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  1. A

    How to break doubts, fear and inaction?

    I recently reread Unscripted. Out of all the valuable informations provided one of them -desert of dissertation-has occupied my mind. This is because I have been facing this problem for sometime. To state more clearly, whenever I try out something new I feel like I should quit. I just cannot be...
  2. RayAndré

    Is fight or flight holding you back? Are you feeling survival mode stress?

    I'm pivoting from the previous SaaS I was building to helping people get their bodies out of Fight or Flight, Survival Mode, Sympathetic Dominance, etc, to a place where we can effectively execute on our goals with clarity and confidence. My past 5+ years after joining TFF has been quite the...
  3. J

    Anxiety about "success"

    I'm currently about to turn 18 in 2 months. I dropped out of HS. Landed a job where I make the 2.5x the average age for everyone under 21. And I am super anxious about being behind. I have anxiety about not having started a business yet, that I may not be financially free by the time I'm 19...
  4. PureA

    How to Deal With Anxiety? Causing Avoidance of Important Tasks (Losing $$$$$)

    How do you guys deal with anxiety? I've meditated everyday for 10 years, my sleep, diet, and exercise is all dialed. My pattern is this: Important task (can be as small as sending an email) > anxiety > massive avoidance of the task > more anxiety around task > more avoidance. I know how...
  5. A

    Surpassing anxiety to achieve success

    Hi ! It's Alexis Autotte theautismgenius here I'm here to ask a question about some of people in this forum who have succeed and even the author of millionnaire Fastlane could probably answer my question. I was curious to see if there was people who suffered lots of fear in their process of...
  6. M

    Cards Beyond Comfort Changed My Life!

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share a story about a product that has massively helped my mental health and motivation over the past few months and through the lockdowns. I was really struggling with my mental health earlier this year. I was becoming really depressed and anxious about a lot of...
  7. Almantas

    What's Worse than Death?

    With this post I am going for GOLD - grab a cup of coffee and let's go for a ride... I haven't posted for a long while and there is a good reason for it - Although I had made a decent recovery before (please read my story HERE), I had slipped through the cracks again. Badly. As the saying goes...
  8. FastLaneSage

    Paralyzed by Decisions....

    Not sure about you all. This is my first post....Really excited about being involved here and love the stories from you all.... If you have really been in my spot ( being paralyzed by making a choice to move ahead) also in major bouts of anxiety and being sad....Is there anyone who finally...
  9. Breo

    Which way is the right way?

    Hello fastlane community, I thanked a lot about my situation and I hope that some comments on this thread can help others and me in my "new" beginning. Very short introduction, i am a nearly 22 years old mechanical student in Germany and my Journey started one year ago when I first saw a video...
  10. J

    Doubt, Ambition, and Desperation

    Hey Fastlaneners, I’m a 22 year old photographer and recent college grad. I’ve always been enamored with the idea of being an entrepreneur, even before I ever heard the word. I made a decent amount of money as a kid selling stuff while throughout grade school (candy, lunches). I even...
  11. Cat Lady

    Help talk me into stop working for other people

    Hi! I'm Cat Lady, a 30 year old that's 19 months into working on my business (personal finance niche market, I have a radio show, book, online course, and am college/corporate trainer - I want to be one of the entrepreneurs that MJ maligns in TFM for making their riches not through the...
  12. Blaise84

    Do This When You Don't Feel like Executing Your Process (3 Motivational Methods)

    There are days when putting work in is the last thing I want to do. I assume we've all been there. I think this is especially prevalent during the desert of desertion phase. This is the phase MJ describes as the season when you're building a product/asset, but have little or no market feedback...
  13. Rafael_PL

    I want to live my life to the fullest

    Hello, my name is Rafał, I live in Wrocław in Poland. I’ve finished read The Millionaire Fastlane and I really appreciate this book. This forum consist of a lot of great and valuable content so I have a hope to learn something new at my way to become an entrepreneur. At the beginning, my short...
  14. Scot

    Entrepreneurship Anxiety

    Does this game we play called entrepreneurship cause anxiety for you? I hope I'm not alone here. Lately I've been dealing with this tap dancing squirrel living in my chest since I started my current project. I'll start off by saying, I have never experienced anxiety issues before in my life...
  15. cshann

    I am a 23 Year Old and I started a Bitcoin business in 2014 and failed. Rebuild still in progress

    I actually had never heard of the millionaire fastlane until today and I am loving this forum. My boss sent me a link from a thread this forum and I have been reading all the great tips on here since. I have always wanted to be a business owner and build for something for myself rather than be...
  16. C

    22yrs, never been so depressed, want to change things.

    Hi all. My 22nd birthday is in a few days, and I've never been so depressed. I've done nothing with my life, I've got no prospects I can see and I'm hurtling along a road to nowhere. I have a totally dead-end job and I can't find another one (trying to do copywriting to make some extra money...
  17. Christophe

    Greetings! Life/Career coach from U.S. (and France)

    Hello everyone, I am a Life and Career coach and my focus is on startup founders. I started my business a few months ago and I am currently learning about the entrepreneurial side of coaching, which is completely new to me but I love it so far. I just started to read the Millionaire FastLane...

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