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  1. Johnny boy

    One of the biggest mistakes of big thinkers

    I remember sometime when I was a younger kid, around 10. I was in the kitchen with the rest of the family. I was telling my family again, for probably the hundredth time, how I was going to be a big shot and own a business. And my dad said: " you should start by...
  2. AbdulKamal

    How Can Time Be Effectively Used Whilst In A Full-Time Job?

    OK I need someone to give me a few ideas on how a little amount of time can be used effectively to increase momentum and make progress consistently. I’m on a full-time internship at the moment at a maintenance department of a hotel in London which helps me pick up a few important skills. This...
  3. M

    How did you go from a slacker to a hard worker?

    TL;DR: I'm looking for actionable advice that you have used to become more hardworking, which I hope will be valuable for other members with the same struggles. My Background I'm 22 years old and started studying product engineering last year. I joined this forum a few years back, but I stepped...
  4. MRiabov

    Any good self-management books?

    Sup. So I've been recently noticing that when I sit down to work, I sit, but although I am very determined to work, I am willing to do quality work, I have the mindset of helping people, I am accomplishing little. I am doing quality work. It's not "perfectionist" - but I am following my own...
  5. ScreamingClown

    Self Improvement Journey: Building My Foundation & Climbing The Stairs To Wealth

    What’s happening forum, posting this thread to document my self improvement journey from the ground up. I’m committing to building a base of stability and education so I can become a successful game developer. My goal at this point in time is not to become a multimillionaire, but to build the...
  6. D

    Simple Productivity Boost

    If you exercise first thing in the morning or BEFORE doing work, you might want to keep reading. I used to exercise first thing in the morning because I like going when the gym is empty and also to start my day on the right track (I enjoy working out a lot). But one thing I noticed when I...
  7. ramony

    Escaping the Materialistic Trap: Gaming, Productivity, and Authenticity.

    In this post I uncover the materialistic underpinnings of the gaming and productivity worlds. Drawing from my personal story, we will explore the allure of consumerism, the illusory promises of material possessions, and the transformative power of "self-reflection" In these seven points. 1...
  8. Abhigyan

    If you get easily distracted, STOP blaming your phone/social media.

    A lot of people, after coming into this journey start blaming their phone and social media as a whole for their downfall. Yes it is true, these things DO have negative impacts on your brain, HOWEVER, it goes deeper than that. Even if you delete social media , there's a very low chance that you...
  9. BlackLands

    How not to feel guilty when not doing productive activities?

    Hello everyone, I am 25 years old and while I work as a Data Scientist in my spare time I pursue my own projects (I am developing several MVPs). At work I always try to learn as much as I can, especially those skills that will serve me in the future as an entrepreneur and I try to understand...
  10. ramony

    The Ultimate Hack to Beat Procrastination and Get More Done!

    Do you find yourself struggling to stay focused on your work and constantly getting distracted by social media and other websites? Well me too. But there are solutions that can help you break free from this cycle of distraction and improve your productivity. I recently discovered a technique...
  11. SeeYouAtTheTop

    90 Minute Deep Work Sessions [Productivity Hack]

    Thought this would be helpful for people who have trouble getting work done. It's been useful for me so thought I would pass it along. Concept: Block your work session into 90-minute blocks. From my personal experience, and reading about deep work, this seems to be the limit a person has for...
  12. mauamolat

    Free Coworking Call for Content Publishers online such as blogger and youtubers

    Hey guys, I have been struggling with procrastination for quite a while now, and working on my own as a company of one makes it very exhausting to do the work on schedule and focus, especially when everything becomes demotivating and boring. And then I found a solution to fix this issue by...
  13. NeoDialectic

    Solve Your Motivational Woes: ‘Bout That Life Bootcamp

    Lack of motivation is one of the biggest gripes I hear from people that are struggling to make entrepreneurship work. For the longest time, I didn’t know what to say to them to help. After all, during a big portion of my career I had motivational issues myself! Everywhere you look there is some...
  14. A

    Supercharge your workflow with Search Select

    I made a browser extension that allows you to select and view search results quickly using keyboard shortcuts. It's available for Chrome: Search Select I have been using it for about a month now and it's super useful. I would love to hear any feedback or suggestions!
  15. mikecarlooch

    A New Effective Productivity System

    The 3 Rules System I've struggled a lot in the past with trying to figure out WHAT to work on to move me forward. The reason WHY is because I couldn't see what had to be done right in front of me. Things would just keep popping up in my head and I would scatter my focus trying to do 5 things...
  16. mikecarlooch

    How To Unlock Creative Superpowers

    Creative Superpowers Well, isn't that quite a bold claim? "Creative Superpowers" I'm not even going to lie, this method of unlocking creative superpowers has been on my mind for a long time.. But today was the first time that I actually got myself to do it after perhaps.. years of thinking...
  17. MaxT

    A simple tip for boost your productivity

    Hi friends, @Vinz had share a good Chrome extension on in the conversation where we talk about everything and nothing. I thought that making this post and would be useful for many people. Anyway, the extension simply allows you to hide the content of social networks on the homepage and replace...
  18. MaxT

    Boost your daily productivity

    Hello friends ! Today is a big day for me, I finalized my first version of my Google Chrome extension. This is an extension to improve concentration and boost productivity. If you want to take a look: focusLab And a more detailed presentation : A complete solution to maximize your productivity...
  19. Barnet

    Why do I need to be more productive as a student

    Hello all, I am needing to complete a speech on the topic 'Why should we as yr 13's be more productive when entering the workforce?' I have got a couple if points which include, it increases the business/yourselves profitability. And, Your work ethic is increased . Just wondering if you guys...
  20. KushShah9492

    Productivity Blog!

    After a lot of reddit replies back and forth, twitter interactions.. I have finally decided to start my own blog(website) where I can practice my SEO skills. Now, I've always been a productivity nerd and read a lot of books on the given topic, so I figured, why not start a blog on productivity...