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O/T: HEALTH Am I depressed, lost or just lazy?

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Sep 11, 2018
For instance: Do you really want to be an entrepreneur? Or do you go after it because it is sexy these days?

I thought that is what I wanted too. For a really long time. Until I realise that I want a certain kind of freedom + the ability to live on the edge of my skills constantly. I am not interested in pure entrepreneurship, though I know that I will help me with my goals.
Sometimes I wonder about this exact thing as well.

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Bronze Contributor
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Aug 16, 2019
For instance: Do you really want to be an entrepreneur? Or do you go after it because it is sexy these days?
I'm not sure I do. What I'm really sure I want is the kind of freedom you can only get once you have a fastlane venture. I guess entrepreneurship for me is just a means to an end.

A forum isn't really a great place to get this kind of support, by the way. Things that are meaningful to one person might not mean much to you. For example, for a lot of people, thinking about 'what is the next best thing I can do right now to improve things' is empowering. For me, its defeating. It paralyzes me by making me try to figure out what the 'best' option is. Instead, changing that thought to 'what is something I can do in this next minute to improve things' made all the difference. Being able to talk with someone that can help you think through this kind of thing is worth its weight in gold.
I agree that a forum is probably not the best place to get medical advice. To be honest I just needed to vent when I started the thread, but I actually got some useful advice out of it.


Read Millionaire Fastlane
Nov 16, 2019
How does one find their passion? How do you find purpose in life
That's what many people ask. Belief me.

Where I would is start to ask questions like:

When in life did you feel really alive?
What makes you rage?
If you had only 3 years left to life - how would you spend that time?
If you knew you couldn't fail - what would you start today?
If money didn't play a role in your life - what would you start today?
There are a lot more but if you answer those you might start to feel again. And only emotion drive you.

Then you can dig deeper - why did you feel alive in that moment? Why was it so special? What did it fulfill for you?

That's how you discover your values.
If you know them you have something like a compass that shows you what needs to be fulfilled for you to feel happy and fulfilled.

There's a lot more you can do. But if you start there, this could get you going.
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Bronze Contributor
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Sep 26, 2017
Oh yea that goes without saying. Thing is if you are depressed enough, you don't get moving. I say because I've been there. I love painting, reading, occasional videogaming etc. but at my lowest I'd "meh" everything, even the things I loved the most, and just sleep. If you can have a buddy that pushes you a bit to get out or do some of those with you it can help a lot.

Don't be, believe me it helps 200%. You don't have to talk about anything you don't want to. A good counselor isn't pushy. They just ask questions, comment on things that make you think or suggestions that you hadn't thought of, you're the one having the "aha" moment. It doesn't have to be a super deep talk like sometimes they picture it. It's just an objective professional listening to your situation and helping you help yourself pretty much. Please don't discard it based on perceptions if you've never done it! :)
This was 100% me a few years ago. Everything I used to enjoy just seemed so bland. I ended up sleeping the days away for a good couple of months.

I didn't want to take pills at the time so I went and paid for therapy, best thing I did!


Platinum Contributor
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Jun 23, 2014
Buddy Guy Eh
It sounds like you're suffering from depression.

My advice would be see a psychiatrist.

In the meantime, take care of your health as best you can. Get adequate sleep, vitamin D, eat a wholesome diet, exercise, drink enough water, all the essentials.

You'd be amazed at how much of depression is related to physical health. I know someone who was suffering from serious depression, and when they went to the doctor it turns out the main cause was anemia.

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