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  • Hi Billy,

    Hope you are well.
    just stumbled upon your blog and read about your incubation program. Are you still accepting applications? If so, I would be very interested and request to be pointed to the right direction please?

    IWC Man
    Hey Bro - If you need help outsourcing stuff please talk to me first. I can probably ask around about resources but I can definitely take the requirements in your head and turn them into technical specs to save you time and rework ($$$) on it. You were a huge help to Jill with Poker (and got me hooked, damn you!) so whatever I can do to help you just ask. LOL, you'll get a $250/hr discount off the rate my firm charges for me and free is better than 250 :)
    Hey Bill,

    Do a whois on the website name and there should be a contact. Send them a cease and desist letter. The site may be overseas but lets see if the thieving fockers are using a legit ISP.

    It is possible that you can't do much and it is possible you should not attempt to.

    DO NOT pick a fight with the assholes directly as you may make a 'cyber stalker' out of them and they'll dick with you just because they are moronic losers with nothing better to do. Your content will be seen a LOT more often on your site and you will be making money. Don't invest much in stopping them.

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