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  1. BellaPippin

    HOT TOPIC The science of making habits stick

    Hi all, looking for some support as usual... I figured a lot of you have read/heard and looked into how it works to develop/break habits, from a scientific perspective. I've read the "The Power of Habit" and some other texts related to it. So, I want to paint, right? I want to be a painter...
  2. J

    Powerful Daily Habits

    Helly my name is Jason, I am new to the forum. I am 24 and working heavily on self-improvement. I am starting to realize the power of habits and how they can make a HUGE change over time. Some of my favorite habits now are writing my goals daily and reading self-help books every day. I am still...
  3. Roli

    HOT TOPIC What Do Productive People Do?

    I have recently been inspired by the book we've been discussing on the forum, Atomic Habits by James Clear. A quote that hit me in particular, was the one whereby Clear tells us that our identities are the trailing sum of our habits, ergo when we take on new habits, we are actually attempting to...
  4. luniac

    Do you practice a routine?

    I've come to conclusion that routinizing my life is the only way i'll have a chance at success. I've avoided routines because i felt they were unnaturally constraining but i think i was wrong. every time i try living with flexibility, keeping my goals in mind, my important to do's, and "go with...
  5. ChrisV

    FEATURED! Author spent 5 years interviewing 177 selfmade millionaires to find their secrets. Findings inside.

    "Corley conducted a survey by interviewing 233 wealthy people who make $160,000 or more in annual income and hold at least $3.2 million in net liquid assets (177 of whom were self-made, coming from poverty or the middle class) and 128 poor people who make less than $35,000 per year and have less...
  6. Gepi

    Fastlaners of TFLF, what are the 3 main choices that led to your success?

    Greetings everyone, I am always very curious about successful people's habits and daily activities. Maybe some of you are willing to share the TOP 3, which could either be things you do daily or a choice you consciously made once. I am interested in the essence of what you think had or has the...
  7. Florian

    INTRO This is Flo 2.0 (+ my Trackrecord of ACTION) + FREE Market Analysis

    Hey was geht ab?! It's Flo. FIRST give value: I've done a few market analysis about IoT, Collaborative Transport, Energy Distribution, ... to see where I can penedrate the market the best (You can find it somewhere down in this thread.) So I want to cut the BS and come to the most important...
  8. ksc23

    Learning something new? Learn THIS first

    When learning a new skill, have you ever... Had trouble retaining information? Felt frustrated and lacked confidence due to knowledge gaps? Struggled with procrastination? There is one "meta-skill" which can mitigate all of these problems. What is this magical "meta-skill"? Well, for only...
  9. Byakko

    Fastlane through habits

    I am one of those persons that believes in "We are what we repeatedly do. Greatness then, is not an act, but a habit". Therefore when I want to achieve a goal I try to build a set of habits that will get me there. I have been doing this since I was 12 years old. And I have been able to...
  10. TheKing

    How to get more energy – and get more things done

    Hello Fastlane Forum, This post will (hopefully) teach you how to expand your energy reserves so that you can get more done, usually in less time. I recently finished reading "The Power of Full Engagement" written by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwarts (guy who co-wrote The Art of the Deal with Donald...

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