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  1. Hartrun

    CHAPTER III | Future Millionaire Currently Working as a Dishwasher in Manhattan

    CHAPTER III: HOPE "We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope" - Martin Luther King Jr. Image inspired by @addicted2success from MJDeMarco's IG Part I: Progress Stats How's it going y'all? I hope everybody experienced a fantastic month. Personally, I'm not fully...
  2. S

    Starting a Mobile Car Detailing Business

    It was after I received an email from a retailer, denying my part-time job application, when I felt the pressure rising. My micro-FTE. A few days earlier, I remember feeling a sense of relief when I got the interview, I was so convinced I’d be working again. I was supposed to go and apply to...
  3. Hartrun

    CHAPTER II | Future Millionaire Currently Working As A Dishwasher In Manhattan

    CHAPTER II: IT'S ALIVE!!! Burying my head in the sand isn't an option anymore. Part I: April's Highlights I hope everybody is having a fantastic day or night. As you might already know, April was the last month of tax season, so I filed them on April 18th, literally the last day to do so. To...
  4. Diego Liu

    Mastering YouTube & Traffic in a "Fastlane JOB"

    Back in 2020, I desperately wanted to make enough money for myself so I could drop out of Dentistry. After trying out many things online (mainly action-fakes), I wrote this email to John Sonmez from Bulldog Mindset (I actually found out about MJ and his books through this interview John did with...
  5. Martin Z

    Why are people so lazy nowadays? Is it a generation thing?

    I'm probably not the best guy to give you guys a perspective on this topic since I was born at the end of 1999 and I'm still quite young, but I see so many guys who are from my generation and up who are just lazy and don't want to accomplish anything. Or do "shit" if that makes sense. But I...
  6. S

    I'd like some feedback - Holistic, Alternative and Complementary Care Niche

    The Model: Business Directory and Membership Site The Niche: Holistic, Alternative and Complementary Care professionals. The industry: Health and Wellness For the past two years I've created a network of Holistic, Alternative and Complementary Care professionals. I feel like it has a proof of...
  7. B

    Roadblock. Seeking advice.

    Hi folks, I tend to type a lot because I'm excessively detail oriented, so I'll break down this post into the following sections so that the TL;DR; folks can still jump in and hopefully respond where they seem most interested. -My Product -My Roadblock -Potential Courses Of Action -What I've...
  8. A

    Road to massive positive impact

    Goal : Make 1 Billion dollars and give it away Why : To reduce suffering and give more people an opportunity to do similar. Living in Bangladesh I am surrounded by people who were beaten by life's unfairness. These people lost the chance of 'making it' at birth, as due to circumstances they had...
  9. DMass

    Udemy Pricing - Free, $19.99, or $199?

    Hey Everyone, I've been looking through the forum for the last couple of hours trying to get a feel for what people believe the best pricing strategy to be for selling on Udemy, before I dive into my thoughts I just want to preface this with a couple of assumptions/long term goals. I...
  10. Saad Khan


    Link to the first progress thread: A little info about me: At the time of writing, I'm a lazy teenager who turned 18 this month. The last year was full of learning experiences and gave me a reality check. I...
  11. A

    Made a prototype how do I approach potential customers

    I have been working on the prototype of a idea that I currently have. It all started a couple of weeks ago when I was working on an app for a client and was using firebase for backend, and while designing the schema, I hit a problem. Every time if I had to add a feature I would go back to the...
  12. terrordread

    Ways to reward yourself for meeting goals.

    Working on your business by yourself can be a pretty lonely experience unless you take measures to counteract its solo nature. Because you have no manager per se, I think it's important to reward yourself for meeting certain goals or markers in your plan and in doing so build a positive...
  13. Zooman009

    I found something I finally am ready to start executing on!

    Roughly 5 years back when I was 14, I had pretty severe acne, so we went to the doctor and I had Accutane prescribed to me. The issue was that it caused all of my skin to be incredibly dry and especially my nose and lips to the point where it hurt. I would be bleeding from the cracking that was...
  14. A

    Thoughts on Tim Ferriss's method of attaining freedom?

    For those who don't know, his method is all about leveraging the value of Dollar against a weaker currency. Ex - Living in Bangladesh (third world Country) and earning in Dollars where around 200k USD will set you up for life. While this lifestyle is not for everyone due to social and language...
  15. Juke

    Hitting a wall in the desert of desertion

    Can you relate to this scenario? I started my journey in to entrepreneurship in early 2020, just before the global pandemic started. I had been getting more and more sick and tired of my job as a sales rep for a software company for some time and decided to design my own product in the...
  16. doster.zach

    Manufacturer Recommendations for Electronics

    I believe this is the right category to ask this question / discuss this topic. I'm currently prototyping a product using Arduino and looking for recommendations on next steps. I've researched some things online but I figure this is one question I would like to see if anyone here had some...
  17. Ivan Koretskyy

    Ivan’s Startup Progress Report

    Progress Report: While working on my business I learned pros and cons about venture capital and might change my approach on how to acquire seed money. For now I’ll stick with Kickstarter and indie gogo. The library video content for my website is almost completed with a lot of great features...
  18. P

    4 months left - all or nothing

    Hey guys. So apparently I am going to be broke in approximately 4 months. Not really, but I can't afford paying taxes anymore after 4 moths, so for me that's my deadline. @Champion 's thread with execution of his e-mail marketing company was a huge inspiration for me to start posting, this...
  19. J

    When a fire starts to burn...

    Hi Everyone, This is my first real post here after joining a few days ago. So I'll give some background about me. Thought I'd leave a thread so as and when, I get time I could update here publicly about opportunities and action steps towards them. I'll also use it as an open diary where I can...
  20. Tonci

    Starting a robotics company

    Hey Guys, This is my first post here, and I am really excited that there are so many like-minded people in this group. Just a quick background of myself: I am 22 years old and have been into self-development for around four years now. This year I will be finishing my Masters degree in...

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