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  1. techbiz

    GTM & Competition -- crowded mkt

    Dear Mktng Gurus We are startup with an innovative solution, have some intellectual property around it, but can be copied by big players easily. No one wants legal battles at startup stage :) We decided to go after some niche markets and then come back to main stream. My Qs: 1. While right...
  2. CapLab

    Gold Guide for absolute Beginners

    Hey Everybody, This will be a introduction into world of Gold. I have a lot of experience with this element of periodic table because i was collecting gold coins (numismatic) long time ago, work with it in laboratory enviroment and stay long time with old gold trading guys . This Thread will...
  3. maverick

    WEB/DIGITAL Launching a SaaS product? Read this.

    A lot of questions are asked about the process of creating a (SaaS) product of value and bringing it to market (i.e. finding product-market fit). I've referenced a number of these videos in my previous postings but feel it deserves a central place. The best way to learn this process is to...
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