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Daniel Burt

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Nov 29, 2017
Hello guys,

My name is Daniel, I am 27 years old originally from Essex, England but currently live and work in Dubai. I guess like the majority of people on this forum I have read both of the books and they have both hit me like a ton of bricks, motivating me to sign up to my first ever forum!

So a brief background about myself, I got myself in a great deal of trouble when younger but started turning my life around at 21.

To cut a long story short I completed a University degree in Advertising and Marketing at 23 only to realize that as MJ rightfully states essentially University is now a business and is in short an expensive waste of time, albeit great fun.

I went straight into sales afterwards understanding this is a fundamental skill that is necessary to succeed in Business and was working for the company Just Eat around the UK. (Just Eat is an online food order and delivery service. It acts as an intermediary between independent take-out food outlets and customers.)

Having the itch to travel I saved up and booked a one way ticket with my partner to SE Asia where we did Muay Thai and Yoga and were hooked on the laid back lifestyle. When the money started to get low we moved to Dubai understanding what a booming economy there is here and after a really hard initial 6 months we landed fantastic jobs, myself for a construction intelligence platform BNC. (BNC is a project tracking software which allows construction suppliers, contractors and consultants to streamline their sales process and my partner in fashion design which she has studied and has a talent for.)

I had read the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and after 18 months of successful selling landed a remote work agreement with BNC where we lived temporarily in Thailand to pursue Muay Thai and my partner worked remotely pursuing Yoga at the same time. This was amazing for 9 months or so although there came a point where my partner got her job back so I came back with her, on top of that we were both still violating the law of control.

Dubai is certainly far better than the UK as an employee due to the lack of income tax and better money, that being said it is the freedom I crave so much and it seems so crazy to again be swapping time for money.

I am now working in sales for a lighting supplier here in Dubai as after reading MJ's books I am keen to identify a problem that needs solving in an industry that I am now semi familiar with. I agree with the fact that "chasing your passion" isn't always the best advice and it is much more effective to be passionate about solving problems.

In saying that my passion really lies in martial arts (Muay Thai and BJJ), also I am a keen skier, traveller love yoga and open to trying anything new and adventurous!
Thanks for reading guys, I look forward to connecting with you and wish you all the best success! :)

Best regards,

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