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health and wellness

  1. Lyzmin

    My experiment with infrared & cryotherapy. Rate my morning routine!

    Last weekend I went for the first time to Freezlab in my hometown Amsterdam. I went for a infrared therapy (heat) for ten minutes and after that cryotherapy (-110 degrees celsius). It was such an amazing experience and afterwards I played a game of football like never before. Inspired by the...
  2. missinfinity98

    Need for a restaurant franchise (or something in franchise spirit)

    Can we just take a moment and appreciate how beautiful this cake is? If you have a franchise of restaurants in the EU I am interested - in a project I am creating - a retreat in Poland, EU - there is a need for 3 meals a day for the visitors. I am talking about 2023/2024.
  3. J

    Health advice, GMOs?

    Hi,this is my first post here. I previously read MJ's books and now I'm reading the great rat race scape but I tried to apply the learned and now I have a problem with beliefs. In MJ's book, says you can break up beliefs searching for information and learning from scientists, leaders and...
  4. KushShah9492

    I don’t feel well rested

    I’ve been struggling with sleep for a few weeks now. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t feel as fresh as I should, even after a 7-8 hour sleep. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, maybe it’s my sleep habits getting in the way. Do you guys have any tips related to getting a better sleep and...
  5. marcelcorradi

    Brazil 2020 - Supplements (Reseller or private label)

    Hey guys, I'm new here... Just read The Fastlane book last week. I'm thinking about a idea to make some money and leverage my investments. Basically I'm thinking about reselling supplements or creating a supplement private label. I live in Brazil, so I would like to know if anyone have...
  6. Ismail941

    Fitness Analogy & Fitness Equation

    Fitness Analogy & Fitness Equation 1) Exercise Name: Lat Pull Down 2) Muscle Group of the Human Body: Back 3) [Sets] -> [Volume] Sets: 4 4) [Sets] -> [?] Reps: 12 Times 5) [Sets] -> [Velocity] Time Investment: Less than 20 Minutes 6) [Sets] -> [Velocity] Rest Time: Less than 5 Minutes So If...
  7. Lord Business

    Journey to freedom, purpose and 5+ mil networth through healthcare businesses

    Ether I'll be a multi-millionaire in next 3-5 years or totally broke. I'd like to think I'm on an epic journey and through sharing it (not taking in account what the business outcome is), I hope at least one person in the future can learn something from my successes and failures. MY BACKGROUND...
  8. TadBit$$

    Can Feeling Happiness make you richer?

    Can Happiness Make you Richer? Most People think being richer is the key to happiness. Lets flip that concept and explore shall we! My experience is that when your sick or sad you can have a grim outlook on business or life. 1. you may not have to power to deal with your feelings and may...
  9. Daniel Burt

    Excited to connect with like minded problem solvers in the pursuit of ultimate freedom!

    Hello guys, My name is Daniel, I am 27 years old originally from Essex, England but currently live and work in Dubai. I guess like the majority of people on this forum I have read both of the books and they have both hit me like a ton of bricks, motivating me to sign up to my first ever forum...
  10. Niptuck MD

    Private health insurance

    Was wondering if anyone knew of any good private medical insurance for entrepreneurs? People that work from home and or work for themselves, any good providers that you could recommend to other fastlaners?
  11. Almantas

    Coming Out of a Dark Side of a Heaven

    Hey guys! I was contemplating my entire evening about this post, but decided to keep it short and sweet so to appeal to our busy entrepreneur friends! It's 5:30 am and here it is: Situational Background Most of you already know me, so I am not going to go into detailed personal introduction...
  12. Miles Hanson

    If you want a Free health plan..

    As entrepreneurs, lack of time seems to be the biggest struggle with staying healthy and fit. Since your health is so closely correlated with the success of your business, my question to you is: Would you pay for monthly tailored health plans? Would you have paid for it while you were...
  13. Miles Hanson

    Free Fitness | Nutrition | Accountability coaching for Entrepreneurs

    Hey Peeps! I thought I would offer my new service for free to get some feedback before I start charging. This is tailored toward busy entrepreneurs, but anyone will benefit. What you will get: Free 30 min assessment call Weekly meal plan (email) Monthly workout plan (email) Daily...
  14. Miles Hanson

    Staying healthy as an entrepreneur

    What is your biggest struggle with staying healthy and fit as an entrepreneur? The obvious answer is time. But if it's important to us (which it should be since without health, nothing else matters..) then we make it a priority. I would say mine is accountability. Staying consistent with...
  15. Sully1994

    E-commerce Strategy: Store driven, or story driven?

    Opening up an e-commerce store in the mental health and wellness niche. My product is a mood boosting supplement pill made from various natural Ayurvedic herbs. Just finalized ingredient ratios and am in the process of getting the beta version produced for friends, family, and whoever I can find...