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  1. BlackMagician

    GOLD! Humble Hustle & adding value via Web Business - Progress thread

    Hi Seniors & Mentors, A simple hustle to learn, grow and achieve freedom. To keep it short and not take much time of the reader, here is small intro and what i am doing currently: In morning, I look for local clients to contact. I am targeting specific niches. Crafting a personal email for...
  2. F

    INTRO Option Trading Resources

    Hey Everyone, I've been trying to find good resources to learn option trading. I have 5 different books and have been researching and watching videos but they are not as basic as i need them. I'm looking for something easy to understand because everything i read seems like step three when i...
  3. BlackMagician

    Bookmark Your Favorite Posts

    (If this thread violates any rules here, please delete it. Moderator's, Admin's) I have recently joined this forum. Reading some of the GOLD/Notable post just blown my mind. So much information, concepts. There were so many legendary post under a single thread that I can’t help but keep reading...
  4. Alex Nolte

    EXECUTION finding the best idea

    So the past months I've been procrastinating on my fastlane journey for really dumb reasons. A few months ago I already "discovered" several business ideas (that would solve needs) in different niches but since then I've been procrastinating any further evaluation. Therefore I haven't progressed...

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