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  1. MJ DeMarco

    Lambos, Millions, and Mansions Won't Cure Depression, But *THIS* Might...

    This video topic was inspired by this thread: And also a bevy of videos from people who say "early retirement sucks" .. blah blah... View...
  2. M

    Cards Beyond Comfort Changed My Life!

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share a story about a product that has massively helped my mental health and motivation over the past few months and through the lockdowns. I was really struggling with my mental health earlier this year. I was becoming really depressed and anxious about a lot of...
  3. Almantas

    What's Worse than Death?

    With this post I am going for GOLD - grab a cup of coffee and let's go for a ride... I haven't posted for a long while and there is a good reason for it - Although I had made a decent recovery before (please read my story HERE), I had slipped through the cracks again. Badly. As the saying goes...
  4. kaleidosam

    How to help friends?

    I don't have any money, plausible job, any specific degree to help them. 1. One of them worries about future, what to do or what I gonna be. Sometimes, he says " I'm also worried about corona virus in U.S.(he lives in U.S.) 2. another of them has panic disorder which happens while he thinks...
  5. P

    Depressed, No Direction or Motivation..

    I'm really sorry if this will sound lame(especially right now when the world is going through a crisis) but I don't know who else to turn to, it's really difficult to find someone around me who really understands what I'm going through. I find myself in this situation and I just can't seem to...
  6. _Denis_S

    Who am I and what's my mission?

    Hello Everyone, I actually joined this forum a long time ago but wasn't very active (yet). My Name is Denis, I am 29 years old and I'm from Switzerland. I just started a new business as an online coach. This is actually my second attempt to break free from the rat race, but this time there is...
  7. arl

    Am I depressed, lost or just lazy?

    As I start writing this, I'm not sure if this is a question or just a rant, but there it goes... I've always said to myself and others that my goal is to become an entrepeneur. But this year I turned 30 and I still have nothing to show for it. I have a somewhat successful slowlane career in...
  8. stevjosh

    I'm learning to produce, not consume.

    Hey folks, I’m new here, and perusing the forum tells me I found one of those great communities. Originally an Idaho farm boy, I’ve been bouncing the idea of entrepreneurship around my head for a few years and I’m looking forward to the next steps I get to take to make my dreams a reality. So...
  9. D

    Dealing with depression as an entrepreneur, figuring things out as I go

    I haven't really spoke to anyone on here about it or mentioned it to anyone but I need to hear some advice from fellow entrepreneurs as it's hard for others to relate, and I don't have a strong support network. I've dealt with persistent depression since I was young. I'm not sure why I have...
  10. AgainstAllOdds

    Let's Talk About Entrepreneurial Depression

    It's a tough topic, but one that should not be taboo to talk about. If you choose the life of an entrepreneur, there's one thing you need to accept that's not in almost any business book: Your probability of being depressed, stressed, and anxious skyrockets. You're 4x more likely to be...
  11. fastlaner_1992

    How to start your fastlane journey if you are disconnected to the idea of it?

    Hey guys, great to be here, I will keep this concise. I was introduced to personal development just over 5 years ago. I found MJ's (TMF) book and it is hands down the best I have ever read. I am at a point now where my desire to become rich is still strong, but my desire to execute and do...
  12. Robert321

    Up and down: what happens after a full blown existential crisis?

    I had just turned 18 when I begun working as a web developer for a local start-up. I had no idea what to expect. Previously, I used to code at home 13 hours a day. No, not because I was passionate about it, although I didn't hate it either. I did it because I had to. External factors forced me...
  13. Claude Roy

    Depression: Are any successful entrepreneurs even affected by it or do they just snap out of it?

    Hey Guys, Today, I wanted to talk about something that I haven't found a lot on and I know that it's not something fun to talk about, but I really think that it is important to do so. I recently came out of a depression that hit me really hard for a 2 months and before getting hit by it, I was...
  14. B

    Depression because of a waste of time Need your help !

    Hi guys, sry for bad english Jan (18) from Germany here. So i wasted my last 4 months of free time (Time after finishing school and university in Germany), doing basicly nothing. I wanted to learn new skills in this gap and built my business on it but i did not had any idea of how to search for...
  15. Mike Partee

    Business will NOT fix all your problems

    Got to chat with someone today. Good kid about my age who's starting off in online business. He's in a position I'm sure we've all been at some point. Reading all the blogs, soaking in ridiculous amounts of bro-marketer content, all peddeling the same b.s. ebooks and courses. Naturally, I...
  16. cshann

    I am a 23 Year Old and I started a Bitcoin business in 2014 and failed. Rebuild still in progress

    I actually had never heard of the millionaire fastlane until today and I am loving this forum. My boss sent me a link from a thread this forum and I have been reading all the great tips on here since. I have always wanted to be a business owner and build for something for myself rather than be...
  17. C

    22yrs, never been so depressed, want to change things.

    Hi all. My 22nd birthday is in a few days, and I've never been so depressed. I've done nothing with my life, I've got no prospects I can see and I'm hurtling along a road to nowhere. I have a totally dead-end job and I can't find another one (trying to do copywriting to make some extra money...
  18. YoungPadawan

    Struggle with seasonal depression? Try this...

    Ahh, winter. Don't you just love it? The gray, gloomy skies, and the half inch-thick ice that you have to scrape off your windshield in the morning. If you're anything like me, wintertime makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning, and overall, makes you just plain depressed. I've been...

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