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eCommerce/ Make Money Online Days Are Over... Unless

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New Contributor
Jul 23, 2019
The days are over to make an easy quick $ online. Putting a cheap product on amazon and eBay or drop shipping it isn't so easy anymore like these gurus will tell you. Competition is rising, and businesses are getting stricter.

Of course, you can make money online quite easily, however, the real question should be is it sustainable/long term. Have you put a system in place to make sure this is a proper business and not just a pop up an online store that dies in 3 to 6 months.

If you want to grow a successful business in 2019 and beyond you have to think to build a brand while putting your customers come first. If you don't build a brand, other competition will eventually come through and kill your product listing, Shopify store, etc. YOU essentially want to be that business people come to (without second-guessing) when they need something specific (whatever your niche is)

The best thing about building a brand is that you don't need as much traffic as you think you need. Why is this? Well if you build a brand, you will have customers that trust you, and with trust comes repeat purchases from the same customer, instead of new ones coming and going.

Look at Apple for example. Every year, they have millions of repeat customers who upgrade their phone. Why is this? Well because they have developed their brand in a way where if they need a new phone, they come to Apple. They trust Apple and because of this, they are able to charge so much for their products and come back every year. IF someone needs a new phone they instantly think of Apple.

Save your a$$ by over-delivering, being different, being the best and building an email list so you can get in touch with your customers individually. Have a free product in your front end and take your customer through a sales funnel. If you sell books or products on Amazon, this can be your front end, get their email and then you have products to sell them via email marketing on your own website.

Build your business, social media platforms, make a website.

Think further, think bigger.

Just thought I'd make a quick post on this, because if you want to succeed you have to think this way now... For long term growth anyway.

The most consistent and heavy money is made in brands and agencies. Build one.
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Walter Hay

Legendary Contributor
Speedway Pass
Sep 13, 2014
World citizen
"Me Too" selling in any market or marketplace has never been a great idea. The point made by @AmbitiousInstinc about the need to build a brand has always been relevant, and has been the basis of successful businesses worldwide.

I agree that to make money on 3rd party platforms like Amazon, there is almost zero possibility of sustained success unless you can stand out from the crowd that still use "Hot Seller" programs to choose the products they will import and sell.

Just look for keywords describing those hot sellers on eBay or Amazon and if you understand marketing you will quickly see why you should look for other products.

I recommend two courses of action.
1. Find unique products. Sourcing in countries other than China is a good way to find products that have not previously been sold in the country where you want to sell. Product acquisition is the first step in marketing.
2. Adopt a complete marketing program that involves understanding your potential customers, and using everything from brand name through: logo, slogan, labels, packaging (both inner and outer), all in such a way as to appeal to their wants, desires, and needs.

Round that off with exceptional customer service and you will have a brand that your customers will continually relate to. You and your brand will stand out from the crowd, even in a crowded marketplace.


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