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  1. Roli

    Sleep, The Fastest Way To Self-Sabotage.

    Excerpt from Shut Up Colin! - Out this summer. "Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe The New York rapper Nasty Nas, famously declared, “I never sleep, coz sleep is the cousin of death.” While sleep’s familial relationship to death may well be a...
  2. U

    Bodybuilding Instagram page

    Hello All, I know most of Instagram is overwhelmed by anything that has to do with bodybuilding but I've been thinking a while of creating my own bodybuilding/health page. Why do I think I could be a helpful Instagram "influencer". - I got 7 years of boxing experience, during that time I used...
  3. D

    Simple Productivity Boost

    If you exercise first thing in the morning or BEFORE doing work, you might want to keep reading. I used to exercise first thing in the morning because I like going when the gym is empty and also to start my day on the right track (I enjoy working out a lot). But one thing I noticed when I...
  4. hjd

    Help an Action-Faker get Started in the Fitness Industry

    Hi everyone, I hope this thread finds you in good health. I'm struggling to take real action and start my business. I am a chronic action-faker; my 'fakes' of choice usually include buying books and consuming lots of content around my idea. Also I usually have a record of half-baked website...
  5. Fox

    Are you as fit as Mark Zuckerburg? (Probably not)

    Did you know Mark Zuckerburg: - Has run a 5km race in 19:34 seconds - Won Gold and Silver in his first Ju Jitsu tournament - Did the "Murph Challenge" in under 40 mins (running a mile, then doing 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, and then running another mile -- all while wearing a 20lb...
  6. The One

    Medical industry? How to get in?

    Dear Fastlaners, How does one enter the medical industry? Since, I wish to create a product, I have started sketching the concept and possible methods to construct and all. However: investments qualified medics scientist programmers research team and many more staff are required to start...
  7. MJ DeMarco

    What's your HEALTHCON Status?

    What's your HEALTHCON? Like DEFCON which states a military condition, your HEALTHCON is your Health Condition. This might be a bit neurotic but I look @ my health condition like a DEFCON military status. It is something that I pay attention to, and treat very seriously. HEALTHCON5 -...
  8. Benjamin Pavliha

    Alcohol drinking habits

    Hey everyone, quite new to the forum here, so thought I would share some of my experience. Over the past years I have worked with 3 different global corporate companies in 4 different countries, and I have witnessed that drinking alcohol was the main activity that me and my work colleagues used...
  9. T

    What is Your Biggest Health-Related Pain Point as an Entrepreneur?

    Hey Fastlaners - I'm conducting research to find out what the HEALTH issues are that most entrepreneurs struggle with. These would be issues that affect your performance, ability to scale or increase revenue, or cause lowered satisfaction. If you or another entrepreneur you know has/have a...
  10. missinfinity98

    Need for a restaurant franchise (or something in franchise spirit)

    Can we just take a moment and appreciate how beautiful this cake is? If you have a franchise of restaurants in the EU I am interested - in a project I am creating - a retreat in Poland, EU - there is a need for 3 meals a day for the visitors. I am talking about 2023/2024.
  11. PureA

    How to Deal With Anxiety? Causing Avoidance of Important Tasks (Losing $$$$$)

    How do you guys deal with anxiety? I've meditated everyday for 10 years, my sleep, diet, and exercise is all dialed. My pattern is this: Important task (can be as small as sending an email) > anxiety > massive avoidance of the task > more anxiety around task > more avoidance. I know how...
  12. Surf16

    Masterminds and Building My Own

    Over the last 2 years I have joined three different mastermind groups. I guess I am in 4 now including this group. I have found them HUGELY beneficial. Some things I have learned so far: surrounded by successful people I otherwise wouldn't have access too networking learning from people...
  13. M

    How to start and grow a medical supplies business?

    Hi, I was recently catching up with an acquaintance who started a medical supplies business in 2017 and now has 5 active locations. He seems to be doing very well and its got me thinking about it days later still. Unfortunately we only got to spend a couple hours together so I did not get to...
  14. Daniel Ekdahl

    You, your Health, and your Business: Part 1

    What does every entrepreneur and business have in common? The health of the entrepreneur. Your health. I have devoted much of my life to this study. I am very young in my entrepreneurial journey, so in the spirit of adding value to this community I want to start by exploring topics in health...
  15. missinfinity98

    Learning from the hardships and moving on

    Ok, Fastlaners I am dealing with strong lower-back pain since this morning and I know it is because of what I encountered lately. Please share your stories, I need support right now. It is very hard. I left my abusive family half a year ago. I am a 23, woman. I had to clear up most of my toxic...
  16. BarKogan$

    Did anyone face those issues?

    As an entrepreneur, I did not always have an orderly framework of work. My days looked different from each other and my routine was interesting and busy. A problem I faced when I wanted to lose weight was consistency, I started weight loss processes and I would give up too early, I had a hard...
  17. C

    Who am I and why I am here?

    Hello, my name is Connor and I am 16 years old. The reason that I joined The Fastlane Forum is about the same way everyone else joined. I was reading The Millionaire Fastlane, found out that this forum existed, and joined because I wanted to see what this new place that I have never seen could...
  18. C

    How To Do An Ez-Curl Bar Bicep Curl

    New to YouTube videos (as you can tell)...But i wanted to provide some value so figured I would post this up here for all the weight lifters.
  19. Abel Xavier Roy


    Many busy entrepreneurs struggle to find time to achieve their fitness goals. Either it’s because of a busy schedule or because for them it’s not worth the time they put in. Here’s what it’s all about. Many people don’t get results from doing many kinds of workouts or many kinds of diets or...
  20. marcelcorradi

    Brazil 2020 - Supplements (Reseller or private label)

    Hey guys, I'm new here... Just read The Fastlane book last week. I'm thinking about a idea to make some money and leverage my investments. Basically I'm thinking about reselling supplements or creating a supplement private label. I live in Brazil, so I would like to know if anyone have...