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  1. Andy Black

    Your Step's Too Short - A Leadership Story

    Back when I was 19, I was on the first day of a course to become an Assistant Club Coach for Track and Field Athletics. We were welcomed and our first instructor was introduced - some old chap ... who just happened to be one of the top freaking coaches in England! Wow, one of the top coaches...
  2. Antifragile

    CEO corner. Be a Leader: Wozniak was a great musician, Jobs played the orchestra.

    Want to build a 10+ figure business and 9+ figure net worth? Fastest way, maybe the ONLY way is to become a great leader, a great CEO of your company. Steve Wozniak was a great musician. Steve Jobs played the orchestra. It's never too late to be who you might have been. George Elliot. This...
  3. N

    Need advice regarding company structure

    Context: the mother of my boyfriend (Ms. X) dreamed of having her own art gallery, which she founded. She’s a good curator but she was barely selling anything and the management of the gallery was terrible until I stepped in (I have a background in Communications and Marketing + experience...
  4. YelmisPravida

    Getting employees to follow my vision

    I run a company with 12 employees. So far, I've been the type of leader who gets everybody's input, to get them onboard on the vision. But that's becoming more and more impossible. Recently, I've launched a vision and shifted my style to the more "here's what we are going to do, and here's what...
  5. Andy Black

    Your Step's Too Short

    Back in 1990 I was on the first day of a course to become an Assistant Club Coach for Track and Field Athletics. We were welcomed and our first instructor was introduced - some old chap ... who just happened to be one of the top freaking coaches in England! Wow, one of the top coaches in the...
  6. Chx

    Leadership Lessons From the Bottom: A Freelancer's Perspective

    It was a tough decision. Starting out as a freelancer, rather than going straight into a scalable business. It went against much of the advice here — bypassing CENTS for my first venture. I dream of being a leader. A visionary. Shaping the world through business, taking care of my employees...
  7. Process

    How To More Clearly Communicate With My Team?

    This is the first time I have people who work for me. It is the next step in my evolution. They are from a country everyone learns English as a second language in school. There is a slight barrier, since they take figures of speech literally. The solutions I've found through trial and error...
  8. BizyDad

    How My Attitude Towards Leadership Held Me Back For Decades

    I remember growing up my school had two or three shelves of biographies. I read them all. Those books deeply impacted who I wanted to be in life at a very young age. I remember many lessons. But this one lesson I had forgotten, until just recently: All my favorite leaders got shot. Growing up...
  9. Kepler

    Utilizing The Summits Knowledge

    Hey everyone, My names Kepler. If you met me at the summit I’m the guy with the long hair who has a software development company. Today was great, took the push from my peers at the summit to look into virtual assistants, and to use leadership skills to achieve your desired outcomes. First...
  10. Primeperiwinkle

    Do you care passionately about your employees?

    Philosophical Convo. You have been warned. Have you ever felt like you’re on the verge of having a really important aha moment in a conversation and then the person you’re talking to has to go? This just happened to me. I’m starting to realize that although I would like to learn a great deal...
  11. Danny reds

    Lunch with a Mentor!

    Who would you want to have a 1 hr lunch with? You can only pick one out of the top 5 in my opinion. MJ Demarco Grant Cardone Zig Ziglar Gary Vee Andy Frisella I know i can list so many more but these mentors impacted my life the most.
  12. Danny reds

    Trying to live UNSCRIPTED

    It doesn’t matter what mirror you look in. You will see the same reflection. You will be the same person until you change the person inside. You’ve probably seen my name and wondered if it was real. My name is Daniel Rojas but picked up the name Danny Reds growing up. Growing up I had a good...
  13. Kak

    Think Big, and Then Think Bigger Than That.

    About Texas Central This got me going today (my poor wife ;)) I think it’s interesting. The facts are... -The project will cost upwards of $15 billion. -It is a private Texas based company and it has never built a high speed railroad before. -They have the finances to complete the project...
  14. csalvato

    Building a team around you that will follow you to hell and back.

    At the 2018 Fastlane Summit I gave a talk on our current hiring process at Territory Foods using this slide deck. The premise was on how to build a team around you that will actually want to work with you, and building a team that wants to work together. In other words, how to be a leader and...
  15. G

    How The Patriots Won The SuperBowl - Mental Toughness?

    Across many different scenarios- we've all be on the losing end of a game. A likely impossible scenario to come back from. How do you come back and finish for the win when you see no way? Tom Brady mentioned after tonight's Super Bowl win that it was mental toughness. I agree that it does paint...