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Amazon FBA Sellers: Increase Your Profit Margins By Up To 23%


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Dec 5, 2013
Over here, over there.
Amazon FBA Sellers: Increase Your Profit Margins By Up To 23%

Get ahead of your competition and speed up your growth with this simple process...

Amazon Might Be Stealing From You... And You Don't Even Realize It

If you're running a successful FBA business on Amazon and you want to get the most out of your business, there is something really important I want to bring to light.

A little trick that enables Amazon to net almost a billion dollars every year off the backs of their sellers... and how you can avoid being one of the people who foot the bill.

And this simple process can enable you to...

STOP Losing Thousands Of Dollars Each Month!

And turn them into profit for your business.

You, see...

Amazon is actually costing you a lot of money.

When you started working with them, you signed an agreement, stating exactly what they're entitled to, what you're entitled to, and how issues are to be resolved.

Do you remember that agreement?

Probably not.

But you respect the hell out of it. Pretty much every seller does. Because if you don't, you risk getting booted off Amazon's platform, and *poof* goes your revenue. Even being suspended for a few days for "investigations" can be devastating for your business.

And what about Amazon? Do they respect their part of the agreement? You might think so...

But often they don't.

And the power dynamics are so messed up, that nobody really holds them accountable. Most people don't even think of trying. And instead of asking for their fair share of THEIR sales whenever Amazon slips up, they'd rather sit there quietly while their business gets unnecessarily taxed.

Over 90% of Amazon sellers simply trust Amazon to solve things themselves. But why would they? They've got no incentive to solve anything when those slip-ups lead to more money in their pocket...

Now, imagine if you could stand up to the overlord and tell them to pay up.

No more being unjustly taxed by invisible losses that you just pass off as "the cost of doing business".

No more feeling like your own inventory is outside your control.

While it won't magically solve the Commandment of Control for you. You will be able to be in charge of more of your business.

You'll make your voice heard and transform your words into action and justice from Amazon.

And, most importantly, this will all lead to...

Extra $$$ In Your Account At The End Of The Month

And the cool thing is...

You can do all this without having to learn or pay anything!

Incredible, I know.

In this post I'll show you exactly how this works, and even how one FBA Seller has managed to increase their profit margins by up to 32%, month after month, and has used that extra profit to grow their business twice as fast as they normally would have.

I'll get to that in a moment.

But first, let me say hi.

I'm Speed. What's up?

A few months ago I thought "Hm, eCommerce do be boomin' right now. Maybe I should get in on that sh..." and, soon after, I took on the opportunity to become the CEO of a little business that does big things for FBA Sellers. I believed in the value it created, so I thought I could use my 9 or so years of Direct-Response Marketing and Business experience to help create more and more value in this niche.

So here we are.

And if you're in this FBA niche as well, chances are you're missing out on a lot of profit because of Amazon's mismanagement of YOUR products.

And all these losses really add up over time. Little by little, your growth is crippled, and instead of reinvesting and compounding your profits to expand your business into a massive ecommerce empire... Amazon does that with YOUR money.

Sure, they deserve some compensation for introducing you to their huge audience and significantly lowering your barrier of entry. But you already pay them FBA fees. All of these hidden taxes come on top of that.

And they cripple your ability to sell effectively on their marketplace.

Your product options are limited, because their RoI seems like it's too low.

You can't afford extra investments in your brand, like better packaging or customer service...

And let's not talk about the extra growth you’d have if you could spend more on ads.

Unfortunately, for the large majority of FBA sellers who don't do this... Your top competition doesn't have this problem. The big boys all do this. That's why they're big boys. And the rich get richer, the gap gets wider, and then people wonder if the marketplace is saturated or try to find some other excuses for their stagnation.

But you don't have to be like most FBA sellers.

Because what's what I'm here to help you with...

At No Up-Front Cost

You're probably wondering: "What's the catch?"

I mean, I'm more or less offering you free money here.

Well, to be completely transparent... Getting people through the door to actually give this a shot is pretty difficult. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. But I'm absolutely confident that once you see the results this can bring to your business, you'll turn into a business-partner for years to come.

And just to be clear, this isn't anything revolutionary or some tricky loophole, morally, or legally questionable, or anything like that. There are plenty of businesses who successfully do this with 0 risk and 100% upside, as long as they know what they're doing.

In fact, there are even other threads on here describing exactly how the process works. There's at least one gold thread on the topic, if you dig for it, and probably a lot of general insight scattered throughout the forum as well.

But what I'm about to propose comes with even more benefits than that.

It's something you can seamlessly incorporate into your business, and it takes literally no time or effort from you after the quick and easy setup.

And it's the best way I know of accomplishing this task. That's why I'm personally investing in this business.

Also, it's really important to stress.

When it comes to your business and its profits...

Every Moment Counts!

Whether you're just getting started or you've been selling products for years, it's CRUCIAL that you maximize your profits NOW.

So read until the end to learn how you can recover and keep the hard-earned revenue Amazon siphons away from your business.

Now, here's the great value you've been waiting for.

If you're selling through FBA, there are many ways in which you are losing revenue out of Amazon's mismanagement. Losses that Amazon is supposed to reimburse you for, which they don't. My business, FBA Refund Finders, uses the latest understanding of how the reimbursement process works, and all the tools in the toolshed, to squeeze every last drop of what Amazon owes you.

I could go over all the little things that we do at FBA Refund Finders. But as I said, there's already a lot of info out there that you can easily find, and I'd rather focus on what's more important:

How this all helps you.

Because, really, it might not seem like a big deal at first, but you'll be surprised by how significant it is over months or years.

At FBA Refund Finders we start working the moment we reach an agreement to kickstart the reimbursement process. This way we ensure you immediately stop losing money due to Amazon's fault.

And for you, there's no learning curve or start-up costs or anything else that might be a drag.

You just sit back and relax while we fight with Amazon to give you your money you're most definitely entitled to.

You'll start getting your first payments within days. And it will only take a few months before we're all caught up with your potentially huge backlog of LOST REVENUE and get Amazon to pay you back in full.

And through this whole thing you'll get...

1% to 3% of GROSS Revenue As Extra Profit, Month After Month

That might not sound like much, but we all know how slim margins can be in commerce. Once you add up all the costs: production, shipping, compliance, advertising... How much are you left over with at the end? For some high volume merchants, 10% is a big number.

And these are conservative numbers!

While working with one of our partners, we’ve seen 5% months. 4%. 8%. We've even seen 18% of gross revenue recovered through our process.

In 2020, we recovered an average of 5.7% of their revenue. Although, this particular business is a bit of an outlier due to the nature of the products sold: fragile, high value, and difficult to transport safely.

If you’re not selling fragile objects like glassware, electronics, technical parts, or high-value appliances, a good baseline to expect is closer to 1% of all sales reimbursed.

Even so, the $ amounts at the end can definitely make a significant difference.

"Easy, seamless way to get money back from Amazon that you otherwise would not have time to pursue. Their work was efficient, without requiring much time from my staff. And the results were great. Got back $2,700 on the first attempt, with more to come."
- Ron Scharman, CEO, FlyWithWine

"Vlad and his team are impressive. They recovered tens of thousands for us in reimbursements, with almost no work on our side. They integrate flawlessly with our team, and their work is invisible – we just see money coming into our pocket! Amazing!"

- Amy Lutz, Private Label Business Owner

And these are not outliers.

Vlad is our top-tier expert accountant guy, by the way. He's the one who hacked the code and significantly improved the process that your average ol' self-educated person gets their hands on. And he's the one who enables us to bring better results than the big competitors who necessarily have to automate everything.

His personal touch is what sets us apart from everyone else, and what made me believe and invest in this business. Efficiency and scalability is one thing, and it's great that there are businesses out there who provide this. But real human service comes above-and-beyond any automated algorithm can provide.

Because we're people, and business is all about relationships. These losses are themselves caused by an over-reliance on automation and efficiency. It's efficient for Amazon to just accept a few % of shrinkage and it’s even more efficient to just pass that onto their sellers.

Well... We want to fix that.

And because we're people, and we work with people, we first need to make sure we're a right fit for each other and we're all on the same page.

So there is actually one small up-front cost to receiving our service: a phone call.

That's it.

We just need to talk about it, get to know each other, and then create value together.

So it's time for you to stop throwing money down the drain through inaction, and get back what's yours from Amazon's grubby hands.

And I'm super excited to get to chat with you, or introduce you to Vlad, if you prefer, so that we can get started with recouping your losses.

Because I'm 100% certain that FBA Refund Finders will surpass your expectations through the amounts we'll reimburse and the convenience of the service we provide along the way. And that you will...

Maximize Your Profit Margins And Grow Your Business At Unprecedented Speed

But I want your certainty, too...

So I have an EXCLUSIVE Special Offer for members of The Fastlane Forum. From myself, personally, using my authority as CEO.

0% Commissions For The First $1000 Reimbursed!
*on the initial bulk reimbursement

That's right. We will charge you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, for all the money we get Amazon to pay you back, up to $1000. So you get to meet us, know us, see exactly how valuable our work is for you, and you don't have to pay a penny. Once you got your free thousand bucks, you may very well tell us to buzz off and that's it.

But I know you'll still work with us after that...

Because if I didn't think that you will:

  • Keep Amazon accountable and paying you your fair share...
  • Increase your FBA business’ profits month after month...
  • And get the best personal service this niche has to offer...

I wouldn't have invested my own resources and expertise into this business.

Your results will come as soon as Amazon moves their massive butt after we whip it.

And since the results are proportional to your revenue, the bigger you grow, the more valuable this process will be to you. You’d be crazy to give it up. That's why I'm committed to a long-term business relationship and helping you truly maximize your profit margins.

But there is one friction point. And, because I'm a fan of transparency and trust is crucial in any business relationship, I'll be open about it.

This is the catch.

In order for us to fully and accurately audit the way Amazon mismanages your inventory, we need a little bit of READ-ONLY access to your Seller Central account. About 8 areas out of over 100... And if we are to fight with Amazon on your behalf, for your money, we also need permission to engage directly with Amazon Support. Not much, but important.

And that's why, if we are to do this in good conscience, I must also offer you and your business protection with our...


Before we engage in any operation on your behalf, we shall sign a non-disclosure agreement and a compliance agreement, contractually obligating us to fully protect your data and respect all terms and regulations around this process.

As proper businesses ought to do.

Just like how we expect to share in the bountiful gains your business will earn due to our collaboration... We also cannot dodge possible losses that may occur because of our collaboration.

And I can easily make this guarantee because I am completely confident in the accuracy and legitimacy of our reimbursement process.

You'll find it very difficult to find such a guarantee anywhere else. This is part of the advantage of working with people, and especially other members of the Fastlane Forum.

And this guarantee will be valid for all the many years our collaboration will endure. So far we've brought only profits to our clients, and I see no reason why that might change in the future. I'm willing to put my reputation on the line for that.

With all that being said...

We Can Only Start With A Few Businesses!

Despite all the great advantages of our service, FBA Refund Finders is still a start-up business. That's why I was able to take charge. Vlad and his team are really good at what they do, but they can only handle so much volume of work.

I want to only provide THE BEST quality of service possible, so that I may maintain our unique positioning and absolute guarantee... therefore, the recruiting and training process of additional experts is costly, in money, but more importantly time.

So, depending on your sales volume, we'll only be working with several businesses on a first-come-first-served basis.

After we reach capacity, the offer will be closed while we expand and train our team.

So I recommend you get on a call with us ASAP.

Sound good?

Now's your chance to get back your fair share with FBA Refund Finders.

All you have to do is click here and schedule a call with us, so we can learn if we're the right fit for each other.

Schedule a call.

There are no commitments. No up-front fees. Only a success-based commission on the amount of money we earn for you after the first $1000.

At the end of the day, you're simply left with MORE money in the bank than you started with.

So why let Amazon cheat you out of your hard-earned money for even one moment more?

Schedule your call right now and get ready to recover thousands of lost revenue.

And if you have any questions about the process, feel free to ask.

You can also visit our website here to get more information about our reimbursement service and what else we do.

Visit our FBA Reimbursement Recovery website.

And if you want an introduction to the process, so that you can go through the learning curve and take the reimbursements into your own hands, we have a free guide on the website that will show you how you can go about doing that...

But you should probably leave it to the experts ;)

Because remember, you've got ZERO commissions on the first $1000 and ZERO RISK for the whole duration of our partnership.

Click Here To Schedule Your Call.
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MJ DeMarco

I followed the science; all I found was money.
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Jul 23, 2007
Ad approved, good luck.

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