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17 year old

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  1. Jon Rad

    INTRO+ 17yo ex Professional Gamer looking to go Fastlane

    Hello My Name is Jonathan Radeck im 17yo and live at my parents home in Germany Hessen. I used to play Videogames earning about 3800€ in about 2 Years Before quitting to pursue something Greater in my life. I sometimes played about 12-15 Hours a Day, well it wasnt just playing it was...
  2. C

    NOTABLE! If you want to be a millionaire by 25 then get a Saturday job

    "If you want to be a millionaire by 25 then get a Saturday job" Yes, someone really did say that! Bet you cant guess who. In context, the conversation had followed the regular dinnertime routine of my parents cajoling me too "get a job". During the discussion, my younger sister, who works at the...

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