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mental toughness

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  1. Mattie

    Reflections on Entrepreneurship in 2018

    This is just my reflections for 2018. It may or may not resonate with you. As an Entrepreneur myself, I understand theirs these phases I go through of inner transformation. I suppose I can measure where I was in 2014 and where I am in 2018. There's a great difference in how to relate with...
  2. Miles Hanson

    O/T: HEALTH Free Fitness | Nutrition | Accountability coaching for Entrepreneurs

    Hey Peeps! I thought I would offer my new service for free to get some feedback before I start charging. This is tailored toward busy entrepreneurs, but anyone will benefit. What you will get: Free 30 min assessment call Weekly meal plan (email) Monthly workout plan (email) Daily...
  3. G

    How The Patriots Won The SuperBowl - Mental Toughness?

    Across many different scenarios- we've all be on the losing end of a game. A likely impossible scenario to come back from. How do you come back and finish for the win when you see no way? Tom Brady mentioned after tonight's Super Bowl win that it was mental toughness. I agree that it does paint...

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