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Your Thoughts On Meditation?

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A. Russell

Jun 2, 2020
I began meditating 2 weeks ago. The reason was because I realized my mind has been drifting with thoughts for a very, long time. I guess most of you know our thoughts are the starting point for how we feel throughout the day and consequently, for how we act.

I noticed huge improvements. I can't describe this improvement exactly, but I feel more "mindful", especially in social interactions. You become aware of your thoughts and stop them before they develop into a chain of other, negative or useless thoughts.

I believe in today's age where we are bombarded with information, meditation is a must. Otherwise we are going to be taken away from this relentless river of information.

Anyways, in terms of "business", I didn't notice much improvement, however, I started being aware of the thoughts that made me wanna quit something, such as feelings of despair and thoughts related to shiny object syndrome ("there must be something better I can do").

What's your experience?
I started two years ago using Headspace. I find that it helps me to focus and not let my thoughts run away with themselves. It's definitely not just some hippy pseudo-science.

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Jul 17, 2020
Orlando Florida
Personally Mediation to me is essential to clearing the noise in our current era of over stimulation- It's 100% a part of my daily rituals/protocol. I gain so much clarity, presence, and focus. I always see it as a reducing the static & noise in the mind, which has radical benefits on your body, one important one removing tension. I also get a multitude of transmissions and insights .

From my experience the most profound mediation is the simplicity- SILENCE- NO MOVEMENT . Your brain frequency drops down and you come in contact with your true self (which I describe as covered in static, mediation helps remove that static so you gain access to that pure part of you that is submerged in "noise" you think is you, your thoughts) .

Business/Deep thinking/Creativity : I also use it as a tool and system to allow creative ideas to pour in or to "release" over thinking . I've been observing this for years through my own experiences and have found a way to optimize it.

When I am thinking about a problem or studying something hard core and no answer comes to me, or I hit a road block - I will take a break and "meditate" . I completely let go of thinking about it , meditate and then "release" my logical mind . The creative part of my mind then outputs an insight or solution to the problem which would never have come overthinking, worrying, or logically trying to assimilate it! This has alot to do with logical vs creative side of the brain but It works every time even if not in the moment of mediation it will always come in recreation, relaxation or when your not thinking (why you usually get ideas in the shower etc..)

Fusing Mediation w things - My newest favorite exploration with mediation has been mixing it with other tasks, particularly with fitness.

Example : I'll do a workout and immediately after (while sweating) go straight into a 30 min mediation. Its a whole different experience, Its the most interesting elevating fusion of peace, power, and happiness. Highly recommend you try it out


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Feb 8, 2014
Yeah, it is great tool to recognize patterns of your own or forced on you bullshit. Also a very good stress relief and can make you more positive, secure and happier person.


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Jul 3, 2018
Meditation is amazing. It helped me get unstuck in so many ways.

But it is not for everyone. I need it at least 5 times a week otherwise my head will clog up and I get so unfocused. Without it I wouldn't be able to study, to work as productive, and so on. I am less reactive through it, can hold thoughts for longer, can recognize situations in which I would otherwise be anxious easier and be calmer. I have seen that I am everywhere, and nowhere at the same time. There is no meditator, just meditation. This is one of my favourite quotes. You see who you really are, and that there is no real fixed point except your pure conciousness.

But there are some things that just can't be done by looking inside. Sometimes you need some outer force to give you direction, sense of who you are, what you want.
Meditation is like the grease for your everyday life.

At some point you see that this is all you are, and you are all. And then you let that go, as well.

Yeah :blush:

Edit: Waking Up App is my favourite by a long stretch, and I tried a lot of meditation apps.


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Jun 22, 2018
It's been 3 months since I started meditating 40 mins a day (20 mins in the morning and 20 mins at night).

I thought I'd give an update.

- It helped me becoming more in touch with my inner self. I understand myself and my weakness more than I did prior to meditation.
- In social encounters, my frame of reality is way stronger than before. I don't care what anyone else thinks of me. I'm not anxious at all around people and pretty much am immersed in my own reality.
- Found out some bad habits and mental patterns I had for a long time.

- It made me passive. As f*ck. It drained out the burning desire I had to change my life. From what I experienced, meditation weakens your "why's" to change your life. That's quite a shitty side-effect of meditation and honestly, it's making me wonder whether I should stop meditating cause I don't like this at all.

And that's the only con. But it's a big one.

Shortly, there's an huge tradeoff. In terms of mental health meditation helps, but if you want to smash it in life you should strive to have a burning fire inside you rather than dullness.

The problem is that to win in life you must have a desire. A strong desire. And for me meditation has progressively weakened that desire. That image I had in my mind of my desired self.

I'd be curious to hear if others experienced this as well.

Edit: can confirm what @Black_Dragon43 has been saying throughout the thread about meditation not really helping you to make money and win in life.

I'll post another update in a month.
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