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  1. Levin

    INTRO Hello from a 15 years old guy :D

    Good afternoon from Switzerland!:praise: I'm Levin, 15 years old, and I just joined the Forum :-) I'm about to drop out of school, I just can't listen to this shit that my teachers tell me in school... May sound a bit radical, but look, what have I to loose?;):hilarious: I have 3 years time now...
  2. F

    INTRO Step One: Giving Value

    Hello fellow freedomseekers, I always had the feeling that the presented life of working 40 years and saving some money on the side is not the way to happiness and certainley not one to freedom. I saw it in close family. Working harder and harder and not getting rewared just getting exploited...
  3. M

    INTRO Young, Hungry and Frustrated.

    Hello Fastlane Forum, I graduated top of my class in Grad School last year in the field of Computer Engineering with a thesis in Blockchain Security. Money hungry and determined I joined a Blockchain Startup because that's where all the money was w.r.t Tech in 2018. The first few months we're...
  4. Tullygetsfree

    INTRO Working towards my own freedom... From Italy!

    Hello, folks! I'm here to join your awesome crew and learn all that I can possibly can from you. I'm a 27-year-old Italian woman, and I'm currently reading The Millionaire Fastlane in English. As you can imagine English isn't my native language, so please feel free to correct any mistakes you...
  5. T

    INTRO Young software dev seeking to escape slow lane dogma

    It has actually been a while since I've created an account here, but I couldn't bring myself to shatter the perception of who I was back then, so I never even wrote an intrudoction. But let's start from the top... I'm a 24 year old software developer living in beautiful Salzburg, Austria and I...
  6. Kaan.Hisi


    First of all I want to say thank you to Mj Demarco. You opened my eyes and now I see the world with a different view. I am 21 years old and currently living in Germany. I go to college, but it doesn´t feel right. Before I red the Millionaire Fastlane, the bad feeling was already there. Now it...
  7. Ali Ahsan

    INTRO 18 years old. Dedicated and Commited to LIVING the Unscripted life.

    Hello Everyone! My name is Ali and I am an 18-year old entrepreneur here in Seattle, Washington. I am new to the forum and have been reading many of the posts recently to get myself familiarized with the forum. Tons and tons of valuable information on here and I am so glad I can be a part of...
  8. D

    INTRO Glad to have my introduction here

    Hi All, David Willy here, glad to see that there is at least some white hat forum with good repute and a large number of followers. As profession, i have been providing Amazon re-instatement services since 3 years. Its great to be a part of Fastlaneforum family. Definitely need help from the...
  9. Roysc

    INTRO Roy’s intro and foodtruck business

    Hi guys, My name is Roy and I’m a 19 year old drop-out. About half a year ago I realised that the only thing I wanted was succes in money, health and relations. This realization was due to reading a lot of books and starting a company. A month ago I quited my education of financial advisor to...
  10. Milan de Jong

    INTRO I need some advice from the fastlaners + introduction

    hey fastlaners, first I will tell something about me. My name is Milan 20 years and I'm from the Netherlands. I'm new at the forum and was introduced to the forum by the book Millionaire Fastlane what is a amazing book by the way, Thank you M. J it opened my eyes. At this moment in my life I...
  11. C

    INTRO Happy to be a part...

    I have completed six parts of the the Millionaire Fastlane. This is excellent work in my opinion. Having written two books of my won I recognize the genuineness in the MJs message. I could not agree more on MJs point about event vs process. I started the process almost 8 years ago. Since that...
  12. abidrozdar

    INTRO I was Growing potatos after getting a Graphic design degree!

    Hello everyone, Thank you and my best regards to, Mj demarco for writing "The Fastlane" and Creating this forum, to all the esteemed members who sharing gold nuggets of information regarding business and finance daily, we amateur business enthusiasts feel so lucky and thankful to you for being...
  13. mattsteinman

    INTRO Matt from the US of A - from corporate slowlaner to aspiring fastlaner

    I was fired from my corporate mundane job back in Oct 2016. It was a did I hate that job. I am now an internet entrepreneur and also own a brand that I sell physical product on Amazon. I'm here to learn and take my marketing and business(s) to the next level.
  14. Olumide

    INTRO Hello, I'm new here

    Hello, I'm Olumide from Nigeria and I currently work as a software developer. I'm looking to build a business that meets a need in my community over here, still gathering my requirements though. A friend of mine recommended Fastlane millionaire (the book) to me and I'm currently reading up. I've...
  15. James Silverwood

    INTRO Hello Everyone!

    Hello, Nice to be here. My name is James Silverwood writer by hobby and by profession a digital marketing manager working with Perpetual Strategic Services in Saudi Arabia. I am newly join this forum to discussion over digital marketing trends to the next level. Thanks, James Silverwood
  16. F

    INTRO Hm, who am I...?

    …that’s a very interesting question, which I’ve been trying to answer for a while Onto the basics: I’ve been on this planet for 24 years I consider myself quite the curious person I’ve always learned stuff others told me I could not. I suppose I like the satisfaction from proving others wrong...
  17. Fdo

    INTRO Introduction - consumer newbie looking to become a producer

    hi all I am based in London. Yeah still the consumer. Having read both the books - fastlane and unscripted, keen to become a producer of a quality product or service. Starting my journey now. It is inspiring to read about all your experiences, the good and the bad. Thank you for accepting...
  18. K

    INTRO (& Rant) Newbie introduction Hello!

    Hello everyone! My name is Kevin. I'm 23 years old and from the Netherlands. As a kid I have always angrily stated that I am going to be rich, always getting laughed at. I used to think that everything would get better once I got older. I always thought that becoming 16 years old was some magic...
  19. M

    INTRO Business in Russia

    Hello! I am new to this forum. My name is Michael and I am a Dutch man who lives in Russia. I moved here at the end of 2016 to start a business with traditional Dutch syrup waffles. Back then I didn't know a lot about business and just thought I had a great idea which had to become a success...
  20. D

    INTRO Newbie

    Hi, I am from Scotland and Certified Life coach. I don't come here to do business but to learn and in all humility teach, if need arose by answering questions and discussing techniques. Thank you for accepting me into your comnunity. It and you are greatly appreciated. David :)
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