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Extreme inconsistency. Any ideas??

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Aug 12, 2019
Hi Michael,

I've read the entire post as it applies to me as well in a lot a sense. I am little older than you, 24 years old exactly and I have not find ways to be consistent and work hard.

I also leave at my parent's house, also started several little businesses, lack clarity on what I truly want and who I am really at the deepest (my life's purpose is not clear too). I've developed some qualities as a French young adult but I would not consider myself a man still.

You seem to be an active searcher just I have been for the most part in my life. Seeking for help is strengh because it requires that your ego is not that big and it is my opinion, invaluable to make progress faster. It is not an easy journey but you seem to have good qualities for you age and I congratulate you for that.

I guess most people here are successful entrepreneurs and they want you to raise your standards which is great but from my perspective I would also advise you to give yourself compassion, grace, and love to yourself.

Of couse, we all want to be successful, become independent, be financially free but the journey is often times very long so why not make sure that you enjoy the process at the same time ?

I'm not into the workhard mentality without a true understanding of your inner being first. You have to start with that before venturing into any business ideas, projet or job. Otherwise, you will just burn out, feel unfullfilled, depressed, unhappy and live with theses cycles of productivity and doing nothing, beating yourself up.

It is only when you will be trully aligned with yourself, know how to feel good about yourself on your own that you will be able to act in the world, create and contribute. Going the other way around will only make you suffer even more until you realize that.

Recently, I purchased programs from Tony Robbins called the Inner Circle. In it, he gives you all his best programs to truly give yourself all the clues about why we do what we do and who we are as human beings and specific strategies to feel good at any time in life. Even though I've been on this personal development journey for a long time, I see it could really help you to feel better on a daily basis and be more consistent over time. If you are not consistent, it is because you are not really aligned, centered and you have unresolved inner conflicts. Also, you may not know simple tactics to feel better just has changing your physiology, your focus or the meaning you give to experiences.

It is not magic content but It could really to be better prepared before you confront the world. It's great to jump out of the nest but it is also better to do it when you have grown some wings !

Also, I would advise you to pick Awaken the Giant Within and do the 10 Mental Diet Challenge (I am starting out and I feel I could feel good and be positive at all times with the tools given in the programs I told you before).

However, I must admit that I am not into business and taking massive actions. I'm just a young man who wants to be happy first and foremost. In fact, I believe that we have to learn how to feel good about ourselves on our own first before going out in the world. It is the most valuable thing you can offer yourself and other people around you.

It is a very complex subject and I hope that this message will give you another perspective to think about as it is a process that will mature in you over time with dedication.

Keep doing you best, question yourself, keep improving as much as you can. And remember, it nevers ends. Life is about progress ! Make sure everything is the product of you conclusions.


This is a very lovely perspective.

Life is not all about go-go-go!
Of course there is hard work, excellence and service. And of course it is about creating and offering value.

But life has so many layers, and it's up to us to find our own ways to enjoy the most out of it too, while yet being of service.

Both of you are young, and smart to ask for other viewpoints.
I wish you both a rich journey ahead!

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Jul 13, 2021
South Korea
Holy shit. That's some Edge of Tomorrow shit. Minus the aliens and time loop stuff.

Where did you go? What was it like?
Good movie haha

I went to South Korea, where I'm at right now.

I heard horror stories from friends and reading online... about people killing themselves because of bullying and harassment of all kinds. During my service though one guy cut off his leg with a chainsaw after getting bit by a snake, a guy shot himself in the chin right in front of his bully on a duty, some dude escaped by climbing over a wired fence to see his ex gf...


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Oct 11, 2021
Thanks for all the advice everyone. I've been trying my best to deal with this problem myself but I just couldn't figure it out. I have a lot of new ideas now. New strategies to test out so that hopefully I can get rid of this problem for good.

I'll contribute whenever I can as well, as I take too much value without giving in return - my bad.

First, it's probably because you're not clear about what it is that you want. It happened to me as well about a year and a half ago. It's going to sound a little gurish, but you need to have a big vision/dream for your life. Because there are only two things that motivate us in life; our goals and people. You're not always going to be motivated every single day, but that's normal. Every person goes through a cycle like that, but the key is to just keep it moving.

Second, you're most likely taking too much action too soon before your body has adapted to the work. I think you've heard it before, it takes roughly 66-90 days to build a habit with a 50% chance of continuity. You keep it at it in the next 200 days after that? There's a 90-95% chance that you'll retain it for your lifetime.

There's a great talk on this by Andy Frisella; he has his little thing called the powerlist and I've been using it for a long time now. It's very effective in being consistent. It's episode 105 on the MFCEO podcast called Win the day(highly recommend it to anyone who's struggling with this).

The key is to not kill yourself too soon. Think about it in terms of fitness. How do most people start?
Let's say that person is 100lbs overweight(weighs 300lbs and has a height of 6ft). Never worked out in his life(only drinks coke too). He's excited.
He starts to run 5 miles everyday, only eats tuna and drinks water. And after 1-2 weeks, he gets a sudden realization; "Where are the results? THIS IS BS!". The problem is the plan. He literally took a marathon runner's plan while being 100lbs overweight.

It's the same in business. People start doing 300 cold calls a day. Or they send 250 emails a day. It's way too much too soon. And what happens after 2-3 weeks? They start doing the same old sh*t again. I'm being brutal about it because the same thing happened to me in business. Think about this in terms of a marathon. You're a tortoise and not the hare. I think it's also called the Kaizen principle but whatever.

Set daily actionable goals that you can do daily that are in your absolute control to start the process.

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