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Gold Guide for absolute Beginners

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Jun 16, 2017
Berlin City, Germany
Hey Everybody,

This will be a introduction into world of Gold.

I have a lot of experience with this element of periodic table because i was collecting gold coins (numismatic) long time ago, work with it in laboratory enviroment and stay long time with old gold trading guys .

This Thread will be updated time by time - so don't miss !

Ok, let's have a first look :

Chemical Properties:

Gold is a ductil and well formable heavy metal and together with copper one of the few natural colored metals.

It is the once known yellow shiny Metal in Universe, his place is Element nr. 79 on periodic Table (because it's build by aggregation of 79 Protons) and also known as Aurum .

Mass is 196,96 compared with Carbon Standart Value .

Gold stand's high temeratures, acid and other corrosives - only a mix of 3:1 nitrous acid and hydrochloridum is strong enough to bring it in solvation .

Some Applications :

Gold is used in electronics because it is a good conductor (after silver and copper) and his ground electrons are so deep bound to the nucleus that the ionizing potential is very high - it need's some voltage to bring it to spark and so golden contacts are (almost) resilient against bad sputtering by showing good conductivity as same time .

Gold also is used in laboratory enviroment for scattering infrared wavelenghts and to be heavy metal target too .

Because Gold is so inactive and chemical resistent, it's also used to protect surfaces from corrosive atmospheric or chemical influences .

Making Gold :

Gold can be created by adding protons to mercury - efficiency measurement shows, only few thousands atoms can be created by this (high energy wasting) process so it is useless to perform on commercial suite .

Every single "natural" Gold-Atom in our solar system was created by the Explosion of a (early) Sun, this we call a "Supernova" .

starting nuclear fusions with Bethe-Weizsäcker Cycle , Heat, Pressure and other thermodynamic processes in supernova add's 79 Protons together; a Gold-Nucleus was formed...

Of Course, the Stardust of the Supernova now was full with many of these single Atoms of Gold - together with the other Elements of periodic Table, this Stardust collapsed down to our actual Solar System .

In process of forming planet Earth from Stardust, also Gold becomes Part of it - so every single Atom of Gold is more than 4.500.000.000 - 5.500.000.000 years old !

The Gold Atoms could be find everywhere - but only on few places there are a lot of in bound with the others so you can see it as a kind of sand, flake or nugget .

Since Humans beginning only a cube of 20 m² was digg'ed...
Old Gold of Egypt, the Maya or other high Civilizations now is Part of your Gold-Ring / Gold-Chain (it's just Recycled).

Clearence :

Many different Gold/Metal-Mixes are availble on Market :

333 (33,3%) or 8 ct (Crap jewelry)
385 (38,5%) or 10 ct (old crap jewelry before it was 1900)
585 (58.5%) or 14 ct (actual low end jewelry)
680 (68.0%) or 16 ct (dental gold for inlays)
750 (75,0%) or 18 ct (standart jewelry)
900 (90,0%) or 22 ct (antique high end gold coin standart)
999 (99,9%) or 24 ct . (technical and pure gold)

Gold have many different Colours, in most cases it's mixed with silver, copper, platinum or palladium and some other here unlisted metals .

Yellow Gold is used for coins, electronics and all other kinds of application and jewelry.

White Gold is used for jewelry and watches - experts can identify it just by seeing his unique shine !

Red Gold is used in jewelry or watches .

Rosè Gold is used for watches (impressive and beauty!).

Tricolor is used for jewelry only.

Make money with Gold :

In last years, Gold rating was (almost) between 1130-1380 € (EU) per ounce on market .

actually it's not stupid to buy it if it is nearly to 1250 € and sell it if the price goes up to 1330 (2-3 month cycle) .

this is not big marge but a safe way for low risk investment too !

NEVER buy it, if it cost more than 1260 € - exclude, you have HFT Algo Tool or you're Insider/Daytrader .

If you're not ultimate Gold-Maniac, i hope this short excurse was something for your Mind ...

This is not full Gold-Guide Text : please stay tuned !
I will extend this Thread soon as possible.
pls help to keep it alive with posting more intresting or relevant Gold-Details !

Feel free to post actual ratings - so people can recheck this thread to make right buy/sale decisions .

If you have serious Questions about Gold because the needed Detail is missing in this thread or on wiki's - feel free to contact and send me your question !

friendly greet's


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