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I've finally quit gaming.

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Oct 4, 2020
Hello lovely people!

I signed up in this forum while playing a minimum of 8 hours of gaming a day, sometimes it would stretch to 15 hours. My grades were good(21 years old, 3rd year - Computer Science ) but, deep down I knew something was wrong. I wasn't functioning properly and I wasn't investing my free time into learning something new/practicing a skill/set-up a goal and follow it.
Every day, I would wake up, do whatever I have to do with my studies as fast as I can, so I could go back and continue gaming. As I finished at night, I would read a couple of chapters of Unscripted and a whole load of self-guilt/blame feelings would strike me. So every day I would feed-off of these feelings and try to focus on the negatives of gaming, the horrible mood swings you encounter, anger, disappointment, etc...

And finally, I have done it. I've quit gaming for 2/3 weeks now. I somehow managed to force myself to stop double-clicking to open the game. My body suddenly didn't want to double click it, as if it had no reason to. Why would you double click it when it brings all these negatives? for just a bit of fake sense of achievement? Nah. (Yes, gamers, it's fake. And this is the hardest part to realize)

I can honestly say, it wasn't easy. But it was worth it. Ever since I quit gaming, I have finished a course on Udemy, started thinking about what my real goals are, and how to achieve them.
I started reading a lot on this forum(as many suggested as a start) and started looking for a path to take in order to achieve the entrepreneur-lifestyle.

But I must say, there are many hardships. The fear of the unknown, "what if this path wouldn't lead to any success? (for example, web design)", "what if this idea doesn't actually work and it doesn't really help people so they wouldn't waste money on it?", etc... Don't get me wrong, I will try things. I will get my hands dirty. But I just need that 1 simple idea that would click, a silver lining that would fill me up with motivation. I guess I will continue working on finding that right path, for me.

All the drama aside, I can at least say that: Even though it was a very small achievement, overcoming that addiction. It proves to me that I'm capable of making these little changes(micro-processes as MJ called them) if I set my mind to it. Hopefully, I will keep on doing that. And for all the gamers/addicts out there, if I could to it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

And, most importantly, Thank you MJ!
Congratulations on quitting your video game addiction!
Once you realized that video games don't matter anymore, it became a lot easier to quit since there was no benefit or reward to play. Besides, why should anyone have to play video games when their passion is not in it?

Plus, life is far more interesting to play in and level up your skills :)

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