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37 minutes until I board my plane, and then THIS happened


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Aug 10, 2007
Austin, TX
(1 of 2 due to size... continued in next post)


(2+ days ago…)

I find myself at the airport, waiting to head back home.

I’ve been in Arizona for the last few days visiting @biophase

Nothing too crazy, just hanging out with some MLMers and such(link).

I started thinking about the interaction with the kid in the store, some of the threads I read on the forum after Kenric posted that, some of the convos he and I had over the last few days. I remembered back to that starting out age and some of the things I wish I knew at the time. I found myself thinking, ‘man if people only knew…’

I look down at my phone to check the time. 37 minutes until boarding.

‘Ah f*ck it, maybe I’ll post on fastlane.’

I open my notes and start rambling through my fingers…

2+ days later, now that I’m back home and settled in I finally took some time to turn my 37 minutes of rambling airport notes into a more organized, but still rambling pile of notes for you, in hopes that there might be some beneficial nuggets somewhere within:

In thinking about the MLM kid in the link above, anything different than the reality he ‘knows’ seems incorrect to him and blasphemy since someone who he views as very smart through his naive eyes told him this perspective is the right way, and since he lacks experience he replaces experience with blind belief in someone with ulterior motives.

I see this a lot.

One thing that I tell people all the time is: NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING

Everyone feels inadequate so they rely on someone else that they assume has all the answers. But again, NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING.

Once you start approaching life from that angle, you can start thinking more. If you just assume that you, or someone you look up to as an authority knows everything and blindly put your trust in either your current views, or in whatever authority figure tells you to believe, you are not going to play the game of life very well.

Think about this for a minute: Anyone who knows what they’re doing now, didn’t before. They had to learn it. And anyone who improves, had to not know something before. So if you are improving, it means to some degree you did not know what you are doing.

So even if you don’t have an MLM upline dude trying to brainwash you into thinking being in his downline is the secret to life, you still need to keep your thinking cap on, because even if someone did mean well for you, they may not know all the answers, and they may not know they don’t know all the answers.

As they say:

There’s levels to this sh*t.

Funny enough I actually looked up the guy who convinced me to join an MLM back when I was in college. And not surprisingly, he’s still not retired and still selling new MLM ‘opportunities’ to people, still posing next to cars in hopes people will think he’s ‘made it’.

‘Maybe he can help me make it’, I used to think when I was in college. I can remember being on the old Rich Dad forums and people who were supposedly successful wanting to jump on calls with me and ‘help me out’. Even when I was young I was always like, “wait a minute why do these supposedly successful guys have so much time for a college kid with a net worth of like $1k and a meal plan?” It’s not because they’re really that nice, it’s because they’re really that broke.

As new spaces have popped up, there’s ‘upline guys’ in every niche(amazon, youtube, crypto, etc…), with someone who’s not good at thinking or making money, convincing you that they have the secret for your success. It’s very hard to differentiate the ‘upline guys’ from the real ones, and the ratio is disproportionately gigantic for ‘upline guy’ vs. ‘actually wants good things for you and knows what they’re doing guy’.

You guys here don’t know how good you have it- @MJ DeMarco sweeping landmines of ‘MLMs of 2019’ out of your way. When many of us were coming up MLM was what ‘everyone’ was doing. At least that’s what it seemed in our small, naive world of what you had to do to start a business/start making money, since that’s what everyone was pitching, and masking it as wanting to help you.

Couple things that will make it a bit easier to tell if you should take advice from someone:

  • Take advice from those who if they benefit from you nothing changes for them. Example: if you paid Biophase $5-$10k for coaching, nothing monetarily changes for him. Meaning, it wouldn’t even show up as a blip on his overall financial situation. The money itself would be semi-irrelevant to his life. But to a blogger who needs you to click their affiliate link to cover rent, it’d be a game-changing amount of money.

  • If they list ‘influencer’ or ‘thought leader’ as what they do. Actual thought leaders don’t need to try and convince others they lead thoughts, they just do. If someone needs to tell you they’re an influencer, it should only influence you to realize they’re an idiot.

  • ‘I run a multinational organization’ is another one. broooo… that’s a strong title for selling a $5 ebook to some dude from Thailand off a wordpress site. Chillllll out. Successful people/actual multinational companies don’t talk like that.

  • ‘Heart-centered entrepreneur’... this means ‘I’m broke but I want you to think I’m woke’ 99% of the time.

There are some relatively popular names in the guru space that are posting ‘I’m crushing life’ type stuff on social media, and behind closed doors are desperately trying to pay rent/save businesses.

There are some good people to work with out there, but again it’s a ratio thing, the hype to value ratio is insane. If hiring someone, ask yourself: ‘am I hiring them because of the way they think/articulate something so that I could learn a skill they have, or am I hiring them only because of the hype?'.

One easy tell, is that if someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about with one subject but is confident about it, do not bank on other things they say even if they’re an ‘expert’ at that. Because they may know a lot, but confidently being wrong about things is more dangerous than knowing you don’t know.

So a trick you can do is bring up subjects they may be familiar with, but you’re a deep expert on. If they’re confidently saying flawed things, you should not listen to them on other subjects even if they’re viewed by others as an ‘expert’ on that subject. If they are confidently sharing inaccurate info on a subject you know, how are you going to be able to tell what’s right and what’s wrong on a subject you don’t know...They don’t know when they’re wrong, how will you?

Look, the reality is…

You know you better than anyone in the world. I’m not talking about hiring people/business pitches. I mean even aside from the guru rant.

Listen to you.

Not sure what business to work on? … have you asked yourself? I mean, that sounds funny I know, but so many people are looking for someone else to tell them what they should want to do.

Listen to you.

I’m not saying don’t get feedback. Get plenty of it.

I still get feedback all the time on stuff. But I’ve learned the hard way that I know better than anyone else what I should do.

Just like you know better than anyone else what you should do.

It’ll be hard with all the noise, so practice at it. Over time with continuous effort the noise you hear from others will lower, to be able to hear your own voice better, and when that time comes you’ll know which to follow.

If you’re at the beginning of your journey and/or aren’t putting in the work it’ll be hard to hear your voice and all the others will be loud and distracting (‘start a store!’, ‘omg do amazon!’, ‘ebooks you should launch hundreds of them for 99 cents each!’, ‘but dude youtube omg you’re not on there!’). The more work you put in, not only will your skill level rise to learn what’s actually an opportunity and what’s a distraction from an opportunity, but you’ll learn what’s the best fit for YOU, and what YOU want to do most.

You are the best coach you will ever have. Don’t ignore yourself.

Get as much great advice as you can from people who’ve been where you want to go. Ignore those who haven’t been where you want to go as they may unintentionally point you in the wrong direction even if they meant well.

Then check in with yourself and see where you go from there. Don’t wait for others to do everything for you. It’s a common theme I see that is KILLING the chances of so many with so much potential. They’re waiting for someone else to basically do everything for them. I don’t know if the millennial thing is real or not, but most people are LAZY.

I highly recommend reading Straight Line Leadership(Straight-Line Leadership: Tools for Living with Velocity and Power in Turbulent Times: Dusan Djukich: 9780996203524: Books). Great book for lazy people. Well, any people but lazy people NEED to read it.

I think part of what creates laziness may be confusion about what it takes to achieve what you want.

We were hanging out at @AllenCrawley 's the other night, and I was telling him and MJ a story about how I originally met Kenric- at a Rich Dad Poor Dad meetup event at Kiyosaki’s office:

Everyone at the event was staying at this hotel right near the office. I was probably around 21 at the time, and was like... ‘$199 a night!?!’. So I booked myself a ghetto hotel like 20-30 min away. I’d never traveled anywhere myself before I didn’t know it was in the ghetto it was just cheap so I booked it.

So fast forward and I’m in AZ... 21 year old me is walking around the hood in like 90s/100s weather in a heavy sport coat and pants asking thugs how to catch a bus (how did I know what people wore to these things I wanted to look professional!!). I’d never been on a bus before, but I finally found it and eventually made it to the Rich Dad headquarters. Showed up and I’m sweating, meeting a bunch of people in t-shirts who walked from the very air conditioned hotel right nearby.

I probably spent 25-50% of my net worth to attend once you factor in hotel, plane ride, etc…

I’d travel back and forth from my ghetto hotel each day just to try and pick up a few nuggets of wisdom that might help me on my journey.

Then once I got home I tried a bunch of stuff out. Didn’t know what I was doing and lost some money. But then I figured out what I didn’t know, then I played again. And I lost again because even though I learned X, now Y came up and I didn’t know THAT was a thing.

I didn’t know that I didn’t know.

Each time you figure something out, you just learn new things that you didn’t know you needed to know as part of the overall game.

But if you keep playing the game you WILL win… whatever winning is for you.

So… back to the whole ‘do you actually want to do what it takes’ thing…

I think some people don’t want it, they just don’t know they don’t want it. Like, they want the end result. End results are great! But playing the actual game may not be something you’re committed to actually doing.

If you listen to the right people, the game is easy… but it’s still HARD.

Like, it’s hard work.

It’s relatively straightforward once you get the concepts down, but the work is still there. You can’t outsource your pushups so to speak if you want to be ripped, you still have to do them.

You may think you want it, but it’s kind of like this...

Amatuer poker players are at a serious disadvantage vs a pro. They don’t know they don’t have an edge. They won’t even know someone’s a pro unless someone tells them, but for the pro literally within a few minutes it’s easy for them to spot who the sucker is. It is very obvious because they’ve played the game so many times, they see things others don’t even know you should be looking for.

For people who’ve really played the game of entrepreneurship for a while/put the work in, it’s kind of easy to spot who wants it/doesn’t want it. But for the people who don’t want it, they don’t even know they don’t want it! I know that sounds crazy, but it’s reality. Again it’s because they do want the end result… like they desire it. They’d like being rich, or famous or whatever else. But they don’t WANT it. Like, ‘spend half your net worth to stay in the ghetto for the possibility of improving your odds of success by a little and then go implement everything you learned and keep failing but keep betting anyways want it’. There’s probably a way better analogy but you get the point. The effort from most people is small, but they expect home runs from that minimal and often nonexistent effort.

Being real with yourself is one of the hardest things to do, but also the most valuable.

Maybe you would be a great #2 (and this is in SUPER high demand). If you’ve been ‘trying’ to be entrepreneur for 5+ years ask yourself if you’ve REALLY been trying- like ‘bus from ghetto until you make it’ trying, or fake trying like most people. If fake trying, ask yourself why.

Do you want that life as much as you think? If not just change course, no biggie. Changing course is fine and people won’t think less of you, they’ll think more. “Hey I decided this entrepreneurship things not for me”... cool. That’ll enable you to find something that IS for you.

But don’t spend decades lying to yourself pretending you’re trying. If you’re not sure if you’re really trying, the answer is easy: you’re not.

If you’re not trying but you KNOW you want it, maybe it’s because you’re too comfortable. Maybe you want to work on something you’re passionate about. Maybe you’re distracted by a bad relationship. I don’t know what it is for you, but remember: you know yourself better than anyone. Listen.

And keep this in mind: YOU ARE DOING FINE.

Taking you a long time to figure stuff out? YOU ARE STILL DOING FINE.

Lost on every try so far? YOU ARE DOING FINE.

Have no idea what to do? It’s okay. Remember: NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING.

Struggling with something in the early stages and feel like it could work, just not sure how to get it over the hump? OMG YOU ARE SO LUCKY THOSE ARE THE BEST DAYS. You will look back and on those times with so much happiness remembering them- enjoy it. YOU ARE DEFINITELY DOING FINE!

(... continued below)

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Aug 10, 2007
Austin, TX
(part 2 of 2)

The beautiful thing about business is if you just keep focusing on how you can best help people and add value to their lives, you will figure it out at some point. Getting distracted by the ‘lights’ often brings people away from that goal, and they focus on 99 cent ebooks and youtube/instagram stardom, but if you forget all that stuff and just add value sh*t will work out at some point.

I saw the thread about outrunning a bear, but the thing is you can choose to play the game in business and in life with an abundance or a scarcity approach. Someone else doesn’t have to lose for you to win.

In poker you had to not only have an edge on someone, but have them not understand you had an edge. That’s how you made your money.

In business and in life the game is not zero sum.

Everyone can win.

Sometimes when you’re starting out you’re not going to know which direction to go, but going with a suboptimal route is the optimal route if it gets you going. Experience will start telling you when it’s best to pause and when is best to search for a more optimal route. But you can’t get that experience without playing, and/or in listening to those that have played… specifically played well. You don’t want to ‘hustle your face off’ blindly for long periods of time. In the beginning it’s okay. Later on, at least in the way people are interpreting it, it’s very bad.

You’ll reach a point where you’ll need to stop blindly hustling and start understanding how to think. Understanding how to think will show you the optimal route to go.

And keep in mind the optimal route for you will be different than the optimal route for someone else.

In the beginning ignorance can be great. Shit, it can be great at any time. I’m occasionally so ignorant I do things that would ‘never work’, but since I don’t know they aren’t supposed to work, I’m the only one doing them. That’s not to say go do a bunch of foolish things if people who have been there/done that give you good reason to follow a more optimal path, but you know who calls the final shot… YOU DO! Ignorance will lead to a high number of failures but if you want to make the bet go for it. Just play the game and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Remember, you are doing fine.

Keep in mind a lot of dumb people have started successful businesses. They’re NOT smarter than you. I promise.

For the ones thinking ‘but I don’t have money’ or ‘I’m in debt’... this is GREAT news! You’re in the best position to make the right bets. What are you worried about going from negative 1 to negative 2. It’s like Mel Gibson told Joaquin Phoenix in Signs: “Swing away!”

Your best bets are going to more than pay off all of your other bets, to such a degree that the other bets will be pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. When unsure what to do, make more bets, or educate yourself to give yourself better chances on the next bet. Big winners will more than make up for everything. Pareto homies. PARETO!

Focus is so important.

It will be hard.

It will be hard because you either don’t want the end result enough and/or you don’t like what you’re doing. Also hard if getting distracted by other people’s ‘chapter 10s’ and/or fake results. Do you. This relates to knowing yourself- it will get easier if you put the effort in there.

By ‘chapter 10’ - there’s a bunch of variations of this quote out there but don’t compare your chapter 2 to someone else’s chapter 10…. Meaning, if someone else has played a certain game longer than you they’re going to be expected to have significantly better results than you. So don’t expect to have their results when you’re early in your game and they’re late in theirs.

I have multiple friends that have sold over a million books. I’d be MISERABLE if I published my first book and expected to sell a million copies right away, because they’re in chapter 10 of their game in that space, and I’m just dipping my toes into the prologue.

Be easy on yourself.

But once you decide what you want, focus will be vital to your success at whatever that is.

And on the focus note:

Turn off your phone. You are not that important.

I spend most of time with my phone on airplane mode. Thinking is the most underrated skill, and very few are good at it. I literally spend 10x as much time thinking as the average person. I’m not sure how people can constantly be distracted all day and have any shot of getting much deep thinking done.

Even if someone started as a stupid person, thinking 10x more than others you’re going to end up in the top tier for thinking. It’s going to be valuable and you can use it for life. That’s a skill you want, so eliminate things that keep you from acquiring that skill.

And related to the focus note, eliminate certain people from your life NOW. If you’ve got people draining energy from you and what you want out of life, you’ve got to cut them out. No one regrets cutting negative people from their lives, but lots are super grateful/wish they’d done it sooner. You need that energy to pursue the life you want, don’t use it on energy vampires.

I’m not saying cut out people because they need some help, but it’s important to eliminate energy drainers and ‘not nice humans’.

Much like a successful business, it works because value is being provided. As a successful friend/person, are you adding value to people’s lives, or only taking it?

Some people focus on taking, negativity, bringing people down, being a hater, things ‘happening to them’… you’ve GOT to get rid of them. They are straight poison, and they will get on you. Eliminate, and take a serious shower to get any accidental poison exposure off you. Then go be around awesome people and go chase the life you want.

If it’s you, stop being the crab in the bucket pulling the other crabs down, and just get out of the bucket goofball. People who spend their life playing victim become a victim… of themselves. ‘My girlfriend is the reason’, ‘my boss is the reason’, ‘my partner is the reason’, etc… Realize that ‘you did this to you.’ Until they release themselves from victim mode, they cannot be free. In the bucket they remain.


Remember to think for yourself. It is hard and takes practice, but is a skill that will dwarf pretty much all other skills that you can pick up. It is a practicable skill set that is not practiced by many.

Start putting it to use on this forum. Browsing thru, I can see that often popular posters get lots of likes even when the advice doesn’t justify it, and unknown posters rarely get likes when the advice is legit. That’s obviously not to say popular posters are wrong and newbies are right, just that the responses to them are not activated by whether the advice was optimal or not, but by the popularity of the poster. What does this mean?

It means there may not always be thinking going on, but groupthink. An explanation of groupthink is “Groupthink occurs when a group of well-intentioned people make irrational or non-optimal decisions that are spurred by the urge to conform or the discouragement of dissent. This problematic or premature consensus may be fueled by a particular agenda or simply because group members value harmony and coherence above rational thinking.”

And don’t read too deep into that, that’s not some weird way of calling someone out for suboptimal advice- my desired point is only to explain that it’s important to always be thinking and determine for yourself whether something is good or bad advice and why. Don’t just assume high rep = good advice and go about your day. If you’re doing that you’re missing a ‘thinking opportunity.’ Maybe you don’t agree, and if you mention it either they learn or you learn. It’s got a chance to be a win-win.

Maybe there’s a newbie who has unique views that are dismissed because they don’t have a high rep.

Again, obviously not a knock to high rep people or an overvalue of newbies, just a highlight of the importance of all ‘thinking activities.’ Don’t assume the thinking has been done by someone more experienced so ‘it must be accurate’ - think for yourself. That’s how you learn!

I remember challenging all sorts of people on the Rich Dad forums back in the day. I was young and wrong a lot, but learned a ton.

Then because you’ve spent so much time thinking you figure out EVERYTHING.

Then 5 years later you laugh at how little you knew the last time you knew everything, now that you actually know everything.

Then 5 years later you learn the same thing again.

Rinse, repeat, and the cycle continues.

To wrap this very long ‘37 minutes’ up (I forgot editing/adding things for me always takes 10x what the actual notes braindump does) with a couple last thoughts:

Squash beefs. Just kiss and make up. It doesn’t have to be with tongue but just move on shit is not that serious. If you think you were wronged just give people a pass they probably didn’t mean it or were going through some shit you didn’t know about that made them make a bad decision. You haven’t walked in their shoes and might not even be seeing things from their perspective.

Much like the rules you should apply to yourself, you should apply to them:

Don’t be too hard on yourself … and don’t be too hard on others.

No one knows what they’re doing… they may not know what they’re doing.

You are doing fine. Your journey is unique embrace it don’t compare it… They are doing fine. They just might mess up in different ways than you do.


Never resist a generous impulse - I started living by this rule within the last year or two and it’s great. If you get the thought to do something nice just do it. Could be sending something to someone, doing a nice deed, or whatever comes to mind. If you make it a rule in your life that you’re not allowed to resist a generous impulse it’s an absolute game changer. Just a bunch of people being happy you did something cool for them and you feeling really great about it.

Oh, before I wrap up this ramble:

Journey threads...similar to the last time I visited the forum: no endings to most of the movies. It’s okay if the hero dies in the movie but finish the script. Better yet, only start a script you’re going to finish. Failing is finishing, and there’s lessons in the failure. Don’t deprive the audience of the ending.

Just remember:

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

No one knows what they’re doing.

You are doing fine.


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Sep 25, 2019
Rhode Island
Yup! And you bring up the better perspective to have about it!

Once upon a time, I thought several friends/acquaintances of mine really had it together. I looked up to them because they had nicer cars, apartments, etc. Usually they were a couple years older, and I assumed their jobs were way better as well.

As I got closer with these people I admired, I discovered they were all messes in one way or another. Drunks. Lonely. Defaulting on credit. Behind on taxes, or worse, didn’t know how to file.

I looked down on them. Until I realized I wasn’t any better! I was a mess too! My car was crappy, but my rent was current! I wasn’t a party animal anymore, but I had been. I had no career either! We were ALL paycheck to paycheck!

No reason to look down, just know we’re pretty much all winging it in one way or another, or we were at one point.


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Jul 24, 2007
@snowbank . Sorry I missed you guys this time around. Thanks for the invite though.

Great post! I remember that rich dad meetup. I told your friends that I met you when you were still a snot nose kid. I thought you were 18 or so back then.


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Jul 25, 2007
Scottsdale, AZ
ask yourself if you’ve REALLY been trying- like ‘bus from ghetto until you make it’ trying, or fake trying like most people. If fake trying, ask yourself why.

Do you want that life as much as you think?

But don’t spend decades lying to yourself pretending you’re trying. If you’re not sure if you’re really trying, the answer is easy: you’re not.
Just want to reiterate this part.

Even MJ was part of an MLM in his younger days... why? Because he wanted it, but just didn't know how yet.

The dude we met at Barnes & Noble wants it... that's why he's at a bookstore recruiting instead of playing video games at home.

I wanted it also.

I started trading stocks when I was 20, my first stock was GAP. I learned about options at 21. I don't think I've ever made money in the market. It's just not my strength. But I tried.

In college I bought the the Don Lapre infomercial about the "one tiny ad" and I actually ran his infomercials on a local TV station at 2am. It's crazy to think that at 21 years old, I called up local TV stations and asked to buy commercial time and then sent them a VHS tape to be aired.

I went to a bunch of REI group meetings to learn about real estate. The meetings are all in the evenings and far away. I'd leave work, get home, feed the dogs and be out the door. I didn't watch TV when I got home, I went to work on my second job, retiring early.

I learned about online business at the 2007 BnP. Before that I was hard core into real estate.

You gotta keep trying...

Little Bo

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Sep 17, 2019
This post is very eye opening to me. For many reason but not limited to the fact that "Nobody knows" it's so easy for my mind to think that people that look successful are living the life, but we all struggle no matter the stage we are at. Another point is that I need to go blindly into something that I may think will make me reach Fastlane, and that is unconventional to our brain which is kudos for destroying big conventions in my head. Last but not least the fact of how little we discredit our thinking power, and I am struggling with it for a reason that the distractions surrounding me take my focus away.

Another point is the fact of how I should look at the process over the event mentality in the entrepreneurship, and this mentality is what I struggle with a lot currently. This could be linked in to my lack of thinking powered by distractions at the moment, for many of these things could be cleared up if only I get to spend time with my mind only and no distractions.


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Nov 30, 2018
Duuuuuuuude!!! This is soooo good!! Thank you. Oh man.. I hope you’re coming to the Summit.

But for the people who don’t want it, they don’t even know they don’t want it!
I just wanna take a sec and say thank you to all the patient ppl who had to deal with my long winded deep inner angst this past year.. there will prolly be more of that.... I needed to talk. LOTS of ppl from this forum listened. I have barely known what I wanted from one week to the next but I’m trying so hard to figure it out.

It kinda sux being a newbie cuz you have no idea what the hell you want or don’t want.

Being real with yourself is one of the hardest things to do, but also the most valuable.
Yes. *maybe cry a little.. but.. yes.

And keep this in mind: YOU ARE DOING FINE.

Taking you a long time to figure stuff out? YOU ARE STILL DOING FINE.

Lost on every try so far? YOU ARE DOING FINE.

Have no idea what to do? It’s okay. Remember: NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING
*definitely tearing up a little

Oh dude I’ve never talked to you before and I don’t know you from Adam but this is very nice to hear and I can’t tell you how much I needed to hear it today.

You’ll reach a point where you’ll need to stop blindly hustling and start understanding how to think. Understanding how to think will show you the optimal route to go
That’s what I’ve been tryin to figure out!!

Then because you’ve spent so much time thinking you figure out EVERYTHING.

Then 5 years later you laugh at how little you knew the last time you knew everything, now that you actually know everything.

Then 5 years later you learn the same thing again.
What’s funny.. is that in other areas besides business .. it’s like I KNOW that you’re right. That’s how real growth is. But in business I think some of us feel so freaking.. new? It’s intimidating to realize how little progress we’ve made. Thank you for this encouragement.

Deep internal course correction is a bitch of a thing.. I’m still learning how to think for myself, trust myself, listen to my gut.. I prolly always will be working on that.

Posts like these are much needed.
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Mar 22, 2014
LOVE you recommending Straight Line Leadership! I give it to all my clients, didn't know many other people read it. It's a fantastic, no bullshit read.

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Oct 25, 2015
Arizona and Maine
Thanks for this beautiful meditation.
We learn best when we teach others.

It's a turning point in career building, love, and getting along generally when we find that we've been too invested in what we already know rather than getting some idea of what we don't know.

What a difference when the focus shifts. Notice your ignorance and drink in new life.

Thank you @snowbank .
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Mar 18, 2019
Directly ordered Straight Line Leadership. Thank you for the recommendation as it's unknown in Germany.

Your post really invites to step back, relax and just continue doing what ever needs to be done.

Real Deal Denver

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Jan 13, 2018
Denver, Colorado
Nobody can write like this. This comes straight from the heart. This post has me absolutely spellbound.

I'm in the same boat with you @snowbank in that I think a lot. Then I think about how I think. I take sides and punch holes in my thoughts, and then I pick up the pieces and rebuild everything to be better than it was. And then I do it all over again. And it works very well.

But I've never gone down the rabbit hole that you wrote about. And what a rabbit hole it is!

Thanks for taking the time to create a timeless post that is sure to be a pillar to stand on for so many. I have already outgrown my shell and am bigger and wiser than before. Just from this one post. Breakthroughs like this come so very rarely - if at all.

Your post is like a sunrise; rising out of nowhere and piercing through the darkness. It is what it is, and there is nothing that can compare to it. And it happens every day, but so very many will never see it or appreciate it for what it is.



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Jul 24, 2018
Deep, surprising, thought provoking.

My favourites:

- "Turn off your phone. You are not that important."
- "Everyone feels inadequate"
- "Each time you figure something out, you just learn new things that you didn’t know you needed to know as part of the overall game".

And most of all

- "Just play the game and don’t be too hard on yourself."

It's great finding a #GOLD thread before it gets labelled as such.

thanks @snowbank

Raoul Duke

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Feb 26, 2016
Where's the rep+ bank when we need it?
Six foot under, dead and buried and gone.... GONE.

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Jul 18, 2018
Mumbai, India
I want to cry!!! why? why you do this? How are you able dissect each and every thoughts, weakness, past, present, future of mine? And still gave such a heart warming, to the core, lessons!!!

Who are you? I wanna meet you! I want to know if i am that type of person who WANT it or not. I don't know if i am because of my procrastination and battles i fight daily. I really want to cry. My heart-beat going high. Shit. Damn. THANK YOU!

Atleast 3 sentences i am taking from this thread until death! I promise.

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