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  • Hello Bekit,

    I would like to order some copy for my new project, it may be reoccurring. Please let me know if you have capacity.


    I joined basically because of you. So thank you!

    And I also wanted to know, where did you learn how to write? Like, what was the process and influence that lead to your current writing style and capabilities?
    Hi Bekit, how is everything going?
    I truly like your advice and how detailed you are
    I am considering different platforms in order to understand which is the best, simpler, and not extremely expensive website I can get. Do you have any recommendations about it?
    And do you have any reading recommendations about how to fully start and operate an online business?
    Good morning Bekit, I have a quick question, What would be your pricing for zoom calls to help with ads and how much zoom calls a week/month?- And Thank You once again!
    Thank you for all the information you gave me! And thank you so much for your time, Hope you have a safe flight back to Colorado!
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