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Oct 26, 2012
A lot of questions are asked about the process of creating a (SaaS) product of value and bringing it to market (i.e. finding product-market fit). I've referenced a number of these videos in my previous postings but feel it deserves a central place.

The best way to learn this process is to follow the steps that other successful entrepreneurs have taken. Michael Skok is a venture capitalist with a very pedigree. He has become an evangelist in helping people create companies of value and has put together a course that he teaches at Harvard. He sits on the board of a number of high-profile companies (e.g. Demandware) and invites the leaders of these companies to speak during his lectures.

Luckily for us, all of his lectures are online:

1. So where do we start?
What's Your Roadmap to Success? | Startup Secrets

2. Don't just build something. Focus on adding value.
Building a Compelling Value Proposition | Startup Secrets

3. Framework for building a company around your product.
Turning Products into Companies | Startup Secrets

4. Define a culture to attract top talent
Culture, Mission and Vision | Startup Secrets

5. Setting up the A-team
Hiring A+ Talent | Startup Secrets

6. Don't just innovate through products, innovate through business models
Game Changing Business Models | Startup Secrets

7. How to bring your product to market
Go to Market | Startup Secrets

8. Need to raise money? Build a kickass investor deck.
Getting Behind the Perfect Investor Pitch | Startup Secrets

9. Scaling the business to as high as the sky
Funding Strategies to go the Distance | Startup Secrets

10. Once the business has hit a certain level, can you take it even further?
Have You Got What it Takes? | Startup Secrets

11. Mentorship
Mastering Mutual Mentorship | Startup Secrets

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