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NOTABLE! What's the difference between Slackers and Go Getters? The answer may have to do w/ brain chemistry.

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May 10, 2015
Islands of Calleja
Amazing thread, I loved reading every bit of it, thank you.

This thread reminds me of a book that I meant to read and was related to diet and mood, but I forgot about it (the one time I don't write it down). All I remember is that it had "Mood" in the title, and it was suggested in this forum, so maybe someone can help me out.
I recommended that book a while ago, so it may be it:

Was it the mood cure? I read that one several years ago. There have been loads of updated books released since though.
What updated books do you recommend?

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Jun 28, 2018
Holbeach Hurn
I don't like when people post stuff like this because it gives slackers excuses for being slackers.

Even if this is true that "slackers" and "go-getters" have different brain chemistry (which I don't know for certain it is) that doesn't mean that we aren't the cause of said brain chemistry. The brain has the ability to change itself (neuro-plasticity) based on repeated thoughts and actions.

So if you let yourself consistently have weak thoughts, then your brain will literally change itself to accommodate for it. It will prune unused/lightly used neural pathways and strengthen the prevalent neural pathways. The problem with the slackers is that they have allowed themselves to have weak thoughts and ,over time, this changed their brains making it easier to fall into the pattern
If it is true. Then it means the 'cure' for slacking is different than the 'cure' if it is false.

If repeated actions change the brain chemisty and chemistry alters the thoughts then mindset really is unimportant.

If mindset/attitudes are a result of the right actions rather than actions being a result of the right mindset then there is hope for all those who struggle to understand the mindset.

Only mindset action fakers would lose out.

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