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Bronze Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
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Jun 2, 2019
Kansas City
This is an intresting thread,outside of the biblical meaning, I'm unsure what is meant by apostles though,which are something listed as most rich/self made people having.
I think it means Proteges, acolytes, or disciples.

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New Contributor
Apr 7, 2019
Hmm... A very clear majority set monthly, annual, and lifetime goals. Does anyone else do this?

In any case, it is interesting to see how the mind creates a barrier to success.
I think there are meny millionaires who have a story to tell you can believe what you want to.Each time I read something that mj has wrote brings me a step closer to understand the "Truth" with a no Bs attitude.


though she be but little...
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
Nov 30, 2018
Hmm... A very clear majority set monthly, annual, and lifetime goals. Does anyone else do this?

In any case, it is interesting to see how the mind creates a barrier to success.
Before this year when I started reading business books with the intent to completely immerse myself in the mindset of successful ppl, my goals could all be summed up in three words.

Pay the bills.

I am very familiar, almost comfort with survivor mentality. Thankfully, due to this forum and copious books I’ve been changing.

I've only started doing this in the last 2 months.

It seems like a small thing but holy hell at the difference it makes. It is one of those things where you trust the process, see it working, and think to yourself, "boy, I was pretty stupid for not trying this out in the past when all these other high achievers swore by it".

I get the long term goal thing, but daily goals? Hourly goals? Even monthly goals are a bit odd to me. Can you guys give us a couple of examples to get the creative juices flowing?
I’m convinced that successful ppl are so familiar with their habits and thought processes that they have no clue how foreign their brain activity is from the average normal slackers/sidewalk/slowlaners.

Every time I learn some new aspect of mindset stuff I immediately ask my clients about it to get real time feedback. The majority of my clients are CEO’s, business owners, or entrepreneurs. They like me so they don’t mind explaining simple stuff to me for a few minutes. Also, by asking a TON of them the same little question I can get back different slices of the pie. I’ve long realized my brain is stubborn as hell about really believing new stuff so I need multiple ppl attacking a problem from multiple perspectives to make it stick in my twinkle head.

Hold on I’m getting to the point. Lol.

This week’s multiple mentor lesson is all about procrastination/visualization. So, I dutifully asked every single client whether or not they visualized and when.


They might not “clarify their goals” on an hourly basis but they do continually visualize tasks they need to accomplish and most of them said they do it throughout the whole day for each and every upcoming meeting, phone call, or task.

See I always imagined “clarify your goals” as this existential thing, not as a practical reminder of where you want to be when the day is done. Like, a lot of them use their to do list all day... and then visualize the next item, and then later the next, etc. They visualize each important thing, how they want to accomplish it or what it will feel like.

They’re doing this constantly! What? *mindblown

They’re thinking about the future in a linear fashion, then working backwards.

I started a convo with my mastermind group last night about it. Today we’re all attempting it: to visualize ourselves feeling proud, (sipping the appropriate congratulatory beverage) and content w/ the things we realistically could accomplish today. Two of my friends already changed their day around. It’s a fascinating thought exercise.

My brain is like.. “Well this is interesting.. we’ve never done this before!”

And it’s hard. Just FYI. Hope that helps. If not, toss it. I’m not a millionaire, yet.

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