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Bookmark Your Favorite Posts


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Jul 18, 2018
Mumbai, India
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I have recently joined this forum. Reading some of the GOLD/Notable post just blown my mind. So much information, concepts. There were so many legendary post under a single thread that I can’t help but keep reading them, copying them and saving in word.

But I felt that I won’t remember all these legendary posts and where they are in a single thread. Heck, I won’t even remember the thread it is written in.

Then I came across this:

Bookmark Your Favorite Posts.

That thread is over 21 pages long with over 250 posts. On page 16, post #204 is some of the best business advice you ever heard. Will you remember? Probably not— unless you're an INSIDER. Never again read a legendary post from someone and not remember where you saw it. INSIDERS can bookmark and catalog their favorite posts in one convenient location for easy retrieval. Never forget a crucial Fastlane detail again!

Ha-ha :D Insiders can have this feature.

Sadly, I can’t right now.
So I took my backpack, tighten my shoes and started searching for solutio… Eh?

No. I already have that.

Here is the solution:

Step 1 - Install Additor extension

Additor - The Simplest Bookmark & Highlighter
  • Install Extension
  • Click on the added extension
  • Sign Up
  • Confirm email
Step 2 – FastLane (System?)

Step 3 – BookMark!!!
  • Open the post you want to bookmark.
  • Select the Para/sentence
  • From Popup tooltip select color
Sorry @Fox Didn’t ask for your permission

As soon as you select the color, Additor extension will pop up a window on the top right with the details.
  • Select the category/Post (or create one right now).
  • Add your thought
  • Voile! The post is bookmarked

Step 4 – Fruits

Open Additor Dashboard.
Additor - the living knowledge hub for modern collaborators

Here you can see your bookmarked posts in systematic, organized way as you have set up and can open or view them anytime.

Note: In Future they may add features to see the highlighted post on the tab itself without going to Additor dashboard.

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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Or a simple Screenshot and then save to a folder would work!

A way of life

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Jul 3, 2018
I make word documents and copy paste what i feel is useful and copy paste the link where i took it so if i need more information i reread the post

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