained
- Why do they want it?: It’s nurturing side of humans I guess

Cats Come & Go. Here’s a Way to Make Them Stay

I'm tired now, haha. Off to dance practice and food.


New Contributor
Dec 29, 2016
Day 3 Challange

Product: Male Hair product.
Target: Young Males


Desire: Social Status
Emotion: Feeling good from social status(?)

Service: Massage clinic
Target: Mostly women I guess

We Care About You

Desire: Being taken care of
Emoition: Relaxation, Safety, Pleasure

Product: Book

Book Title
What They Won’t Tell You About Loising Weight

Desire: Finding an easy way out of their suffering
Emoition: Relief from pain from low confidence and low self-esteem

Service: Site that books dates and activities for couples in their local vicinity
Target: Men in unhappy relationships

Women Want to be Courted. We’ll Get You Two Lovin’ in No Time!

We Give Couples All the Romance Without the Effort

Desire: Sex, love
Emoition: Helplessness, desperation


New Contributor
Dec 29, 2016
Day 3 part 2

Appearances says a lot about a person. You know this, we know this.
Think about it. What is the first thing you see? Their appearance!
Stylish people have it easier all around. They make more money, they are more popular and they have a certain aura around them. Have you felt it?
Want to join the crew? We’ll help!

Become stylish now with this Exclusive Time-Limited Deal
Buy 3 Pay for 2!
Receive an extra hairstyle E-book

Just imagine it. You have nothing to lose! Take the step and become Stylish now.
Join us!

Click here.

This was difficult and I'm not happy with it but it's better than nothing. When I'm reading it doesn't feel very genuine.
Anyways thanks for the posts Lex I feel like I'm learning a lot!
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Half Man ; Half Goat
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Feb 16, 2019
Flanders | Belgium
Day 4
Help a person solving a problem
I went on r/helpme. Saw a post from a guy who was very mental. He felt lonely, sad and didn't see a way to enhance his life. So I recommended he should start reading books such as The Millionaire Fastlane and Models (by Mark Manson) to get started. I also recommended him Nofap. Though he has not responded yet. So, in my own opinion, I failed this challenge for today.

5 Headlines That Make Them STOP

Decorative Pillows

Men and Women Between the age of 20-60

Desire (What do I want?):
Good looking, comfortable and appealing pillows to decorate my couch with.

Emotion (Why do I want it?):
I want to feel cozy. To feel at home. To feel comfortable.
I want other people to recognize my house looks good.

"Comfy And Cozy: Pillows Designed For Your Home!"

Porn Addiction Recovery Program

Men (mostly) and Women trying to beat their porn addiction

Desire (What do I want?):
To end my time wasting habits. To focus more on life itself. To change my current situation.

Emotion (Why do I want it?):
I want to be happy. To live a successful and enjoyable life.

"Annihilate Porn and Start Living Life To The Fullest TODAY."

A news site

Men and Women between the age of 16-80

Desire (What do I want?):
To know what's going on in the world. To be able to have something to talk about.
To gossip. To have something interesting to read during my daily activities.

Emotion (Why do I want it?):
Not to feel bored. To feel a certain sense of security that I know what's going on.
To be interesting during conversations

"Hot Topics From Around The Globe INSTANTLY At Your Fingertips"

A website for (local) product vendors, such as bakers, carpenters,..

Entrepreneurs, Shop Owners (Mostly Men and Women between the age 20 and 60)

Desire (What do I want?):
To have more customers. To boost sales.

Emotion (Why do I want it?):
So that I can have a bigger income and afford more stuff. To feel wealthy, powerful and in a comfortable financial position.

"Websites That Explode Sales: Simple And Your Store Becomes Twice As Profitable"

Journal (Personal)

Teenagers between the age of 12 and 18 that want to
write down their experiences

Desire (What do I want?):
A cool book where I can write down my secrets without having to worry about someone reading them.

Emotion (Why do I want it?):
To feel relieved. To Write About My Feelings. To feel comfortable knowing that no one else can read it.

"Unleash Your Emotions. Write In Full Privacy."

Wrote the 10 sentences using influential words.

Do an action you've been putting off and do it.
This one hit big-time. Thanks to your golden advice, Lex. The obvious realization hit me that:
Action Taking = Interaction With Your World + Feedback = Updating Your Reality

Simple example, you want to get good at shooting birds? Do whatever it takes and start shooting bids.
In entrepreneurship, shooting birds is actually talking to people and interacting with them. Finding
out how you can help them and solve their problems. As solving people's problems (and eventually getting paid for it) is literally the core of entrepreneurship. So the ultimate thing to do is just go
interact massively.

I know this sounds obvious to a lot of people, but there's always a big difference between reading
something, nodding yes, saying you understand it and truly internalizing it. Having the ability
to reproduce it out of the back of your mind.

This suddenly eradicated my fear of interacting and applying for gigs I am not even or barely
qualified for. It doesn't matter if the client rejects me or not. Because I know that thanks to
the simple and perhaps painful interaction, I can come with something better to the next application.

Long story short: I'm not yet approved on Upwork. But I applied for multiple Copywriting (and even one software programming) gigs. Which I avoided doing for a long time.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have no time to reread and correct this post as I have application samples to write.


Half Man ; Half Goat
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Feb 16, 2019
Flanders | Belgium
Day 5:
1. Solve a problem for someone without asking anything in return
Changed the layout for the software of a friend of mine. He is very bad at making things look neat
and appealing so I did it for him (for free).

2. Write 5 headlines that make them STOP
"LOVE YOUR DOG" (Dog food)
"Smartphones With Super Batteries: Connect And Experience Like Never Before No Matter Where You Are" (Smartphones)
"These Hips Don't Lie. Purses That Are A Perfect Match For You!" (Purses)
"Fancy Wine That For Once Doesn't Cost You A New Credit Card" (Wine)
"Gotta Prank Them All: Fake Beards That Look Legit" (Fake beards for fun)

3. Write 5 influential sentences using the lessons from day 3
"Order 2 Before Saturday And Get A Free Dog Toy!"
"If you give it some thought, you'll soon understand that the possibilities are endless."
"Stop Wasting YOUR Time NOW."
"Interested? Call Us Before The End Of This Week."
"There's something you are not seeing here. Not Yet."

4. Take 1 action you are most afraid of or have been putting off doing
I want to create a site with funny bullshit fake news articles. First I needed to write some
articles to put on the site. I had been avoiding doing that for some reason. So I wrote one.

5. Type a page of copy selling a real product, using a good headline, sub-headlines, & the technique
(dog food)


Do you love your dog?
Do you want to show that affection?

Imagine this. You come home on a cloudy day. You're tired. But there's your favorite four-legged creature
waggling his tail, super happy to see you. The warm feeling puts a broad smile on your face.

Of course, you want to show gratitude and affection in return.

For your dog, we provide the best and highest quality of food. So that each time you come home from a
bad day, your favorite four-legged friend will be there to cheer you up.

Do not hesitate! Order two of our food products before Wednesday and get an extra dog toy FOR FREE!


Half Man ; Half Goat
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Feb 16, 2019
Flanders | Belgium
Day 6
1. Help someone in some way without asking anything in return
A friend of mine wanted to start reading books and knew I read a lot. So I gave him some advice and recommendations on books that were going to be very helpful for him.

2. Choose a product and write a sales letter for it. Before you start, prepare a specific outcome for your letter.

I'm selling vodka.
The end result is to have people convinced that this is vodka that will spice up their weekend nights. I will take a 'macho' approach as friend groups drinking that go out drinking usually do that sort of stuff. I want to have them order by the end of the week.


We deliver you world class vodka. Because strong hangovers require stronger justifications.

Is Friday night your favorite? Or is it Saturday?
Why not both?

As you know, there's a time and place for everything. But when that time comes, we all ask ourselves one question:
What will we drink?

Throw the tequila out of the window. Flush your tasteless scotch down the toilet. It's time for something new.

You and your friends will have the best nights of your life.
Although you might not remember most of it, you will most certainly remember the taste of vodka, world-class Vodka.

Special Offer!
[Order before Friday and have your vodka delivered in premium bottles.]

6. Take some action that you've been too scared to take.
First of all, I applied for a freelance gig that had a very strict deadline (tomorrow) and I had to learn
to use SEO for it. Second. I approached a group of girls and started talking to them.
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Half Man ; Half Goat
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Feb 16, 2019
Flanders | Belgium
Day 7
Help someone in some way without asking anything in return
- I tried a technique on a guy's vlog, it's actually not that good in my opinion. So I gave him
feedback on it.
- I put a random dollar bill in a book in the library. With a note saying "Hope this
makes your day a little bit better :)"

Choose a product and write a sales letter for it. Before you start, prepare a
a specific outcome for your letter.

Cards For Magic Tricks

I want people to buy the cards within moments from finishing reading.
They have to be convinced that these cards are of top quality and the
best they can get. I want them to get excited to do card tricks.

Sales letter:
"Become A Card Magician With Ease"
Cards That Lift Your Magick Tricks Next Level

Put your audience in a state of amazement with flair
as your cards swirl through the air.

Traditional cards can be so annoying. If they stick together and they're often filthy.
They're anything but a fit for a real card magician.
Needless to say, they don't look magical at all!

No more clunky card movements and ugly card backs.
Our special card packs are specifically designed for your magic tricks.

It's time to decide.
It's time to step up your game.
Your amateur days are over.

[Order now and get an additional card pack for free!]

Take some action you've been too scared to take
Although for some reason I've always found it cringy.. I started a vlog.
It's a good place to enhance my writing skills.

I wanted to try to get my Upwork profile approved. But I decided to wait, as I've already tried to apply 4 times over the past week.

Progress: I found a lot of more copywriting resources to learn from. Oh boy, do I have a lot to learn.
It's actually a bit relieving as I now know which direction to go whilst trying to hit for gigs.


Half Man ; Half Goat
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Feb 16, 2019
Flanders | Belgium
Day 8
Help someone without asking anything in return.
- Gave small feedback on some people's games.
- Also helped a guy who wanted some feedback on youtube. He made a post for it on Reddit.
He said that he loved making people laugh and for them to enjoy themselves. He really wanted to improve big time. Needless to say, this touched my heart.
I watched his video and, although highly flawed, I was seriously convinced that this guy had huge potential.
So I gave him ELABORATE feedback and told him he can contact me whenever he wants.

He was immensely grateful for this. I absolutely love this guy's enthusiasm!

Take some action you've been too scared to take.
I published my blog to everyone I knew. And to my surprise, it was received VERY WELL.
The World of Kenzonius

3. Write 5 Creative Headlines

1. Toy Helicopter
"Children Invade! Toy Helicopters To Roam The Skies!"

2. Driveway Cleaning
"People who hire us every day, keep that driveway filth away!"

3. Dating App
"Your Romantic Partner Is But A Few Button Pushes Away. And No, He Or She Is Not A ROBOT!"

4. Spanish Course:
"Become Columbus Himself! Become Fluent At Spanish With Ease"

5. Dance Classes
"Move & Groove, Learn Sexy Dance Skills That Impress"

Write a website "About Us" page using everything you've learned to this point, and
make sure you do it in a logical order.


The Spanish Recruits

We teach Spanish to people from all over the globe.
Both starters and experts can learn from us!

Many people want to visit South America or, of course, Spain. However, if you think about,
this can be a very scary endeavor when your Spanish knowledge is as large as that of the average fire ant.

Not knowing how to even order a coffee, or how to interpret navigational instructions,
you will have trouble on your adventures.

This is where the Spanish Recruits come in. After only a few weeks of training,
we'll have you ready to go out and explore all the 'must see' Spanish cities.

Over the past years, we've helped thousands of people on their practical use of Spanish.
Here are some pictures from our students on their adventures!
[Pictures of people on vacation, smiling and having a blast]

Here are some of our teachers!
These people all believe that life is too short to delay travel plans,
and would gladly help you out with that.
[Pictures of handsome people smiling and looking good]

Apply for one of our FREE try-out courses now!
[Link with a detailed description on how to apply for a course]
@Lex DeVille, I still use your basic STOP questions (Target, Desire, Emotion) as it gives you a very good overview to look back to. A small adjustment I made to it:
I changed: Desire (What do I want?) to Desire (What do I want? And what do I want in comparison to similar products?)
It's just a simple reminder that you have to stand out from your competition.

Anyways- this course is really starting to have its effects. Writing the blog, helping people. It really feels amazing. My days doing this really felt an incredible amount more significant. And I haven't even been able to hit any gigs yet.
Oh boy, the dirty high I'll feel when I land my first client!


Half Man ; Half Goat
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Feb 16, 2019
Flanders | Belgium

Help someone without asking anything in return.
Helped a person with family problems on Reddit.

Write 5 creative headlines that MAKE THEM STOP.

"Your hands will be busy during the movie."

Cool Tennis Rackets
"Be The Master On The Field and Perfectionize Your Game"

Armband Accessories
"Express Yourself And Create Your Own Style With The Mere Push Of A Button"

Hamburgers At Home Delivery
"Warm & Juicy Meat, At Your Door In A Hearbeat"

Music Streaming Service
"The Music You Want, Wherever You Want, Whenever You Want. Rediculously Cheap."

Write 3 paragraphs of copy utilizing some of the tools from today's lesson.

Music Instrument Store

Do you like playing music?
Do you have absolutely no idea which instrument you should begin with?
Do you just want a new instrument?

Here at MusicInstrumentStore we deliver you the best, highest quality instruments with a smile.
Not only that, we will gladly take some of our time to help you out finding the instrument
that's the perfect fit for you.

Our store is run by multiple music professionals who have been teaching music to people
all around the globe. Convinced that their advice might be helpful?
That's not the best part. The advice is completely FREE!

We also have a special promotion running until Friday.
So come check us out at [insert adress].

Take some action you've been avoiding.
I went out last night in the streets of Montevideo and thus wrote this text whilst having a hangover.
Usually, I cannot get anything done when I have a hangover. So today felt like quite the waste (in perspective to reaching towards my goals).
But I FORCED myself to, at least, do this homework.

Lesson learned. I love drinking and going out. But there'll be plenty of time for that when I get a decent income and have achieved my goals.
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Half Man ; Half Goat
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Feb 16, 2019
Flanders | Belgium
Day 10
Help someone in some way. Solve a problem for them. Ask nothing in return.
Gave a guy feedback on his work.

Take action on something you've been procrastinating on, or putting off.

I started building a website I wanted to make, and also purchased a domain.
This makes my expenses grow even more => I need to earn money fast

Write 5 headlines that are very specific - targeted toward a niche audience.

1. Tattoos for bikers
"Your own brand of strength. Tattoos that command respect."

2. Trading/Game Cards
"Explore a vast, new world. Build your deck, outsmart friend and foe alike in intense card battles."

3. Super Hero Movie
"Your mind WILL be blown. Watch how MegaCoolMan fights his greatest opponent yet!"

4. Heating Poles For Winter Market Stands
"Your place is warm, that of your competition is not. Boost your sales TODAY!"

5. Bar Management Software
"Be THE bar in town. A smooth working environment = A happy customer."

Write a short 2 to 3 paragraph, persuasive product description (not a sales letter).
I don't know if you meant 2-3 lines or 2-3 paragraphs. So here are both.

While your competition feels cold, they're about to get even colder. Custowarmer poles are the perfect additions to your bar or market stand to keep your customers warm and happy. They are also very efficient to use! Within 5 minutes they are installed and ready to go!

The heating poles of Custowarm are designed to keep your customers warm and happy while they enjoy your product or service.

While your competition feels cold, they are about to get even colder once their customer realise you have that much more to offer. Why? They never have to freeze again. And nobody likes being cold.

Additionally, the Custowarmer poles are easy to use and do not require an expert to be set up. They are simple and efficient. Once they are delivered, you simply plug in the power and you are good to go!


Half Man ; Half Goat
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Feb 16, 2019
Flanders | Belgium
Day 11
Write a 2 to 3 paragraph short story about a product that explains how it came into existence. How was it born from a need. How did it manifest from a problem.

I was done eating terrible pizza. Visiting every restaurant in the city, I was starting to become desperate.
They were all the same. The cheese is always barely molten and the tomatoes are tasteless.
One bite into that rock-hard crust and your teeth almost break off. Then there was this smell.
How can a pizza ever be good if it doesn't have the delightful scent of mixed herbs, cheese, and juicy meat?

That's where I decided there was a problem. I built my very own stone oven for pizza and started experimenting.
Long days and long nights passed. I kept rolling new dough, it had to be the perfect combination
of pleasant softness and the satisfaction of a good, crunchy bite. Then I visited hundreds of different
suppliers. Looking for the ones to deliver the highest quality of ingredients.

After that, it was all about mixing. Layers of cheese, perfectly molten on top of the dough,
combined with it the most elegant, spicy salami slices. To finish it off, a slight addition
of the finest herbs to add a scent of freshness. Thus, after months of hard work,
my masterpiece was complete.

Do you want to try one of my pizzas? Well, you can.
Some friends of mine opened a pizza restaurant at Pizza Avenue 22, PizzaVille.
Come pay us a visit.
We'll make sure the oven is already heated when you get here. :)

Write 3 mind blowing headlinesthat would make someone want to read your story.
"How I doubled my productivity by simply changing breakfast."
"The story of a man, a fork, and 2 million dollars."
"There is a way to get rich, but I learned it the hard way."

Help someone and ask nothing in return.
- I gave 3 people advice on Reddit.
- I held a door open for a woman.
- I helped an old lady open a fridge door in a supermarket.
- When I was on customer support of Hostgator to verify myself to get
access to my domain. The girl on the other side of the phone helped
me for like 15 minutes. At the end of the call, I said she was a lovely person
and that I hope she had a wonderful day. She laughed.

Gosh, that felt good.

Take one action you've been putting off. Seriously, just do that shit now!!!
I wrote another blog post. (I have not uploaded it yet though)
I bought Fastlane INSIDERS. (Instantly got that value back, lol)
I spent an hour purely focusing and meditating on my vision and life metaphor.
(whilst bathing in the sun ;) ). I usually tend to spend only mere minutes on it.
While in fact, it's a very important thing.


Half Man ; Half Goat
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Feb 16, 2019
Flanders | Belgium
Day 12
First off, I posted this a day later because I got really angry and salty yesterday. I had been waiting for a week to get a domain specific email. Went through loads of customer service. Only to then have problems with Upwork. The verification emails from Upwork simply would not arrive on the email address. Any other email from anyone or any other site would. I checked spam etc. Nothing worked.
So I almost threw my computer through the window out of sheer frustration. More about how this story ends at the end of this post ;)

Write 5 headlines that target both pain & pleasure.
Had a bit of difficulty with this but- oh well...

1. Beef Delivery
"Long tedious hours of cooking every week, easily replaced by juicy, savory beef."
Pain = I have to f*cking cook.
Pleasure = Juicy, savory beef

2. Eyeliner
"Banish those reasons to doubt yourself. Become irresistible."
Pain = I feel ugly and insecure
Pleasure = No one can resist me

3. Sandals
"Your Feet Will Be Cooled And The Cobblestone Will Be Fooled"
Pain = Your feet on stone, or sweating
Pleasure = Cooled and not on stone

4. Hand Soap
"Remove That Roughness From Your hands. They Will Have Never Smelled This Good."
Pain = Rough hands
Pleasure = My hands smell good

5. Online News Paper
"Never Miss Out Again! The Most Exciting And Hottest Topics Available Right Now!"
Pain = Missing out
Pleasure = Exciting, hot topics

Write 2 paragraphs of copy that utilize storytelling & metaphors to speak to both audiences
(pain & pleasure).

When I was a young man, I used to spend all my time behind a computer.
I browsed the internet aimlessly and sought for the tiniest bit of distraction,
every day was boring and I dreaded each moment. Then I realized something had to change.

Thus, I took my computer and my wooden baseball bat outside and starting smashing
that piece of junk until I had to catch my breath. Afterward, I started
engaging in real-life activities, and now I am happier than ever.
Fortunately for you, my coaching methods do not require for you to smash your computer.
They will, however, achieve the same results of happiness I've felt ever since that day.

Do something for someone without asking anything in return.
- In my newest blog post, I gave some life wisdom and did a shoutout to everyone reading it
to start helping people.
- I also shared a lot of beer with my mates.
(Of course, the beautiful result is that they share theirs.)

Take action toward something that gives you pleasure, or away from something painful. Make sure it moves you toward your goals.
So, the Upwork thing, I looked for everything. But it would not work.
(I knew how to make my profile because of Lex's other course. I wanted everything to be perfect because I was desperate to get approved.)

So, today, I signed in with another email (hotmail) account.
You have to realize, I had been paying money for my domain and been struggling through the entire process for more than a week now. So it was hard to give up and just use a normal email, as I had mentally invested so much time and effort into it.
But I was done. I was f*cking done.

BUT this happened just now...
I registered as a person specialized in accountancy and informatics (which I used to study, so I do have knowledge on the subject).


Lex you magnificent BASTARD.

Ok, ok. I should not get too excited. This is only the beginning. But I've been trying for weeks to get
approved on that f*cking platform. This feels incredibly satisfying.

It's also kind of stupid because I've wasted so much time. Then again, I'm just glad I got approved. Now I can move on and start hitting some of those fresh gigs!

Peace, hope y'all have an amazing day!
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Half Man ; Half Goat
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Feb 16, 2019
Flanders | Belgium
Day 13

Setup A LinkedIn profile.
I already have one.

Write Down 5 negative things you frequently say about yourself.
This one really helped. Once you write it down for your mind to read, and then actually put some thought into it, You start realizing it's actually just a big pile of bullshit.

Help someone without asking anything in return.
I let someone borrow my copy of The Millionaire Fastlane .

Watch and analyze 2 or 3 television commercials.
1. Lay's tv commercial

The store environment was kind of lame. The shelves were too filled and too artificial.
It did not feel like a relatable situation and it felt too much like a commercial like they were actually trying to sell you something.

There Then again it made sense. It wasn't bad.
Although I believe it would have been better if the commercial had a more social setting.

I absolutely loved the part where they said "You forgot your wallet so now you have
a new best friend." and the new best friend is a security guard.

I did not really look at the types of chips there were. As the commercial was going
to fast. So, the brand was well marketed, but I did not care about the specific chips.

The song was alright, although a bit cringy.

A funny detail I noticed after watching it 4-5 times. At the first 3 seconds, on top there's
a sign indicating what's in the store shelves, it says "Lays", "Lays",... and the last one says
"More lays". Nice detail.

2. Big Bazaar

The commercial has a very good, fun vibe. It's a bit too long though.
My main problem with it is that you do not clearly understand what the product
is they are trying to sell. What exactly it's for... it's very confusing.
Do you just scare people with paper?

I know they say something in the Indian language at the end, maybe that short sentence
explains it. But besides that, you have absolutely no clue what it's about.

Again, good vibe. I smiled whilst watching it. They were also able to target
a broad audience.

3. God of War

The video was made brilliantly, they switched scenes with the firing of arrows, which
was both a brilliant way to show off multiple battle moments plus a perfect way to 'explain'
without words that the story is about a dad who is teaching his son how to fight. They also
fight for 'a greater purpose'. The commercial successfully planted the desire in my head to
know what the greater purpose is.

The visuals are spectacular. I like how they are not hammering on the fact that the main
character is still the same one from the previous games. The commercial is made for anyone
who played the previous games and anyone who hasn't.

Something felt off though. I cannot put my finger on it...
It was cool to look at but it did not incite a desire for
me to go play it. Let alone buy it.

The voice actor his voice is waaaay too 'creaking'. It sounds very off.
It's not a good voice for the commercial.

After watching it another 2 times, I think if they would have added
some epic, inspiring music in the background, that could have done the trick.

Write a commercial script.

A handsome looking young man sits down in front of his house and ties his shoes.
The camera is at floor level, and it clearly shows the brand of the shoe in the middle of the screen.

AC/DC - Back In Black starts playing.

While the music in the song is just starting, those two seconds right before the guitar starts playing, you see the man smile.
Then the guitars in the song start going loud as you see the man running through the streets (it's summer).

The man runs past a mailman who is quite old. The mailman looks at him with a disturbed. The main protagonist does not stop and simply runs past him.

Now, the man runs past a friend, the friend notices him. The friend shows a bright, friendly smile and nods.

He runs past a group of beautiful girls. He smiles and winks at one of them as he passes on. The girls giggle.

AC/DC is still rocking on the background as the tension of the music grows stronger.

Whilst he is still running, he is about to pass a group of friends. One of the guys notices him starts smiling broadly and prepares for a high five. Our protagonist gives him a high five but keeps going forward.

He passes a road with a pedestrian crossing where an old lady tries to cross. He runs past her but then stops, looks behind him, jogs back, picks her up and carries her to the other side.

As our story comes to an end and we see the man jogging. The shot is quite long-distance. We can see him stop, and catch his breath because he is tired and sweat is dripping from his forehead.
While this is happening, the brand name appears in big letters on the screen (it does not overlap the man on the background).
At this very moment, the song is coming to an end and you can hear the singers yell:
"Well, I'm back in black! Yes, I'm back in black!"
As our guy starts running again, the screen fades out.


I liked this exercise. At first, it was quite overwhelming though. But after starting, it was fun to write it and to imagine the scenes in my head.


Read Fastlane!
Feb 15, 2019
Day#4: Stop wasting time and taking action. Just do it!

How to Avoid Costly Hospital Visits and Stay Healthy

a. Who am I? Anyone who is sick with a chronic condition or is taking multiple medications

b. What do I want (Desire)? I want to be healthy and save money by not going to the emergency room

c. Why do I want (Emotion)? I can live longer and enjoy life.

How will you feel having to go to the emergency room at 1am? You are in a lot of pain, yet you have to wait a long time until a doctor sees you. The doctor runs some diagnostic tests on you, and nothing is wrong. What is going on? The medical staff asks you what medications you are currently on. You do not remember most of your drugs because you visit different doctors for different chronic conditions. If you get lucky and admitted to the hospital, it is even more dangerous not knowing what drugs you have been taking at home because the risk of potential drug interactions at the hospital is very likely. Some people can have drug interactions that can debilitate them for the rest of their life. Do you want this to happen to you? Give it some thought because you literally can avoid this costly trip to the emergency room. You need to subscribe now to my Medication Therapy Management program because my schedule fills up fast. Imagine how you will benefit from this program.


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Feb 16, 2019
Flanders | Belgium
Day 14

Review common techniques you think are set in stone. Then ask yourself how you
might approach them differently.

The problem with this exercise is that I can never know whether or not this different approach
works until I apply it. So all of the following are just naked 'guesses' based
upon how I view the world.

A. For example, copywriting, why does it have to be so serieus?
There are some funny copywritings here and there. Some funny ads here and there.
But that's it. I even looked on google ads for the search results for people who
are looking to hire 'Humor Copywriters' or 'Funny Copywriters' or 'Comedial Copywriters'.
All are practically never searched for.
Why, I wonder? Whenever I read an ad, or see a tv comercial that is funny, I do not
only feel good when seeing the add, I link a positive emotion to it. I feel more comfortable
and familiar with the brand because it made me laugh.
Humor can be difficult, but it is so insanely powerful when done right.

I won't be able to get any gigs by applying as 'humor copywriter', but you can be damn sure
I'll sneak some of them sweet jokes into my work.

B. A common thing people are always concerned about when they are concerned is the
use of the right anti-virus.
Which I find rediculous. My parents and brother always told me I had to use one
and buy one. It should also be a very expensive one, because otherwise- oh boy
you were f*cked. The software on your machine would be destroyed in no time.
I was lazy and did not want to spend money, so at a certain point I just stopped
using an anti-virus. That was 5 years ago. I've never had any virus problems

Write something completely random. Make it your own. Allow yourself to be free
and create.

random text.txt

Experience the world around you.
Stroked the table.

Ok, jk jk, I've actually been focusing on doing that for a while now.
To take a moment of time to just enjoy sensory based things.
It really pulls you into the moment.

Help someone without asking anything in return
-Funny, one of the people I helped at the start of this course asked if I could help him again.
Of course, I did. He needed to choose which of his artworks he was going to upload. I even
gave him feedback about more things he had not asked for.

-Another friend of mine wanted gameplay ideas for his game. So I did.

Find someone to write copy for in the real world, whether online, or offline.
When applying to an Upwork gig, I gave a guy 2 pages of copy I wrote specifically for that cover letter.
(I am going to put it on my portfolio as well)
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Half Man ; Half Goat
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Feb 16, 2019
Flanders | Belgium
Day 15
"I'm the only one who knows that. At least I'm the only one with the will to act on it."
- Thanos

Seriously, I cannot recommend this course enough. Even if you're not interested in copywriting, just do it.
The results are guaranteed.

I have to confess something. I did read through all the exercises before even starting on the first one.
In fact, I often read through the entire document. Except for the last part. I was going to read the last part only when I had finished all the exercises.

I had finished all the exercises at the end of last week. But I only uploaded the last one today.

Funny thing, this morning, I felt a bit of an internal conflict. So I did what I usually do then, I went meditating. Not the thoughtless one though, it's more of an 'anti-traumatic', 'getyourshittogether' meditation. Usually, epiphanies follow.

I started realizing how economies, people and everything works follow a rule of herds, sheep, and sharks.
The only reasons why people are poor or not getting what they want are limiting beliefs. They accept social norms. They don't question them. As Lex said, what if everyone is wrong?

Yesterday, I met a woman who had studied psychology for five years. Her last 2-3 years were directed towards applied marketing and sales psychology. I asked her more, because I am of course interested in the subject. We astonished each other.
First, she could not believe that I had such vast knowledge and insight in psychology and how the human mind works even though I did not have a degree or anything. I was talking about simple principles from Rober Cialdini and Lex's courses. She had never heard of Robert Cialdini before.
In fact, quite a lot of his principles were barely or completely unknown to her.

Second, she surprised me because she had spent 5 years on studying.. what?
Her beliefs were also very wrong. She saw sales and marketing as evil and corrupt. Yet she does it as a job. What the f*ck. If it's evil, then why are you doing it??
Something is just fundamentally wrong there.

I'm not gonna go any further into details. I don't want to spoil too much of Lex's final words in the course. But basically, the epiphanies I had there were exactly what Lex was talking about in that last part. Only that I had them BEFORE READING THAT PART. Of course, it was in my own words. Mine was about herd mentality and limiting beliefs.
But it all came down to the same meaning. I understood exactly what his last part was about.

I'm going to say it one more time.
Thanks, Lex.

I cannot believe this experience was FREE.
I highly recommend it to literally anyone who has goals and dreams.


Apr 16, 2019
Bronx, NY
Since I had NEVER been on oDesk before, I didn't have any rating or anything. So this is how I went about:

Created a profile
  • Added a High res img
  • Added a Bio much like an article: I actually wrote an article that says: "how to hire an a-player freelancer"
  • I completed the profile using oDesks system (it asks you to submit additional info)
  • I started to search for some jobs: searched for "copywriting"
  • I looked through several pages. Found 1 job on second page or something, then 4th then 9th or something like that.
I have submitted a total of 3 applications. I have taken on 3 jobs.

I could probably handle much more, but I want to do it right first.

I would say: want to figure out the system. But there is not really much to figure out. I don't care about all the ratios and everything on oDesk. I explain to the client how I can take them from point A to point B on the path of least resistance and that's that.

they hire me for it.
Did you upload any portfolio pieces?

ivan i

Retiring at 25
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Mar 4, 2018
I just stumbled upon this thread. There is so much wonderful information here it's actually kind of crazy, thank you so much for posting this thread on writing copy! This is probably one of the weakest points of my service and I'm super glad there's a guide as detailed as this one out there.
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Speedway Pass
Mar 30, 2019
Persuasion, brilliance, and high-tempo sales coming together. You've done everyone a service Lex.

I've just Gotten to Day 6, and because of @DaRK9's report earlier in the thread about his success not even halfway through the program; I'm standing up an UpWork account to use your hot knowledge bomb and my past readings into social psychology/persuasion to grease my skids as I switch over into the fastlane and Unscript myself.
I'm having such a fascinating time going from someone who ignored sales letters and headlines into somebody who's working and creating persuasive words that sell and dug up all of his old-school persuasion tomes.

Freelancing does seem scary, I won't lie; but with this, and my core skills to fall back on; why not make this leap; the best that can happen is that I don't need to get irradiated in a cubicle anymore, the worst, that I just need to keep it going.
Going to go ahead and start posting my Dailies as I go deeper into the days. Following this thread and your Freelancer thread. Cheers m8.

EDIT: Hot damn I went to create an account and seemed to have instantly got approved. Going to give it one or two more days working on this thread and the 2019 upwork thread (need to learn how to write proposals) and I'll be on my way.
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Mar 30, 2019
Here's my work from Day 9; I messed up, but just a little...
I read Boron letters, scientific advertising, and started the Robert Collier Letter book.
I keep seeing the g-dd*amn coat of arms letters when I close my eyes
The Bar has been set Very high.

Day 9:
Your One Chance To Get REAL 1915 Silver Dollars At This Price
Everybody Is Talking About This Tangy Hot Sauce
Millionaire Pleads: I Beg Americans To Do This One Simple Thing
Don’t Be A Victim: Six Principles That Can Save Your Life
Fun On The Ranch: Polaris 4x4s Available For A Limited Time Only

3 Paragraphs of copy; Sid Liverwurst, Fish Oil, Fasting guide:


Fast, Easy… And Nutritious?

A Food found in any deli aisle Nationwide that brings bio-available, grass-fed Beef protein, vitamins, and fats to you in an easy experience?

We didn’t believe it either; but our community let loose the horns and let us know:

We Were A Force For Good.

Sid V. Pastures is proud to announce that we deliver our original and Spicy Organic Liverwurst in your area. Made with a recipe found in respected 17th century cookbooks; We laboriously recreated no less than 20 Versions of the same Wurst, under different conditions, all in the name of bringing you the best product we can.

All meat, no sugar; Savory yet slightly sweet, and loaded with Iron and Vitamin A.

Try It Now with Our Coupon!

*Fish Oil*

An Ancient Viking Health Potion… REVEALED?

The Viking Age was the largest and most expansive network and trade empire of it’s time. SImply referred to as “The Men of the North” by most cultures, these strong and rugged men were said to be able to carry a 3ton wooden boat onto land and still have the energy to raid an entire town.

Sounds rough.

Sounds like they had a secret.

What could give possibly give a boat full of savages not only the strength to pillage, but the power and recovery ability to spend months at sea, braving and raging?


It’s something that lived in the oceans with them

Fish Have been known for a long time to have medicinal properties, and with leaps in modern science, we have been able to extract the very essential essence that vikings had running through their veins.

Caught by the descendants of those same vikings in waters they went to war with britain with, our Icelandic fisherman catch the finest cod, take them to our world-renowned processing facilities, and distill only the purest liver oil available to anyone.

Delicately extracted, and molecularly filtered using nobel-prize winning technology; We promise you only the purest Fish oil with the highest amount of the The Good Omega-3s ANYWHERE.

Viking Prowess doesn’t last forever, and our production is limited by season and trade agreements. Respond to this e-mail by friday for a FREE Brochure and sample pouch of our oil.

*Intermittent fasting guide*
Lose Weight, Save Money… and Save your LIFE???

Mr. Roberts,

My friend and I have been researching intermittent fasting for a dear friend who has been struggling with obesity. Having searched through every scientific paper repository on the globe and texts dating back to the 5th century B.C. , We’ve compiled a solid guide on the benefits and how to bring intermittent fasting into your life.

The guide itself is printed on a firm and finely textured cardstock that will do well as it friends keep “borrowing” it and we send updates and additional research via e-mail monthly.

I’m reaching out to you because I saw you in the Intermittent Fasting group, and knew you’d love a quick-start get-up-and-go guide that doesn’t just serve you, but also the people around you. The guide itself has grown quite popular, with 20+ members using it to lose weight.

If you’d like to read the guide, just let me know and I’ll shoot the sample pdf over to you; when you want to buy it, go to our store page on Because of the holiday, you will find that the guide is 25% off, when you purchase by this friday.
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Mar 30, 2019
Day 10


Old: Life is like an ancient hero’s journey

New: Life is like a bond movie?

I’m going to come and revisit this because I can squeeze out something clearly more optimal.

I’m aiming for an engulfing metaphor that can help catalyze new action at every level and help e to constantly reframe and retool.

5 Headlines:

Social Courses Available At Toastmasters #409 This February

Tires As Rugged As You, Sets Running As Low As 499$ Through Sunday

My Guys Will Bang Your Roof

Free quotes available, and get this: I will buy you new shingles

Hearts to Hearths Fireplace Restoration Wants Your Dirty Firepit!

Want The Best Deals On Fresh Comic Imports?
Buy NOW! -Click Here-

-Persuasive product description for… Butcherbox!

The King’s Ransom

35lbs of Beef/mo
5lbs of Pork/mo

The King’s ransom was brought to life after closely listening to our community. Some people want to eat well, others want to eat to live. This box is a salute to the fighters, the ones that refuse to give up. This box is for those who want to thrive in a tremendous way.

The Box itself is setup like so: We send you just over 9lbs of beef and a pound of pork per week. This isn’t any plain old beef either; This Box is packed with choice ribeyes, NY strips, and the odd chuck roast. Get this- We work with our Ranchers, many of them family operations, to make sure that not only are you treated right, but so are our animals, at every stage of their life.

The pork we use is a heritage breed that normally wanders the ridges of the Northeast; coincidentally, appalachian exercise makes it perfect for succulent bacon. Like our cows, the pigs are raised in sunshine and fresh air.

The King’s Ransom is packed with value at every level; and every box you purchase helps us sustain real animal agriculture. We want to show you what the buzz is about, so if you sign up for 3 months during our summer promotion, we’ll give you Bonus Bacon every week.

You’ve already made it this far, continue your journey and -Click Here- --------

I feel that I need to retool the above description for brevity, ad include bullet points.
I wanted action over procrastination though; I'll just need to get going at more copy.

-side note-
I'm finding myself more inclined to come home and really enjoy these exercises, and I'll find myself thinking of how to convert branding to headlines and copy when I'm out and about during the day.


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Mar 30, 2019
Day 11

Short Story about Manly Deodorant co. :

How did a company like ours come to be? It’s dead simple, and I’ll even let you in on it:

It’s 8:38pm, I’d just stormed into well air-conditioned walgreens from the blistering Texas heat outside. After dutifully grabbing a sports drink, I found myself trudging towards the deodorant aisle .

I stopped, flip-flops squeaking on the waxed floors, and looked before me for one thing, Reasonably Manly Natural Deodorant.

I looked

And looked

And looked.

I saw nothing

I did a visible double take, eyes squinting; surely there was an all-natural, metal-free deodorant made for men somewhere in this cornucopia?


Before me was a simple continuum and it went like so:

Old spice


Dr. Perryhol’s 1840 formula


Lazy day’s princess sticks

The contrast was so stark.
There was nothing else like it.

A wheelbarrow worth of lab-grown and artificially produced deodorant just bursting with industrial chemicals, opposed by women’s deodorant made with all the natural ingredients that were (most likely) present at earth’s creation.

This Is Wrong...

...I could hear myself thinking, a strong voice, loud and clear.

It was at that very moment, that I knew what I had to do.

--3 Mind blowing Headlines

If You Get A Hemorrhoid After Using MY Treatment, I’ll Jump
Onto A -Football Goalpost- From A

Man Fights 3 Multi-Billionaires Underwater And Wins

How A Volkswagen Beetle Saved This 30 Year-Old’s Love-Life


That’s it for today, though I’m having enough fun that I’ll probably go do day 12 before heading into my wage slavery.

For the action I’ve been putting off, it’s high-time to start writing proposals and taking on jobs, others went out and secured work on day 6 without having done copy before. I’m going to put perfectionism to rest and Just Take Action.

This will be a beautiful step in uncoupling myself from temporal prostitution, and I welcome it and the value opportunity given to me in this thread.
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Mar 30, 2019
Day 12

Just Help someone-

Chatted with Single mother who admitted to having to drive uber in addition to her dayjob and was looking for anything to help on the way out. Also mentioned she was really into dave ramsey.
I pointed her towards the Side hustle school podcast and sent her a copy of Unscripted on audible; Going to check up on her this week and see if she’s made some good positive progress.


Away From Pain, Towards Pleasure

Headlines That Target Both Pain And Pleasure

How 20 Minutes A Day Can Make You Rich And Let You Quit

Stylish and Safe, the 2019 Testarossa

The 2019 Ray-Ban Yachtman, Now with UV-Lo Technology

The Best Low-Carb Ice Cream You’ll Ever Taste

Twice The Meat, Twice The Heat, Half The Fuel, Half the Pollution: GeorgeMan Pellet Smokers Now On Sale.

Paragraphs: towards pleasure and away from pain

A luxury car:

Passion for speed

Thirst for life

Making cars and meeting the people you help everyday does things to you. You learn things you never thought you’d know, you smile and laugh with people you’d never thought you’d meet and never even knew you were helping.

Making performance vehicles is even better, and here’s why:
You get the chance to blow past limits, fear, and barriers everyday

We also get to make decisions, and sometimes sacrifices.

But let it be said:
When it comes to safety, we cut NO corners

When you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, you feel like you can speed to the end of the world

We design it like that
Designed to give you the best you can get
Designed to keep you the safest you can be

#2 The Casio Digital Watch

They Used To Say That Good Things Don’t Come Easy…

...They Never Had a Casio Watch.

In Japan,
master craftsmen dedicated to a way of work long-forgotten elsewhere
ply their craft daily.

At Casio, we do the same.

When we first came onto the market,
We came simply,
delivering honest yet powerful work to help people live their lives.
Then in the 1980s, we released the a158 and changed the world.

Checking the time on the go changed from a commitment,
to a liaison;
a soft kiss that allowed you to get right back into the action.

Some people had trouble with watch hands.
Some people just want something sleek, modern, and to make a statement.
Some people want something that will start a conversation and help them make friends wherever they go.
When you go out and have these experiences, remember that your casio is with you.


It’s been a few days, I know.

Sometimes I just get caught up and my brain slides out of my ears.

It means I haven’t been wanting this bad enough,

It means my WHYs aren’t strong enough.

This lesson is fortuitous because it’s about a core NLP tenant of moving away from pain, and towards pleasure.

I woke up earlier than anyone else I know this morning to work on this.
I am about to head in for my eight of hate at work, sandwiched in a 40 minute commute.

I feel the pain, it's here; I just need to crystallize my whys .
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Jul 18, 2018
Any good resource on SEO?
It seems to practically be a requirement to master SEO tricks as a copywriter, especially if you want to write website copy. I personally would rather be writing sales and email copy, but knowledge of good SEO practices wont hurt.
There are a billion and one different gurus saying all kinds of things about SEO and how to get your content ranking, though. I know that google is mostly looking for value and good content that keeps readers hooked, but I imagine that this is only a start, and that there is much more to ranking than the value you bring.


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May 19, 2019
Day 3 | Influence Lesson 1
The Butterfly Effect

We can never truly know the real impact of our words.

Influence is inevitable.” – Unknown

Some of you may think this quote ridiculous.
Maybe you read it and say, “Inevitable? No way. I read Robert Cialdini’s book, and there’s no way I can be influenced now.”

But you are wrong.

Influence happens constantly. Consistently. All around us, all the time. It happens to us, and there’s not a damn thing we can do to stop it. Need proof? Stay awake until you fall asleep. Prove that you can’t be influenced by fatigue, and I’ll never write again.

I can make that statement with confidence because I know that you can be influenced, just as I can be influenced, and just as every other person can be influenced.

But this lesson isn’t about the fact that every single one of us can be influenced.

It’s to help you understand that every action you take, whether physical, mental, verbal or written, influences others, yourself, and the future as you know it.

That’s great, but how does it apply to copywriting?

This could very easily breach the realm of mindset, but this isn’t a mindset lesson, so let’s narrow it down to the words we write.

When was the last time you gave extreme consideration to how your words would be received?

Recall the last time you posted on this forum. Did you spend hours thinking about how people would respond? Did you wonder if your post would help someone instantly?

And did you also spend hours thinking about how people 5 years from now would be impacted when they read it? Or did you simply post it without much thought at all?

What if something you say today triggers a powerful chain of events leading to another Fastlane member’s freedom 3 years from now? How would that make you feel?

That’s the big picture with influence. That’s how it works. What we write today influences others long into the future, and we can never truly know how far that influence extends.

That’s why every word we write MUST have a purpose.

Influence is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it's always positive. If your writing sucks, or if you blindly write without structure, rhyme or reason, then your copy will negatively impact everyone who reads it for many years to come. But, if you write with intent, always moving toward a specific outcome, then you can practically guarantee you'll have a positive effect.

Good copywriters always keep influence in mind. They know it's not black & white. They know that just because a prospect doesn't buy today doesn't mean he won't come back tomorrow. That's why we always write every single word with a purpose.

Good copy doesn't just drive the sale today.
It plants seeds that drive sales tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day after that.

Alright, enough lecture.

Let's read some kick-a$$ example phrases that'll unlock your mind and
open doors to worlds you never imagined possible!

Influential Words that Sell Today

All of these words & phrases are commands that drive action and
influence your prospect to take the next step.

Buy Now.
Click here.
Get It.

Influential Words that Sell this Week

All of these words & phrases are commands that
influence your prospect by setting a deadline or
invoking the principle of scarcity.

Offer Ends Friday.
Offer Valid thru Friday.
Offer Good While Supplies Last.
Respond by Friday if You're Interested.
My schedule Fills by Friday.
Call Before Friday.
Order by Friday and Get [insert something here]
There's only a few slots left.
These tacos won't last long.
They're going fast!

Words that Influence Long Into the Future

These words & phrases are called idea seed planters. They
plant seeds of thought that grow either throughout the
length of your copy, or over a period of time with
repeat exposure.

Consider this.
Think about it.
Consider it.
Give it some thought.
Ponder it.
Mull it over.
Consider your options.
Maybe it's right for you.
What's the worst that could happen?
Imagine how you'll benefit.
Imagine what you'll gain.
Just imagine it.
Sleep on it.


There are way more phrases than this.

This is just a small sample of some of the words you can use to influence your prospects, readers, clients, & customers.

Influence is what copywriting is all about.

It's about taking the influence that's going to happen anyway, and giving it direction. It's not about manipulating people. It's about helping customers reach the outcomes they want, and also reaching your own outcomes at the same time.

Everyone should benefit.

To ensure your copy always packs the most powerful impact possible, write with the intent of influencing people throughout all concepts of time whether it's right now, this week, or 10 years in the future.

And always seek to have a positive impact on others.

Day 3 Challenge
1. Help someone. Solve a problem for someone. Do it without asking for anything in return just like yesterday, and just like the day before. Remember, it doesn't have to be something epic. Just something that impacts them positively in some way.

2. Write 5 new headlines that MAKE THEM STOP, and tap into your prospects desires & emotions.

3. Using your product or service, or something you make up, write a paragraph or two to your target customer utilizing the influential phrases you learned in this post. Consider using all 3 types of phrases for maximum impact, and remember to write with intent. Find ways to show how your product helps your customer while driving them toward the action you want them to take.

Do this before reading the next lesson, or don't keep going forward.

Now that you know that influence is inevitable you can
start writing copy with intent & purpose so you can
achieve your desired results in the shortest
time possible. Always write for positive
outcomes. That's it for this lesson.
When you're ready, continue
on to Day 4 - Mindset

Product --- Listening App like Audible


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Mar 30, 2019
Day 13:

Commercial - Elucid Violins
*(Cut to man walking down busy Chicago street, carrying instrument case)
Think about it...
Not every secret is that secret.
*(Foot-level shot of feet striding down pavement)
But not everyone will listen…
*(Man lifts face up, sly smirk on his face as he cuts right into an alley)
Some things inflame passion
*(man stops at Heavy iron door, slat opens up and a pair of eyes look him down)
Some things build brotherhood
*(door is opened, man is ushered inside by a heavy arm)
Some things keep people together
*(man unslings case, begins to unzip it *close up of zippers being drawn back*)
Every day we live our lives, making the most of our days
*(close up shot of man’s face, slowly turning head up from whatever he’s working on, spotlights cut on)
But sometimes… we need help
*(cut to backside of open case, man reaches in)
When life is a performance...
*(man begins drawing arm back)
...You want only the best at your side
*(camera cuts to a seated crowd, then to empty stage with spotlights)
All the world’s a stage, and everyone in it players
*(curtain nudges, man begins to walk out; holding a gleaming violin)
Each part so delicately arranged, with it’s drama, it’s bitter defeats, it’s sweet victories
*(Man stops in center stage, assumes ready position)
*(cut to black)
When your time comes, we’re here for you
*(Fade in of Elucid Violions logo)
Because you deserve it

It was surprisingly hard to find commercials with direct voiceovers on youtube, it seems that only the really artsy or funny ads make it there.
I went overboard and focused on shots and direction, which wasn't the point of this commercial; I will need to review more commercials and write up another script. Lex wants us to have something we can use in our beginner's portfolio, and there's no excuse not to have something.

Help someone-
I gave every last person I came into contact with Yesterday the warmth and value they deserve as human beings; and gave a friend some pointers and a wee-plan for a project he's thinking about starting, going to light a fire under him so he actually gets up and does it this time.
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Speedway Pass
Mar 30, 2019
Day 14 reminded me that I like random free writing.
My formatting in google docs breaks whenever It gets pasted into here. Things may look interesting.

Common techniques I think are set in stone but aren’t
  1. Bolding/Underlining
  2. Long-windedness
  3. Over-enthusiasm
  4. Over-confidence (debatable)
  5. Bullet-points and lists
  6. 800+ words
  7. Indirectness
  8. Cheesy calls to action
  9. ...Ellipses...
Random writing:

It doesn’t have to be this way but it does
Bring the gun up
Trying so hard, facing down the truth, letting it eat you but not taking the plunge
Bring the hammer back
A fate so horrible that any man of legend and honor would commit suicide in face of it
Slowly squeeze down on that trigger


Pull that gun down
It doesn’t have to be this way, you have something now
Grip that gun tightly
You have tools and you’ve seen people succeed
Your fist starts trembling in unadultered rage, you can hear bullets rattle in the magwell
You can fight back
Raise the gun again
You can tear down these walls
Aim the gun, pointing straight forward
You never had to accept this, and you know that now
Aim it at that godamn monster in front of you
From now on, it’s you and freedom. You’re taking the dive
Squeeze the trigger
You’ve already started, you knew you couldn’t stop after taking that first step
Keep squeezing
You immersed yourself everyday, deeper
And deeper
And deeper


And now you’re here, the wild west of making it or breaking it

The curse has been lifted and now you’re blessed with ONE mission:

Fight for your life
Because life will fight you

Gut it, cut its throat, put more bullets into it, put it into a trash compactor, eat its liver.
It tried to stuff you into hell, you fought back and now you’re going to break its neck, you’re going to lap at it’s blood like a young wolverine pup...

...and you’ll come out on top

Drop the gun
You can move forward now.


*I got to write some copy for an e-mail that my coach is going to send out, regarding Brazilian jiu-jitsu*

The One Hour That Will Change Your Week

I’m John, and I run Tesla City Jiu-Jitsu.
Just like many of us, for years I worked a high-flying corporate world job,
Dealing with that daily grind was enough to push me into a place no one deserves to be in.

I had to find a way out...
... I had to find a way to get better.

Think about this
, no matter where you’re from, or where you go;
Things can get dicey
It can be physical, but it can also be mental.

I needed something that would make me stronger,
I needed something to help me keep my family safe.

Enter Jiu-Jitsu

I found jiu-jitsu through a buddy, he told me about it like this:

“It’s the most demanding, intensive hour of your day, but when you make it through, you see the RESULTS.

I was Curious, so I went
Not to brag but… I was in pretty good shape at the time
It Didn’t Matter, AT ALL
Within 4 minutes, a woman half my size and twice my age had me on the ground screaming like a girl.

How did this happen?
Before I let the cat out of that bag, consider this:

What’s the formula for success?

Is it a pill? A secret word? Special underwear?
I can’t confirm any of those, but I can tell you something that can work for ANYONE, and it goes like this:


Can you guess what martial art builds all of these?

You guessed right…


It’s been over a decade since I first got thrown down like a luke-warm orange soda, in a decade, you do a lot, and you learn a lot.

Because it’s been a decade, I'm doing something new that will benefit a lot of people:

I’m giving back

How am I giving back? I started my own school, and this school was founded to do two things:

Build strong, resilient kids
Help adults push past ALL of their limits

We do this a couple different ways, but I won’t explain it here
I’ll do something different
Respond to this E-mail, and I’ll bring you in for 8 classes for FREE.

I only have a few spots left, but I sent this to you because I think you deserve it.

When you come here…
...when you put on that pearl white Gi…
...When you’re doing pushups until vomit shoots out of you like a geyser…
...When you realize what you’re capable of…

That is when you’ll see the power of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
That's when you'll see how we can change you.


One more day to go until the end.


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Speedway Pass
Mar 30, 2019
Day 15, Lex's words filled me with a modicum of pride that I made it all the way through and didn't quit.
Forming your beliefs and thus your reality really rang with me, having been a long time follower of Scott Adams and then TR to an extent.

I'm forming two new beliefs today:
I am more than qualified to produce good copy for clients
I thrive and create 10x more value than I have via copywriting

Upwork has been fired up and I've been looking at requests.
I've also reached out to local businesses I frequent whose owners I know and sent some warm e-mails about a FREE marketing checkup.

There's only one last assignment in day 15; it's time to make it.

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