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habits of the rich

  1. J

    Powerful Daily Habits

    Helly my name is Jason, I am new to the forum. I am 24 and working heavily on self-improvement. I am starting to realize the power of habits and how they can make a HUGE change over time. Some of my favorite habits now are writing my goals daily and reading self-help books every day. I am still...
  2. ChrisV

    FEATURED! Author spent 5 years interviewing 177 selfmade millionaires to find their secrets. Findings inside.

    "Corley conducted a survey by interviewing 233 wealthy people who make $160,000 or more in annual income and hold at least $3.2 million in net liquid assets (177 of whom were self-made, coming from poverty or the middle class) and 128 poor people who make less than $35,000 per year and have less...
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