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How The Patriots Won The SuperBowl - Mental Toughness?

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Across many different scenarios- we've all be on the losing end of a game. A likely impossible scenario to come back from. How do you come back and finish for the win when you see no way?

Tom Brady mentioned after tonight's Super Bowl win that it was mental toughness. I agree that it does paint a picture of what mental toughness is- losing deeply on the world's largest stage and then keeping focus to come back against all odds.

Now- was it just a string a "lucky breaks"? Or was it the accumulative expertise and skill of the team? Possibly both, likely.

I'm heading to bed here but I'm just in shock at how this team managed to come up for the win, and how this could apply to forum members who feel like they are losing their game and are trying to make a comeback.

And lastly, I have no thoughts for the team that blows the lead- the last, largest game, odds majorly in your favor. With the largest lead. Never blown before in SB history. What accumulate team mindset allows this to happen? Losing so bad this it becomes a "historic loss". What attitude/mindset/leadership allows this to happen?

I'm curious how some of the veteran forum members can relate this to solid and actionable business comparisons. And also if others have personal experience blowing or coming back in their own games.

EDIT: Football aside- just business comparisons within leadership, teamwork, mindset, attitude, planning, strategy.
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Oct 1, 2016
Atlanta Falcons' defense sucks. That's what happened.


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Aug 3, 2015
Pats didn't get overwhelmed by the big deficit. They just focused on the play in front of them and executed. They also had some luck. But they just kept grinding out each down, they started to gain momentum, they got into flow, and the rest is history.

Falcons were probably a victim of complacency. They got comfortable, thought they had done enough, and that gave the Pats a chance to get back in the game.

Another key factor is experience. Pats have been there 6 times for 4 wins. They had the belief from those wins that they could come back, so they never gave up.

Falcons were first timers, didn't handle the pressure well and made some bad calls when the game was there to be won. (Should have iced it with a field goal in the fourth, called a pass play, sacked, out of fg range).

Related to business? Don't get overwhelmed by the faraway vision of where you want to get to. Just focus on the one task in front of you today and execute.

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