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  1. envykyro

    Ultimate Focus: Do you work in a cafe?

    Hi my house is very busy and noisy , and as i type this ive been distracted of my main work to ask you, Do You Work Inside A Cafe? do you have any tips for better environment? specifically the idea that came to mind was a Cafe, if so... is there a particular brand of cafe you recommend where...
  2. KJFast

    How to get through the “stuck” feeling?

    Hey guys, My minds really messy and has been for a while since I realised my last idea which would work in CENTS is a no go. Since then I’ve just been getting irritated about having no ideas, action-faking and feel like I’m just blocked/at a wall. I don’t know exactly what to do, when I took...
  3. Roli

    Sleep, The Fastest Way To Self-Sabotage.

    Excerpt from Shut Up Colin! - Out this summer. "Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe The New York rapper Nasty Nas, famously declared, “I never sleep, coz sleep is the cousin of death.” While sleep’s familial relationship to death may well be a...
  4. DCBrooks

    Painting / Construction Business Pivot to being SELLABLE (and as autonomous as possible)

    Good Morning All, I hope this post is in the right place, if it isn't let me know. I will start with some back story for reference, then go into the actual goal of this post My name is David Brooks, I am 34 years old the owner of a local (75 +/- mile range) painting and contracting company, I...
  5. Costa

    I Accomplished My Goal... Now I'm Completely LOST (Success= Depression?)

    I don't wanna make this thread, I hate not being useful giving value. I try to create more and consume less. I visualized myself writing a Journey doing my projects here on the Forum, instead, I'm writing this asking for feedback and advice. I live in a Shithole nation so even basic things like...
  6. J

    Mental Distractions: Why can't I focus while reading?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering why I keep having mental distractions while reading. I keep wandering off and thinking of something completely different when I want to focus on learning through books. This is mainly the reason why it took me 2 months to finish Unscripted. I would read a couple pages...
  7. Lyzmin

    What YouTube channels do you recommend?

    With the many posts about ‘guru’s’ on YouTube which provide no value I thought it will be valuable to the community to provide a list with channel recommendations you DO want to follow. I asked some longtime members for feedback, thanks so far for all the responses! More suggestions are welcome...
  8. ramony

    The Ultimate Hack to Beat Procrastination and Get More Done!

    Do you find yourself struggling to stay focused on your work and constantly getting distracted by social media and other websites? Well me too. But there are solutions that can help you break free from this cycle of distraction and improve your productivity. I recently discovered a technique...
  9. mauamolat

    Free Coworking Call for Content Publishers online such as blogger and youtubers

    Hey guys, I have been struggling with procrastination for quite a while now, and working on my own as a company of one makes it very exhausting to do the work on schedule and focus, especially when everything becomes demotivating and boring. And then I found a solution to fix this issue by...
  10. NeoDialectic

    Solve Your Motivational Woes: ‘Bout That Life Bootcamp

    Lack of motivation is one of the biggest gripes I hear from people that are struggling to make entrepreneurship work. For the longest time, I didn’t know what to say to them to help. After all, during a big portion of my career I had motivational issues myself! Everywhere you look there is some...
  11. LifeisSuffering

    Fear of missing out FOMO

    Hello every one After watching a video on things that kill focus i saw that multi-tasking is one of them. and reading the book THE ONE THING which insiste on focus on one area, one project to improve . NOW I'm confused I'm having many side hustles to work on and grow so it can genrate me...
  12. D

    Fit For Life, by Harvey Diamond

    Are two days in a row that I go running for about one hour, up and down on the hills, and I don't feel fatigued. I could run forever it seems. If you have read Rich Roll's book, he says something similar. Considering that I workout every morning and as a job, I do cleanings and sell solar...
  13. DarkWoods

    Interested in joining a mastermind?

    Hi everyone. I would like to create a mastermind and connect with a few of you on a regular basis. Since I don't have a job anymore, I have plenty of time to focus on my goals (health, starting a business, investing in the stock market to name a few). I live near Montreal, eastern time zone...
  14. J

    How I reduced the amount of time I waste online

    I spend most days working on the computer and I often catch myself checking my emails, reddit or hacker news instead of working. I didn't think it was a problem until I tried using a time tracking app. I realized that I was literally wasting hours every day and I wasn't getting much out of it...
  15. redshift

    How to (not) focus on multiple things at once and achieve mediocre results.

    Finally got around to listening to the fastlane insiders podcast hosted by @Vigilante featuring @MJ DeMarco & @AllenCrawley from May 28th. The episode itself was gold and I highly recommend checking out the recording (available on the inside) if you haven't already. The one thing which stuck...
  16. Vigilante

    Drown Out the Noise, and Focus (First Things First)

    Drown Out the Noise, and Focus (First Things First) Maybe it took me a pandemic. This window of slowing down has crystalized a lot of things, and re-prioritized things. I have often preached to others the value of Steven Covey’s concept of putting First Things First. Prioritizing the things...
  17. Andy Black

    "Build Your High Ground" & "Grow What You Know"

    “Build your high ground”. I’ve 15 years of IT, and 10 years of Google Ads. I stack one skill on top of the other and use my IT skills to build and analyse large and intricate Google Ads campaigns. “Grow what you know.” If you’re going to do something in addition to your current business...
  18. Fox

    The 90 Day Focus Challenge

    I think a few of you would have seen the discipline challenge thread around "75 hard" on here. A lot of us have been making massive progress around work ethic, drive and fitness. From doing that challenge for over 3 months now I also wanted to start in on my focus. I think the ability to focus...
  19. Champion

    Serving two masters at once... makes you go bald.

    For those who are interested in these metaphor stories, I just heard another great one today while listening to audiobook in the car, it goes like this: In Ancient Greece, it was completely normal for a man to have two wives, one old and one young. Both women would love the man very dearly...
  20. AG356

    How I went from $0 to $300,000 at the age of 22 (Oh, and back to $0)

    Alright guys, time for round 2 of me throwing out a novel as a thread before I leave another year or two and live to tell another tale. Maybe some of you remember me from my Amazon FBA thread I’ve written 2 years ago. I thought about adding what this story to the Amazon thread, however, I...