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  1. MaxT

    A simple tip for boost your productivity

    Hi friends, @Vinz had share a good Chrome extension on in the conversation where we talk about everything and nothing. I thought that making this post and would be useful for many people. Anyway, the extension simply allows you to hide the content of social networks on the homepage and replace...
  2. rktheking99

    The journey to entrepreneurship started!

    Every journey starts with one decision, one step and in my life it's quitting the college. There are some specific reasons for that and I found freedom through this. This seems hilarious for others, but coming from a middle class family, being a 20-year-old, it's quite hard to convince family...
  3. wolflarsen71

    Introducing myself/Time is king

    Good night everybody, I'm a 26yo architect from Buenos Aires, currently working on my family studio while I'm designing some products to create my business. I rumble a lot in my early 20s but I get my degree in December 2020. Let's say I had the sidewalk mentality while driving on the slow lane...
  4. MJ DeMarco

    The 3T Financial Strategy, How to Make the Right Hold/Buy Decision...

    New video on YouTube on a topic that was recently mentioned here. The 3Ts of making financial decisions is NOT addressed in either of my prior two books (TMF or Unscripted) and is only mentioned in The Great Rat Race Escape. View: If you haven't...
  5. MJ DeMarco

    Life's Most Bitter Truth: What Your University Won't Teach You...

    GOLD! HOT! 
    TRANSCRIPT: Hey this is MJ DeMarco and I’d like to officially announce, I’m back! It’s been nearly TEN years since I’ve actually did an in-person video and a lot has changed besides the gray hair and wrinkles. As you might know, one of the big changes for me, is I left Phoenix Arizona now...
  6. C

    Automating Yourself Out of Your Business

    I’m a big fan of automating and simplifying processes to make them more efficient. Long term, I want to automate myself out of my business so it can continue running without me. That’s a tough ask when there’s only me and no employees. My business is writing and publishing books/courses in the...
  7. thechosen1

    Multiple businesses - handing over the reins and running without you!

    Hey all, something has been on my mind a lot and that is the idea of multiple businesses. You always hear about these investors and companies with portfolios of profitable companies just throwing off all this cash and making their owners rich. My question is, how much of that is fact and how...
  8. Lizjinx9

    Small Business Owners

    after reading both books, i realized that the only successful people around me, are business owners; they work for themselves. while some are tied to the business more like a job and their time is leveraged, i can learn from them and create my own path that is more inline with the fastlane...
  9. A

    M.J Demarco on Time

    I have been designing and posting quotations on my Instagram page @yinkataiwo_k. Today is the last quotations about time. And I have to include my mentor's quote about time. MJ Demarco, sorry I stole your picture from Google. Please if you are reading this please like this post on my IG page...
  10. Ismail941

    Blood Circulation in a Human Body <*-*> Money Circulation in the Marketplace

    Hey Folks, I have just had a huge realization recently More like a breakthorugh or epiphany. You could say that. It was like a thunder spark in the sky. Well it does not matter. Okay here is my jaw dropping moment saying: "Closed Mouth do not get fed and Closed Mind can't get learnt" Make sure...
  11. redshift

    Meditating in less than one minute ? 30 Day Challenge!

    I've noticed there have been a bunch of mindfulness/meditation related threads here recently so I thought I'd share this one technique/book I've been using for a few months now and found extremely valuable, especially if you are on the busy or want a quick recharge during the day or just want to...
  12. Appdeveloper

    Motivate me..! I just can't do the work..!

    At this stage I am all set to start working, but I just can't seem to do the work. I actually even know what I have to do, how I have to do it , and why I must do it. But still I just can't start working on it..! I find ways and invent new things to waste time. I know the time is passing by...
  13. Young Money

    I violated CENTS and my business failed..

    My first product failed and I lost a lot of money on it. Now I’m looking back at what went wrong to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes for the new business I’m starting. Well, all I really had to do was a CENTS analysis and it became clear very fast! First Business (Amazon FBA Product)...
  14. Abel Xavier Roy


    Many busy entrepreneurs struggle to find time to achieve their fitness goals. Either it’s because of a busy schedule or because for them it’s not worth the time they put in. Here’s what it’s all about. Many people don’t get results from doing many kinds of workouts or many kinds of diets or...
  15. B

    How Much Time Do I Need To Put In?

    I know what you're thinking... "He'll never make it asking that question". I don't blame you. I would think the same thing... but. I'm asking because I'm at a crossroads where the time I'm putting into the hustle could take time away from my personal life (girlfriend mostly). I start to feel...
  16. AnAverageJoe

    Copywriter Wants To Give You Your Time Back

    At one point or another, we’ve all thought, “where did the day go?” If we only had a few extra hours in the day, things would be better, EASIER, right? Unfortunately, we’re stuck with the 24 hours we’ve always had. We’re left trying to figure out how to fit 30 hours of work into that 24-hour...
  17. G

    Entrepreneur/Investor Starter Pack | What to Learn | Practical Info Only

    You read The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime! & UNSCRIPTED: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship You now know that education starts today! Life did happen before and there are some consequences, so.. Reading best selling books about...
  18. MJ DeMarco

    Is CENTS Destructive to Action?

    Over the years I've read thousands of introductions here. A common thread I'm seeing follows the following format: A) I have 3 ideas, X,Y, and Z. B) None of them meet CENTS. C) X is missing entry, Y is missing scale, and Z is missing a mix of both. D) I don't know what to do. The end result...
  19. WJK

    I Hate the Idea of Being Equal!

    HOT! IDEA 
    I Hate the Idea of Being Equal! I wrote this article last month and thought I'd share it with the Forum... Just some thoughts on success and equality... I’m beginning to understand how out of step I am with the world these days. I’ve always spoken my mind. But, the PC (Politically Correct)...
  20. S

    A daily tool for your efficiency

    Hello, fastlaners! I start this thread to tell you about a tool which I’ve used for a “long” time (long enough for having tested it correctly) and I wanted to share it with you so you can take advantage of it if you want to. I have to say that this tool isn’t a revolutionary thing at all, but...

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