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GOLD! Absolute Beginners Guide to TMF & TFLF

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Oct 26, 2016
Hey there newbie here, thanks alot for the starters information.

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Oct 11, 2015
Very informative thread and a great breakdown of the culture of forum.

Wiser people than myself have already mentioned this but this thread should be mandatory reading to anyone who joins the forum.

I would also second the motion to block new users from posting for the first 30 days, this would force people to read a few threads before posting and hopefully avoid asking questions which have already been answered in great detail.

This would be beneficial to veterans, who won't get frustrated at having to answer the same questions and to new users who will avoid asking such questions by reading a few threads on their subject of enquiry.

Andy Black

Figuring it out as I go along!
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May 20, 2014

Olie Sins

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May 28, 2017
World Wide're looking for a mentor?

In the above post I recommended finding someone in the field you want to be in and start helping them out/providing value to them/learning from them etc


Who's who?

Must Follows
@JackEdwards (all around genius)
@snowbank (professional poker player, ecommerce, all around genius)
@IceCreamKid (all around genius, copywriting)
@Silverhawk851 (drops some serious value

Real estate

Affiliate Marketing


@Ecom man


@MJ DeMarco

Online Marketing
@Andy Black (google adwords)
@JasonR (facebook ads)

@Kyle Tully


This is not a complete list, but its enough to get you rookies started!
This is legit, it answered a lot of my questions I have about the forum. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the content on here, I have no idea where to start, this gives me a really good idea, thank you.


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Jun 12, 2015
Vancouver, Canada
Hey the Fastlane Bookstore link seems to not go past page 1 :( Could just be the browser I am on, but worth looking into.


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Jul 6, 2017
Follow @SinisterLex for all his great copywriting, freelancing, and getting-off-your-arse advice.

Here's two of his threads:
  1. How to Make $1,000 a Week with no Degree, no Feedback, & no Portfolio.
  2. SinisterLex's Raw Review Corner

Lex is a great PRODUCER of content.

He goes out of his way to HELP and to PROBLEM-SOLVE.

If you're still in team CONSUMER, then realise you're giving money to team producer in exchange for the value they create.

Lex drops so much value that it's obvious why he'll be successful, no matter what he wants to achieve.

This is in stark contrast to members of team CONSUMER, who are always looking for shortcuts.

Why not hear from Lex's mouth what he thinks of shortcuts, team consumer, and the "take, take, take" mindset:

(@SinisterLex added to the Must-Follow list.)
I hate wasting other people's time because I feel as though I am wasting my time. Thank you for posting this and thank you @SinisterLex for making it clear.
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P Stiller

Nov 24, 2017
Lisle, Illinois
  1. Andy Black asked me to read this link and respond with my takeaways before talking further.....then to post this reply I sent him on here...

    These were my thoughts as I read this....
    My takeaway is that the slowlane for me is a little different.....
    I have been one of the best wherever worked, at whatever done....I thought I had a lot because I had more than others around me....but growing up I did not have the perception of making a lot of money unless a doctor or lawyer....I literally told myself when thinking of the future....I don't know what I'll do but I'm good at everything I do once learn something will fall out of the sky....I ACTUALLY RELIED ON THAT! we didn't have Internet when I was young showing us how everything is possible....and I was above others around time went on and nothing has ever fallen out of the sky as figured.....

    I bought and sold things ever since young....everything can think of.....people would come to me and I would flip things daily....put a post it note on that 20 or 100 bucks of how I made it.....and some of those rubber bands of money I still have in envelopes to this very day from 15 years ago....rubber bands are so old they're fracked and broke stuck to the money.....I saved money and determined how I'll spend it by what it took for me to get it by that note I wrote. I sold things I shouldn't of and......if can understand somehow.....when you have a "money tree" like that you think you're getting ahead but all it did was make me not pursue real business success such as what all of you have.

    I have no debt,perfect credit, few college credits and I invested years and years into personal training and trying to be the BEST there is thinking it would make me money. I hated the sales part of it because I didn't want to be the fake people around me....horrible at what they do and ripping people off. I WANTED PEOPLE TO COME TO ME......I believed so much if I just sat on Internet everyday mastering the body....I'd become great. Even now my business is almost a hobby because I give each person almost 2 hours sometimes because "I want it done right" own client tells me I charge not enough.....Lost my future wife because of my way of thinking....and even worse I held her back in life making her wait for me to finally be much regret for this I could type and type.

    I got a side job driving a bus for 4 hrs a day just to be productive somehow between makes me feel terrible trading my life doing that.....I have a stepfather that says good job, its money......I see nothing but an hourglass emptying every second....always been worried time passing to fast since young.

    I believed DEEPLY each person needs to spend life working doing what they love or they're wasting life....I preached this to my girl for years and would have my kid if had any back then.....she always disagreed.....she was right about everything......I was wrong my whole life.......I have the emotions currently to give all of what I have left just to be wealthy enough to make her life so she doesn't have to suffer's all I's all that stops me from sitting,thinking with tears....

    What's time worth?
    My time is everything to me just as she was.....but my actions don't reflect what's inside me.

    I contacted a mentor but.....I don't feel he understands....worried if I listen and follow advice I could waste more time.....

    I refuse to waste anymore time

    Sorry if got off track Andy

Dave Daily

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Feb 22, 2018
Chico, CA
Wow @Andy Black , Thanks for pointing me to all these good threads today. I'm discovering that you're like the matchmaker in Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point book. You're a hub pointing the way to all the good shit. Thanks Man! +Rep


Get To The Choppa!
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Dec 31, 2015
I find this thread very useful and it is the absolute beginners guide.

In my opinion though, the first thing that I would like to see - as a noob - aside from what the guide gives (where to find who/what).

'How to use this forum' in one paragraph:

Please feel free to look for an area of your interest, may it be 'healthy lifestyle' or anything even vaguely related to the Fastlane concept. And start contributing. This is the fastest way to creating value for other people and testing your concepts too.

This is, in my not so even close to being humble opinion, the closest you can get to the 'fastlane philosophy' in a second. With respect to the creator of the thread and people creating the value here.
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Mar 3, 2017
Thanks @jockinbox

Excellent, lots of information and very accurate for the new ones. Its going to avoid wasting time going around and maybe free up the mentor's to concentrate on more advanced questions.


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Sep 4, 2018

Andy Black

Figuring it out as I go along!
Staff member
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
May 20, 2014


Read Millionaire Fastlane
Dec 2, 2019
As someone new to the forum, a resource like this is a Godsend! Thank you for posting this up!


New Contributor
Jul 21, 2019
The 500 Different Ways to Make Money Online | Ninja Outreach link is dead.
Cant't find it online. some one know the article? thanks


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Jun 7, 2018
Getting started with TFLF

Per @MJ DeMarco request here's a definitive guide on The Millionaire Fastlane & The Fastlane Forum

What is it?
The Millionaire Fastlane is a book written by MJ, you can get a copy here: Download The Millionaire Fastlane, FREE
The Fastlane Forum is a community built around the book

The Fastlane

The Fastlane means creating a business model that follows CENTS, solves a need & eventually involves seperating from the "time for money" equation. CENTS can be described MORE here:


The Slowlane
The Slowlane is the "popular" approach to getting rich. It involves saving 10% of your income for 40-50 years, giving it to Wall Street, and then hopefully having enough to retire on.

The Sidewalk
The Sidewalk includes people who have no plans/uses for money. They spend money they dont have, on things they dont need, to impress people they dont really like. A sidewalker believes that the only way to get rich is through luck.

If you look closely you'll notice that the Fast Lane & Slow Lane are built around a process, while the Side Walk is built around an event

Process Vs Events
Getting rich through a process means that you dedicate a resource (time, sweat equity, money) into a calculated risk (business/investments) thus increasing your probablity of success
Getting rich through an event means "Getting lucky" like winning the lotto, suing McDonalds for serving coffee that was "too hot" or inheriting a fortune from a distant relative

Chances of winning the lotto is one in 175 million
Chances of a startup succeeding 10-30%
The Fastlane Forum
The Fastlane Forum or TFLF for short, is a place where you can hangout with other people who have read the book. Some of these "other people" actually put the concepts in the book to work and are worth millions.
What the Fast Lane is NOT
A place where you can learn to make $xx / month
A get rich easy forum (no penny stocks for example)
A place for you to market your product (unless you contribute heavily)

10 Frequent Questions And Answers (please note, these are general answers & I nor other members here at TFLF can make life decisions for you. see here: GOLD! - Sorry, But the Forum Can't Make Your Life Decisions For You!!

1. Should I go to college?
I personally wouldn't but every situation is unique
Some things to consider
Are you a natural entrepreneur?
Can you afford to go to college?
Are you not going for the right reasons? GOLD - Do You Have A Successful Entrepreneurial Premise?

2. Should I quit my job?
I personally would but evey situation is unique
Some things to account for
Do you have savings/way to make money without it? If you have a years worth of savings to figure it out why not
Do you have a business model WITH sales? Don't quit for something with no sales

3. I want a mentor in the Fast Lane, where can I find one?
You're in the right place. This forum is home to some heavy hitters. My suggestion is to pick what you want to pursue and stalk their posts, provide value to them and they'll eventually talk to you. This applies offline too

4. You have nothing, how would you make $100 a day?
Bootstrap: GOLD - A Hustler's Guide To Buying And Selling Anything (Part 1)
Online: 500 Different Ways to Make Money Online | Ninja Outreach
Get creative!

5. You are 20 years old, what would you do?
Read this Notable! - What would you tell your 25 year old self?
Read all gold threads in TFLF
Make a plan, execute

6. I've read TMF, can you recommend any good books?
Fastlane Bookstore
Book Discussions

7. Should I learn to program?
Read this: GOLD - Learning to Program is STUPID! (or SMART?!)
Some factors to consider
Whats your time worth?
Can I outsource for less?
Can I raise the money with a Kickstarter or pre-sales to fund the programming if its not worth it for me to learn?
If I cant, can I give equity to a programmer?

8. What would you do with $XX,XXX?
Does it matter?
Reinvest in your business
This is a forum about making money, not spending it. I doubt anyone will have a problem with that.

9. Hypotheticals (selling my startup that i havent started)
This is like worrying about taxes on all the money you haven't made.
There's a time & place for everything, worry about it when the time comes.

10. When should I get an LLC?
When you start making sales
MJ DeMarco, if you're watching this one, I think it deserves to be Notable-Gold.

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