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  1. U

    My failed attempt at my solo project

    Hello everyone, This year I set out to create a website that allows strangers to talk to each other anonymously in real time, with a rating system linked to an algorithm matching people based on their ratings. I wanted to share the site in my city so that people could meet new people they...
  2. uhhfeef

    [PROGRESS THREAD] Finding "product market fit"

    I was building an education tool for a specific niche, with a problem that I currently struggle with. I've always wanted to create a progress thread since I started working on this but never got around to it. Thanks @Andy Black for the advice on LinkedIn! : ) Progress so far: Built 3 MVP's...
  3. Selfmadeujjwal

    YouTube Shorts - Results & Tips

    I've been working on a shorts channel since 2.6 months and I've gained almost 1.6k subscribers, 1.9k watch hours and 221k+ views. These are the lessons I learnt while working on this channel: 1. Fix a time for shorts, like I'll upload a short everyday at 2:00 PM. I think this helps youtube...

    In 4 months from Broke to 200k revenue with 30+% Profit - The legit Strategy for Bro's

    Hey Fastlaners, My story is a relentless roller coaster, filled with seemingly insurmountable challenges. But here I stand, eager to share a journey many might find hard to digest. The fulcrum of change in my life was MJ's books. Each sentence struck a chord, igniting a fervor to transcend...
  5. T

    Are there Breaks in the Fastlane?

    Hey Guys. Currently I have Holidays and I use the time to create a Software. My question to everyone and especially to people that succeded with the Fastlane is,if they used every second of Freetime, and I really mean every second they could get to produce? Currently my usual routine is...
  6. KindleTheFlame.

    My execution thread.

    This will be my execution thread. I will update it weekly. Currently ? Me and my friend have a small instagram store set up. Niche ? Polaroids, printeds canvases. Posters etc etc. The store was originally created by my friend. Hes already ran ads before using pocket change. Good response...
  7. Aidan04

    The Journey of Building and Selling a Physical Product

    **Update: This is no longer what this thread is about. This thread is about a product that works in general and will continue until something sticks. Scroll down to see more.** By following this thread, you will be one of the first to witness greatness. This is the start of my very first...
  8. PlushyLad

    [Progress] Developing My App (Productivity Game)

    Hello hello. Welcome to the Desert of Desertion. You've seen me around, I want to show I walk the walk. 7 Months ago I had an idea and began building an app alone. 3 Weeks ago I read Unscripted and joined this forum. I realized I needed to get my motivation in check and surround myself with...
  9. Aidan04

    Prototype done. Pre-orders or straight to sales?

    Hey all. For the past few months, I have been working like hell at this product I have created. I originally started the concept in mid-April and now have finally crafted the ideal version of my product. It's fully working and I am producing it using the resin 3D printer setup that I bought in...
  10. RayanMargham

    Executing an AAA Agency

    I'm gonna start this thread to keep me accountable. I noticed that businesses (especially smaller ones) are looking to implement AI into their business in some form due to the recent AI craze so I'm going to start an AI Automation Agency to appeal to this need and provide value. Week 1 Goals...
  11. Hassassin

    Hassassin's ecommerce journey

    I'm finally kicking off a serious D2C e-commerce project with me and my wife and I'm calling it "project Brandkenstein." Without giving too much away, it's in the women's accessories/fashion (kind of) space and caters to the British-Asian demographic here in the UK. The idea surfaced from her...
  12. M

    Introduction and Idea validation

    Hi, everyone, I am new to the Fastlane forum, I am currently working as a newbie software developer at a firm after reading the fastlane millionaire book, my whole point of view changed so I started to look for what problems I could solve I got an idea and I started prototyping it as you know...
  13. Hartrun

    CHAPTER XV | Future Millionaire’s Journey As a Former Dishwasher

    CHAPTER XV: NEW DRASTIC GAMEPLANS “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” ― Stephen R. Covey Part I: Fastlane Progress Specialized Labor: This has to be my least-performing month in terms of writing and publishing. I only created 1 article. Specialized...
  14. Oso

    Oso's Authority Website + Project Dump

    Intro Information They say the more projects you have going on, the more your quality drops. I disagree. My current situation is a bit wonky, but I am taking full advantage of it. Lately, we've had an influx of new members, which is fantastic. In this thread, I will be documenting and listing...
  15. Trait

    Bootstrapping a Video Game business from a third-world country

    Intro For the past ~1.2 years I have been building a game solo for which I found the market had a strong need for. It's been around 9 months since I revealed the game to the market and the feedback received confirmed the existence of the need for my game. So my game is actually competing with a...
  16. Dockid

    Experimenting with Local Services - What I learned & My Plans

    Around three months ago, I conducted research on various search terms for local services using Ahrefs. The purpose of this search was to generate ideas for services I could potentially offer. During my research, I discovered a couple of local services that I believed I could rank for relatively...
  17. General JB2006

    This is the small hurdle that an entrepreneur has to face, which can make the biggest impact...

    If they don't come to you, come to them. This is tedious as F*ck but you gotta do what you gotta do, One cold email and dm every day, small but baby steps at least, I am gonna expand my view of a niche. Making a personalized script too for each client. To other entrepreneurs out there that are...
  18. Nostalgia

    [PROGRESS THREAD] - My Journey To Becoming A Successful "Creatorpreneur"

    Alright. Hey - I'll probably just use this post to introduce myself, my purpose, my ambitions, etc. I'm 15, I'm ambitious about entrepreneurship, business, etc. And I want to start a YouTube channel. This thread is just going to be me posting every so often about my progress, I want to be as...
  19. DreamBliss

    What Would You Do?

    Scenario: You live in a literally one-stoplight town. You could throw a rock in any direction and hit a fast food place or restaurant that is hiring. But there are few if any other opportunities. You are 47 and living with your parents. You are physically beat up and unable to work 8+ hours a...
  20. adnanazmi

    How to Scale your Social Media Channels?

    Hello everyone, I'm reaching out for your insights and recommendations on how to boost the frequency and efficiency of my social media posts across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, with an emphasis on quality and minimal effort (efficiency). Consistency is crucial in this game, as...

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