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  1. wealthmindset


    Hey everyone! I am a 17 year old high school student looking to surround myself with other like minded people and am very happy to have found this amazing forum. I currently live at home with my parents and have no bills to pay. I work a part time job making around 10 an hour (still haven't been...
  2. dhruv.dhananjay

    Looking to further my knowledge and how I should start as a 15 year old

    Hey everyone, I'm a 15 year old who is currently in self improvement. For me this includes things like reading daily, working out, meditating, journaling, and anything else that might pique my interest or help me. I was recommended the book The Millionaire Fastlane and after reading a couple...
  3. T

    Stay in the same business or quit to create a new one ?

    Hi everybody, My name is Teo, I'm from Switzerland, and I just came into this Fastlane Forum. I'm very pleased to be part of this community with determined people who want to achieve big things in their life. I have a question in my mind, and I need advices to know which way to choose between...
  4. F

    21 Year Old Musician

    Hello I go by Flinch online but my real name is Tuna. I'm from Turkey and ever since I was born my whole life was a battle. I could not have a normal childhood. I was fat obese ugly and smelly my whole life, I did not have any social skills and people genuienly avoided me and ran away from me...
  5. vasudevsoni

    A student entering the Fastlane

    Hi all, I am Vasudev from India. I am a college student studying computer science. Along with my college, I am also an FBA seller on Amazon India. I started this business about a year ago and it has been doing quite good in the past few months. I am very interested in computer/software-related...
  6. Thunk


    Hi everyone! My name is Kristoffer 36 years old living in Sweden with my two young children and girlfriend. Have a bachelor's degree in systems science. Have had many regular jobs in my life such as dishwasher, terminal worker, selling Christmas trees, and chef. But the curiosity to find answers...
  7. hasagim

    college student who doesn't know what he's doing.

    Hello all, I'm a current 18 year old going into my first year of college next year. Like MJ, ever since I was younger I was obsessed with the idea of being financially free. I tried everything from dropshipping to an amazon wholesale business and yes, I admit to falling for one of those dumb...
  8. K

    Introducing Myself

    Hey! My name is kewen I’m 19. young I know XD. I first read the millionaire fastlane when I was 17. I decided I wanted my life to change. Well.. A couple bad decisions later some depression and confusion on why life should even matter nothing has changed…. I don’t blame the world I ultimately...
  9. TitoMan

    My introduction

    Hello everyone, My nickname is Tito and that's what I'll go by in here. I'll be sharing a tidbit about myself and a question I have for you all. I'm an 18 yr old college sophomore studying computer science. Worked a lot of odd jobs since I was 15. I thought I struck gold when I found out...
  10. Reynante Alvarez

    Help in choosing a business idea...

    Hey business people, I need your help if you may. Since I quitted social media and college two years ago, I had been working at my sister's bakery as an all-around graphic designer. It was a need and not a choice. My basics are covered here (shelter, food, wi-fi, electricity, etc.) in exchange...
  11. N

    I am new, and I realized that I have a slow-lane mindset

    I am 20 years old and I am currently studying for a degree in Information Technology. English is not my first language so I might sound unclear. At the start of February 2022, I developed a new hobby to read at least 30 pages a day. After some fifteen books later, I got the chance to get my...
  12. T

    My Intro

    Hello everyone, Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend. For a while I thought I was on a "faster" lane to freedom but after reading Millionaire Fastlane, and now finishing The Great Rat Race Escape, not only I was proven wrong but these books have inspired me and given me the motivation...
  13. Keelham

    Introduction + wanting to take ACTION

    Hi fastlaners, Very happy to be here first of all and hope to learn alot from everybody. My name is Kee i am from Yorkshire in the UK. My story (sorry for the lenght) Born with cystic fibrosis (genetic condition that effects the lungs and other organs) was always told from parents and family...
  14. 1

    New Member.

    Hello, my name is Tom, I am 17 years old and live in Berlin (Germany). I have really big plans when it comes to my future and I look forward to learn a lot in this Forum. Tom
  15. P

    Introduction: Quarter Life Crisis

    Hello all: My name is Paul. I just turned 27, and I'm engaged to a beautiful girl whom I'll be marrying this year. It would be my distinct preference to have some inspiring business-related story to share with you all, but the truth of my path to finding this forum is probably the same as the...
  16. rktheking99

    The journey to entrepreneurship started!

    Every journey starts with one decision, one step and in my life it's quitting the college. There are some specific reasons for that and I found freedom through this. This seems hilarious for others, but coming from a middle class family, being a 20-year-old, it's quite hard to convince family...
  17. Q

    My introduction

    Hi, I'm Keno from Germany. I've read the Fastlane and I find it very helpful! It helped me how to start my business and how my idea might work way better. I am at the moment trying it out with three people. For that, I build a minimum viable product. Yet there aren't any results, but it's...
  18. GAP

    Introduction - Enjoying the journey

    Hi All, First of all thank you MJ for writing your inspiring books and creating a community for likeminded people. Behind the business model it’s a beautiful piece of work and a legacy with life changing value you can be proud of. I’m from The Nederlands working as a manager, love to solve...
  19. Danny_Cox

    Lifelong Drummer; Went Deep On Mindfulness; Now Ready For The Fastlane (With An Idea For On-Ramp)

    Hello Fastlaners! Great to be here. INTRO I'm Dan, 35/M, UK. I hard rejected the Slowlane in my youth, but had no idea the Fastlane was an option. Mum's a Sidewalker but doesn't know it; Dad's a Slowlaner and very proud about it. Other adults in my life were totally clueless. Money has always...
  20. JasperDeMuynck

    Entering the Fastlane I What I learned along the way

    Hi everyone, Have been lurking on this forum for a while, almost finished Fastlane Millionaire and although I already transitioned to the fastlane before I read the book, the book had some profound insights for me that I am sure will pay off greatly. So thank you MJ! A bit about me - I help...

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