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If you want to be a millionaire by 25 then get a Saturday job


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Aug 14, 2020
You will need slowlaners in your buisness journey
"If you want to be a millionaire by 25 then get a Saturday job"
Yes, someone really did say that! Bet you cant guess who. In context, the conversation had followed the regular dinnertime routine of my parents cajoling me too "get a job". During the discussion, my younger
sister, who works at the gymnasium for £3 an hour, chimed in with the corker I have as the title. Somehow through years of indoctrination, she has come to the belief that getting a crap dead-end Saturday job is somehow a necessary step to riches and financial freedom. That is just a brief snippet of the Slowlane nonsense I have to put up with every day.

In fairness to my parents, I am admittedly far too lazy and really need to contribute more too the household considering my age. However, the thing that always seems to perplex them is when I plead that "Seriously, I'd prefer to stay home and watch Netflix or play video games than to work" They just can't fathom the fact that I find my time more valuable than £5.10 an hour (I know I need to be more productive with my time but still)

My last job was working in a small local café, the owner of the cafe was a workaholic. He treated me with little respect and despite no training would expect me to make no mistakes and would heavily criticise if I did (never constructively). Inevitably, I was fired. Whilst I remain accountable to the fact that this was my fault, I vouched that I would never work for someone I despised again!

Believe it or not, the cafe was open 364 days a year and the boss was there to m̶a̶n̶a̶g̶e̶ micro-manage every day. Coming home from work on a Sunday I would poke fun and say he was stupid to work that much and must have no life. To my surprise, my parents sprung to his defense and told me off for making fun of "a hard-working local businessman".

Throughout my life, I have always known there was something different out there, to what I was being taught about how I should live my life. Since a young age, I have been mildly obsessed with the thought of wealth. Throughout my existence, I've been spewing semi-cohesive Fastlane ideologies to the tune of 'that's silly!'/'you're delusional!'. After reading the TMFL I realized that maybe, just maybe I may have had a point and my dear mother might actually be mistaken.

Anyways enough about my Slowlane parents and previous crappy jobs, I want to tell you about my dreams;
In the future, I hope for three things: Financial Freedom. To travel the world. Date a supermodel.
Sounds naîve? Sure. Maybe I am! But I would rather be naîve than a 9/5 corporate drone, who lives solely for the weekend and their precious two-week mediocre vacation.
I want to be the guy who takes a 2-month vacation to Bali purely for the hell of it, or flies the friends and families out to a dainty little chalêt in the alps for Christmas.

Looking a bit closer to present, this year I plan on:

  1. Building and maintaining some sort of passive income stream. This is mainly to get my parents off my back. Hopefully, they will see that I'm not a delusional "get rich quickster"
(if get rich quickster isn't a phrase then it definitely should be).
  1. Become more knowledgeable and skillful within a couple of areas and kickstart my entrepreneurial career.
  2. Read 20 books this year. Started the year with TMFL and plan on reading Unscripted .
  3. Gym Gainz!! Realistically I know that this probably isn't the top place for gym advice and discussion, but I have recently started the Stronglifts 5x5 workout regime. By the end of the year, I hope to put around 20kg of mostly muscle..
Luckily I know that I have time on my side and possess a lot more of this valuable asset than most people starting out on this route. With the help of you, this forum, I know I will achieve and surpass my goals and make 2018 a year to remember.

Besides the gold and notable threads any recommendations for books or skills I should be looking to develop. Alternatively, picture yourself as a 17-year-old kid like myself and tell me what you would be doing if you had the chance to live this age all over again.

Below are a couple more examples of the Slowlane crock I can remember from this month alone:
  • "Get a job up the pub, then you can see how businesses really work"

  • "When I was your age I worked 20 hours a week!"

  • Dad: "Son, you're going to have to work for a lot of people you don't like in your life" Sorry dad but I actually quite like myself :)

  • This ones definitely my favourite: just the other week, my mum declared that my generation is going to be the richest yet! but that we're going to have to wait until we're 70 because that's when the housing market will peak. She honestly did quote this at the dinner table and had apparently read it online somewhere.

Any of you have similar experiences? If so, I would love to hear to some of your parents or families top slow lane quotes.

All the best Callum.
You will need slowlaners in your business journey, to share with you experiences or recrute them to fuel your business as human ressources
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