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  1. jolosd

    Where to learn entrepreneurial stuff especially finance terms? Just finished the chapter in the part 7 of TMF.

    I will directly quote the book and realized I lacked technicalities. "Many perfectly intelligent people lack rudimentary knowledge of basic financial concepts such as: ✓Interest rates ✓Taxable and non-taxable yields ✓Amortization of mortgages ✓The balancing of a check book ✓Basic percentage...
  2. Ernest19

    My life as entrepreneur

    I started the journey after my six years in primary education. I joined my uncle to help him in his retail business and stayed with him for six years. I started my own business with his support in the same business. The business was not favorable to me as i was expected. Then i thought that it...
  3. HannahsFastlane

    Scaling beyond a side hustle: Transforming my communication agency with AI

    Hello Fastlaners, On a journey inspired by The Millionaire Fastlane and The Great Rat-Race Escape, I've been driven to rewrite my entrepreneurial script. My decade-long corporate journey in marketing and communications, currently in a management role, has culminated in an exciting venture. In...
  4. mb_bossman

    Matthew from Phoenix

    Hey everyone, Matthew here from Phoenix AZ. Recently read Fastlane Millionaire and Unscripted and felt compelled to join this forum, but haven’t found the time to post anything meaningful yet, so figured I’d start with an introduction. First, a bit about my journey. I’ve always been an...
  5. JordanSavard

    Engager la première vitesse sur la voie rapide

    Salut, Je m'appelle Jordan et cette année, j'ai décidé de vivre une vie de passion et d'arrêter de travailler 5 jours pour 2 jours de liberté. Je veux investir mon temps dans quelque chose qui me permettrait d'accéder à la liberté et au choix. J'ai lu beaucoup de livre et beaucoup de forum sur...
  6. Marco Sander

    I’m a Psychologist helping Entrepreneurs with Mindset Barriers - I give away Free Calls

  7. so--raghav

    Launched my Website Portfolio [Need your suggestions]

    So after learning website design for quite a while, I am happy to finally offer my website design services for just anyone who needs a helping hand with their business website. My portfolio:
  8. NewsletterScott

    [Question] What Are You Working Towards Right Now?

    As a member of this community before MJ ever published his first book... I'm curious... What are you working towards right now? Example Answer: I am working towards deciding on the market I want to serve, and the specific business I want to build to serve that specific market. Right now I...
  9. Dems

    About Dems

    Hi there! I'm Emmanuel but also known as Dems. Am a web designer and UI/UX designer. I love designing applications and bringing ideas to reality. I have been reading "The Millionaire Fastlane" for a while now and I decided to join the community to meet like mind individuals and grow. I love...
  10. Mashal 7

    Business VS Specialized Skill : Advice is Much Appreciated!

    If a person has the capital (4000$). However, he does not have the specialized skills to earn a monthly income. Is it advisable for that person to start a business? Or he must focus on learning a specialized skill first and generate a monthly income? Need some serious advice!
  11. NielsA

    23 Years Old and Quit my 9 to 5

    Greetings everyone, I recently finished reading "The Millionaire Fastlane" and joined its corresponding forum. My name is Niels, I'm a 23-year-old entrepreneur with big dreams and plenty of ambition. I used to work as a cybersecurity engineer and earned a monthly salary of around 2000 euros...
  12. S

    The Beginning Of My Journey

    Hi all, I've recently finished reading the Millionaire Fastlane book and thought I'd come here to introduce myself and connect with like-minded people. I'm based in London (UK), and I've recently graduated from University studying Computer Science. I'm a normal guy, nothing special, but I yearn...
  13. T

    Most extraordinary tools in AI

    Hi all, I'd creating this post in the hopes that you could provide your feedback on the most extraordinary tools in AI out there, you're using in your business? - How has it helped you so far? - What do you automate and how?
  14. Damien Boss

    What do you think of Early-stage VCs like Antler and Entrepreneur First ?

    I've recently learned about the existence of early-stage VC companies that accept candidates willing to launch a startup, or startup founders still at an early stage, train them and help them find cofounders during this process, then invest in some of the companies selected. Such VCs include...
  15. MaxT

    If you had to summarize what you learned and/or what struck you in MJ's books

    I thought this could make an interesting topic that would be useful for everyone, for people who are new to The milionaire fastlane or those who have already read everything. So my question is the same as in the title: If you had to summarize what you learned and/or what struck you in MJ's...
  16. J

    Car Detailing?

    Would a car detailing business be a good business to start? I was thinking about doing it myself and possibly moving mobile in the future, then hiring employees. However, I am not sure what the cap would be on the business, how big could it get until it is unmanageable. What are your thoughts?
  17. P


    Hey my name is DeeDee and I’m from Dallas, Tx and I feel honored reading the wealth of knowledge in this forum. I originally set out to be apart of the food business but seeing how there’s not much freedom in that I’m aspiring to open my own salon. Any tips for beginners from scratch is...
  18. IronGoat

    What would you do with $250k?

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and I'm interested in the opinions of savvy investors and entrepreneurs on my situation. Upon the sale of a rental property I stand to make about $250k net after tax and commissions. For a bit of history, I had my FTE last summer and left a six-figure career to...
  19. K1 Lambo

    A Must Watch For Young Entrepreneurs from 15-30

    This is one of my favorite episodes from Andy Frisella(highly recommend him)! Who's a real entrepreneur by the way. If you're in the beginning stages of entrepreneurship(less than 5 years), this an absolute must watch. It can also be very relevant for successful entrepreneurs on this forum too...
  20. O

    Law Firm Fastlane?

    Hey everyone, Im Kairos. Im new to this thread and Ive started a degree in Laws; Ive also read Millionaire Fastlane. Ive got an idea to start a law firm, issue is, its a highly saturated market here in Australia, so I would have to differentiate myself very effectively. I dont believe that...