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Couple of questions from a beginner


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Feb 9, 2018
I've started a website for affiliate marketing in the fitness industry. I know my goals, there's no control. In it for industry experience, to raise some capital and ultimately create my own product based on need/pain points etc.

My question is - how do I know when I've become good enough to delegate work - so that I can keep focusing on what actually makes me the money, and separate my own individual time from the business?

I'm about to start writing my first article, I know there's a long way to go(maybe 2 years of consistent work). Just curious about when the next step comes so I can scale income.

Also, how do I differentiate between legitimate knowledge gathering and action faking? I know I have to execute and I'm a perfectionist/procrastinator myself. But surely, I must keep gathering new information every day. What ratio do you recommend for execution and knowledge gathering? 80/20?

In case you have read Stephen Covey's 7 Habits, this is the P/PC balance that I'm talking about.

Edit: I tried posting it in the marketing forum, but for whatever reason, when I click on create thread, it just doesn't create the page.
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Oct 3, 2015
Phoenix, AZ
Earn your first dollar, and then your first 100, and then first 1000.... at some point after that, start worrying about delegating. Worrying about outsourcing when you've not made a sale is action faking.

You should only be reading enough to solve the problem directly in front of you. Acquiring knowledge and not immediately applying it is the ultimate time waster. You're better off binge watching netflix, because you at least know that's a waste of time.

George Appiah

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Aug 16, 2018
Accra, Ghana
I'll beg to offer an alternative viewpoint from @lowtek's sound advice here.

I'm currently working on a theme-based content site around a particular hobby. My goal is to build an authority site and mailing list that I'll monetize with affiliate recommendations, brokered ads, and maybe premium content later down the road.

Knowing how long it takes for me to write a good piece of content (English is not my first language), I decided from DAY 1 to outsource much of the content writing as much as possible. I want to seed the site with at 30-50 high-quality, original content (all ghostwritten), and then start to look for ways I can get "free" content (by inviting "experts" in the niche to guest blog, be on my experts' panel, etc).

On the other hand, if my affiliate marketing model was to drive paid traffic to an opt-in page, build a list, and send offers to this list... I probably wouldn't outsource my Facebook Ads or Google PPC campaign from DAY 1 (if ever).

There is always more than one way to skin the proverbial cat.


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Jul 18, 2018
Mumbai, India
Earn your first Dollar. Then 10, 100, 1000. As you start working on the process, you will understand your limit on how much you can handle a day or week. If the day comes where that limit is exceeding, then Delegate. Until then just try to learn, upgrade skills and earn. Otherwise everything else is action faking.

As for knowledge gathering, Learn by doing. Learn things which you need NOW. You haven't wrote your 1st article. Write that. If you don't know how, learn that. Learn how to write a good heading, a good article/copy.

If you need to learn digital marketing for affiliate, then learn that. But not now. Learn when that step comes.
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