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  1. JordanSavard

    Start From Scratch

    Hi, My name is Jordan and this year, I decided to live a life of passion and stop working 5 days for 2 days of freedom. I want to invest my time in something that would allow me to reach freedom and choice. I read a lot of book and a lot of forum on the thefastlaneforum, and I decide to ask my...
  2. B


    How come it took so long for me to read this book (28m) … not sure, maybe because I grew up with a single mom that didn’t engage in my education perhaps or was it because I chose to play video games my whole youth with minimal sports involved who knows right. But now (the past year 2023) I’ve...
  3. BlackMagician

    It's NOT about money. It's about Freedom & Control

    Woke up today at 8am, without alarm. The first thing I saw was my 7 months old son smiling at me and sucking my shirt. What a wonderful start. Slowly the day started. The giggling of my son, my wife calling me, hugging me and saying sweet words in the first 30 mins of my day. My parents and...
  4. 10Fold

    How Do You Spend Your Freedom Coupons?

    I myself am still on the journey to financial freedom. My freedom coupons are being invested. Invested in growing my knowledge. Invested in hustling on the side in the meantime. Oh course it isn’t all serious. I can always count on a drive to set my mind free. Freedom coupons certainly come in...
  5. Everyman

    I Don't Have a Title For This Thread (Yet)

    I find this forum a special place. I have some kind of emotional attachement to it. So I decided I would share some of my life experience. I have tried before, but in hindsight, I was not developed yet (and I was 31 when I joined the forum, I am 38 now). Maybe this will inspire some of you to...
  6. Woosah

    9 Rules I Follow as a Serial Rule-Breaker (That Have Given Me a Pretty Great Life)

    I wanted to share a recent list I put together titled, 9 Notable Rules Every Entrepreneur MUST Live By for a Great Life. I typically don't like rules because they imply rigidity, and I prefer a more flexible approach to life. Also, I find myself breaking them from time to time when it's...
  7. K

    Teaching foreign languages the Fastlane way

    Greeting folks. First and foremost, I want to thank Mr. MJ. Demarco for his endeavor and dedicated efforts to enlighten many on how to achieve financial freedom fast without waiting for retirement pension fees after toiling on insane jobs throughout our lives. Mr. Demarco for sure is freeing...
  8. K

    A SUMMARY OF WHAT I UNDERSTAND ABOUT C.E.N.T.S. (control, entry, need, time and scale)...I am still learning and growing...

    When we undertake something highly valuable but not easy to pursue and especially that very few people or no people at all do it, we'll be creating a path where there is no path. Something that requires audacity and tenacity to keep on pursuing it. While assuring total control to our current...
  9. T

    Regulatory capture of DeFi, web3 and crypto in favor of incumbents

    I know and understand the potential of crypto. I'm in love of the technology which is so powerful, I actually thought that decentralization is going to take on governments and create a dream world for all freedom lovers all over the world. Oh, how naive was I. I have spent years learning and...
  10. ClarkeLDN

    Another Slowlaner looking to switch lanes!

    Hey All, First time on the forum having read TMF whilst on holiday over the past couple of weeks. The book sparked so many thoughts for me and I'm currently reflecting on what I can do next to put myself in a better position. From a slowlane mindset, I'm pretty successful: 30 years old &...
  11. T. Davis

    How I quit my job and started living on passive income

    Hiya! I'm new to Fastlane philosophy but not to entrepreneurship. I started my first business when I was 12 (babysitting), started giving hairwraps to kids at local fairs when I was 14, sold my hand-made clothing in a local retail store when I was 15 and then, much like MJ, started coordinating...
  12. Runum

    Your Tomorrow Depends on Your Choices Today

    I was talking to my advanced ageing dad the other day. He was marveling at the things I had taught his granddaughter. These are lessons I learned from reading and meeting people with advanced visions of life. People like RussH, SteveO , MJ , Kung Fu Steve, the Mariani's, Dave H, and so many...
  13. M

    Great speech about Covid from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Berlin

    Yesterday was a big demonstration against the C0VlD-19 measures in Berlin. The media is not really reporting about the presence of Robert F. Kennedy Jr and his speech about the pandemic, economic slavery and making fear. So let me give you some informations what happend yesterday and what I...
  14. OneLife

    My Journey to Freedom, Entrepreneurship and Impact (eCommerce)

    Hi! I'm Liel, 20 years old from Israel. Before I start, I wanted to say that I feel like this community is amazing and I'm grateful to be a part of it. Although not being an active user for long, I already got tons of value here. This is my attempt to give back a little, hopefully inspire...
  15. Venn

    Polish Italian going for American Dream

    Hey all, I have decided that I am going to use this forum as a kind of journal for my bussines and personal development. This way it should help me with being consistent and focused on my goals, and maybe it can be of some use for you. I am 26 y/o Polish guy living in Rome just finished my Msc...
  16. tropical_wander

    Sleeping Slave now awakened

    Good day, everybody. My name is Luis, hailing from Puerto Rico and aged 22. Currently I'm a college student studying Computer Science. I have finished reading Millionare Fastlane with great care. This soon launched an introspection and an epiphany: I have been a Sleeping Slave of Life. A...
  17. Vigilante

    Drown Out the Noise, and Focus (First Things First)

    Drown Out the Noise, and Focus (First Things First) Maybe it took me a pandemic. This window of slowing down has crystalized a lot of things, and re-prioritized things. I have often preached to others the value of Steven Covey’s concept of putting First Things First. Prioritizing the things...
  18. ecommercewolf

    Living Overseas Thread

    Curious to see who lives overseas primarily (specifically leaving United States and living somewhere else) How has this sped up wealth building? (a lot of countries the COL is cheaper so there is arbitrage) Enough resources for your business? How has dating life improved compared to U.S...
  19. B

    How Much Time Do I Need To Put In?

    I know what you're thinking... "He'll never make it asking that question". I don't blame you. I would think the same thing... but. I'm asking because I'm at a crossroads where the time I'm putting into the hustle could take time away from my personal life (girlfriend mostly). I start to feel...
  20. S

    Going Fastlane

    For sometime now, I've been studying Java. My dream is to create an Android game and make millions but I don't know if this is possible. I've been having doubts about this. I'm stuck between website creation and app creation. I could've done both but I'm obeying the rule in the millioniare fast...