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Speedway Pass
Dec 3, 2017
Lviv, Ukraine
Easy tricks from former gaming addict that WORKS
  • Find more important and/or interesting ways to spend your time. Like 8 hours for the last 2 months on your 9-5 and 10 more hours on your new company + 1 hour in traffic. Did the trick for me 8 years ago. Zombies can't play.
  • Cheat. Games are designed on reward loops and cheating breaks that loops so game is no longer interesting. Don't cheat in online games. It can actually be more fun. lol.
  • Delete your account in online games. Just do it. You probably won't start playing again from scratch.
  • Get rid of games on your pc/phone/whatever. Get rid of specific gaming devices like consoles. Just in case of itch.
  • Understand that games are designed to be addictive. Like cigarettes. Don't start again. Value your time and your life.
I used to play games a lot in high school and university. And smoke a lot, but that's another story...

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Speedway Pass
Dec 1, 2017
Latin America
You need to eliminate the root completely. In other words, you have to get rid of any possibility that you will be able to play games.

My background:
Addicted to computer games from ~middle school to end of high school. EASILY put in 10,000 hours (aka 1+ year of my life spent in front of a PC). While my grades and relationships suffered, I had a lot of fun. The main regret I have is listening to my parents and not going to offline tournaments and potentially going pro.

If you have a desktop, you either need to get rid of it and get something that can't play games (e.g. a laptop that doesn't have a sick graphics card) or take out the graphics card and replace it with some cheap shit or use the onboard one.

If the games aren't graphic-intensive, you need to make a different user account on your PC or something with limited privileges (can't install anything) and then tell someone like your parents, etc. to make an admin user account password and never tell you what it is.

If you have a console, sell it.

Obviously I can't go into every possible scenario but you need to either make the playing of games impossible (e.g. the examples above) or make it so difficult that you wouldn't bother.

For example, I would still play games given the chance but I'm currently living in a foreign country (electronics are probably 2x or 3x the price and I'm not gonna be here forever) and on a basic laptop - not going to play games on this considering it is not designed for that and I like FPS games. (It also helps to have a serious goal - an "F this moment" might help).


Bronze Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jul 16, 2015
As everyone pointed out and the though immediately came to my mind.

If you enjoy gaming you need to get a good webcam and recording software (obs , xsplit gamecaster) record all gameplays and post on youtube.

Live stream on Twitch , do live stream.

Post game reviews , try gaming consoles.

Best , if your into Pc gaming. Review and test graphic cards , gaming keyboards , gaming mouse etc etc.

Opportunities are unlimited.

Which games do you play ?

If you play esports like league of legends type then even better.


Bronze Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jul 16, 2015
Thank you all so much. I've deleted all of them every last one. It would be safe to say my laptop is strictly work. :) I need to get a macbook so I don't have the computer to play anything. Also they're really useful. Thank you guys so much but this is what I needed in order to take that step. It feels like a step out of my childish self and into the new me.

Thanks again.
No , if you love them don't delete.

Leigh Farrell

Nov 27, 2017
Adelaide, South Australia
Hi guys.. I have a real big problem. I can't do anything or finish anything unless I quit games. I know it's not a serious condition that I have, but it does get in the way with a lot of things that I do on my computer because I get way to distracted. I end up playing 1 game then another then another......again and again. It's really just frustrating at the end of it all. I realize I haven'y gotten anything done at all. And minutes of gaming have become hours and it's really depressing.

I'm not trying to limit myself to a few hours a week/day/month, but I'm trying to quit for good. I know there are those out there that play games and are successful, but I really just want to get gaming out of my life.

If you guys are wondering whether I have a gaming console or a pc, I have a pc. That's why it gets in the way so much because since I'm using my computer to play games, I can't seperate it and I end up gaming because I see it on my desktop.

I want to thank everyone and anyone who helps me overcome this. There are many things that I can do in my life and I don't want it to rot away because I simply couldn't resist my urge. Any ideas and tips would be super helpful.

Thank you again.
I was using Facebook too much and it used to waste heaps of my time. When i got serious about quitting, i deleted the app. Now i use it once every week or two for about 10 minutes on my browser.
If you have a console, ask a friend who lives 20 minutes drive or more away from you to store it.
If you use pc to play, delete the games, delete steam, and ask s friend to look after your games for you.
That way you can still play if you want to, but you make it more difficult for yourself.
Like mj says, the battle of the bulge isn't won in the kitchen, it's won in the store.


Bronze Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
Oct 30, 2017
White City, OR
Remember, as time passes that is a chunk of your life gone. You've probably wasted much of your life doing stuff that wasted time. Do you want to be old and not have accomplished anything? Is gaming more important than freedom? I've cut down big time on all my time-wasting activities. I have games too but have not touched them in like 2 years. I thought about selling it all. It's all replaceable. If I ever get the desire to play again I can always buy it again. But for now, I want to dedicate the next few years to gaining financial freedom. You need to lock in your goals and purpose in life. Don't waste your life on bullshit.


Bronze Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
Jun 4, 2019
I haven't gamed for almost 2 years once I started doing my thing. But probably because I started making money gaming (World of Warcraft botting), so gaming started to become less attractive (for enjoyment purposes).
Huh, that's an interesting solution. Kill the gaming addiction by monetizing it...

So on top of my kick as environment and everything I have in place, I wrote @JasonR a cheque (yes an actual cheque he can cash at any time) of $500 if I eat anything with sugar or sweets until a certain date, where I am allowed to treat myself. These cheques have gone from $20 and grown because i didn't care enough to lose $20 and would sometimes do it because i really just wanted to eat some chocolate.

Massive change takes extreme measures for a while. Don't let anyone convince you it will be easy shaking off the habit. Just know, if it's hard and you are really struggling, it's a good thing because you know you are pushing yourself to new limits.
That seems super effective!

When real success is more important to you than fantasy success, that's when you will quit. Until then, you're susceptible to action fakes.
Hmm the fantasy success is easy and feel good. Seems like a byproduct of instant gratification and being emotionally controlled.
Last edited:


New Contributor
Aug 20, 2019
You have an addiction that is eating away at a big part of your life. It started nibbling, then small bites, a few big ones, but you never minded, because they were small. And within a few years you were covered from head to toe in small bites.

I'm sure now you're in a better place. But if you aren't wouldn't it be nice to not feel so compelled to do this thing? To have freedom again? Not to spend hours and days, looking for that feeling that made you start in the first place?

Luckily for me I have a non-addictive personality so I don't know what that addiction even feels like.
Just kidding I used to smoke pot and drink, but I want to help you. You have to start with the question "Why?" for example,

"Why do I play video games?
1. Because they're fun.
Why are they fun?
2. Because X.
Why X?
3. Because X..."

Do this to #7.

With a strong enough why, anything is possible. Once you have your final "why," substitute. For you, I'd say solve labyrinths and mazes. FYI all addictions are formed around a childhood trauma. When reminded, the addiction grabs us, so you'll be fighting a demon or two along the way.

I promise if you do this, it doesn't mean you stop playing video games. That's the point, you have the choice. You may even find them stupid at times because now you literally have better things to do.

Try it now. 7 Whys

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